Real World Interface


This is an experimental part of the web. Visitors are welcome, but should not expect anything to work. A color screen is a requirement.

This is not RWI Inc!

Please Note: These web pages present Lars Aronsson's web experiment called RWI, at Lysator in Linköping, Sweden. This activity is not part of Real World Interface, Inc. (RWI), the 14 year old company located in the United States which has been supplying those involved in mobile robotics and artificial intelligence with robots and robot accessories. Thank you for not being confused!

This is RWI

The Real World Interface is a project within Lysator, attempting to present geography-oriented information using computers.

The first version of RWI appeared a few years ago, implemented as a telnet/ASCII server using special software and a semi-graphical user interface. This version uses the World-Wide Web for presentation, and is still experimental. Maybe a third version will get it right.

Already, we have a coarse presentation of Sweden.

How to use RWI

The idea is to present a hierarchy of maps. Maps are raster images of 50 x 50 pixels. Each map can be subdivided into 25 (5 x 5) submaps at a more detailed level.

Each HTML page presents one map, its subdivision (where applicable), and some information about the area covered by that map. The information can be plain text or hypertext links to other places in the Web, where more information is stored.

You can click on any image, and the WWW software will show you a presentation of that part of the world. If you click on the map that is described in the same HTML page, WWW will take you to a larger map, that surrounds the current map.

You can help

If you want to design maps and/or enter information about different places, you are welcome to help me. You can maintain the information in your own web server, so I can point to it, or I can store all maps at my site. Drop me a line if you are interested.

Lars Aronsson