Lysator Seminar Series

2/4: Forensic Discovery

With Wietse Venema

Place and time: Visionen, house B, 15:15 - 17:00

Wietse will present lessons learned about persistence of information in file systems and in main memory of modern computers - how long information persists and why. The results are based on measurements of a variety of UNIX and Linux systems, with some first results for Windows/XP.

Wietse Venema is known for his software such as the TCP Wrapper and the POSTFIX mail system. He co-authored the SATAN network scanner and the Coroner's Toolkit for forensic analysis. Wietse received awards from the System Administrator's Guild (SAGE) and from the Netherlands UNIX User Group (NLUUG). He recently completed his two year term as the chair of the international Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). Wietse has a Ph.D. in physics (from the Netherlands) and is a research staff member at the IBM T.J.Watson research center in the USA.

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