The History of NUCCC

The Nordic University Computer Clubs' Conference (NUCCC) is an annual weekend meeting, typically in May or June. For more up-to-date information, visit the official NUCCC web site.

NUCCC 98 in Trondheim, Norway
Arranged ... eh?

NUCCC 97 in Lund, Sweden
Arranged by df in Lund, Sweden, on 1--4 May 1997.

NUCCC 96 in Linköping, Sweden
Arranged by Lysator computer club of Linköping University. on 7-8-9 of June.

NUCCC 95 in Tampere, Finland
Was it ever arranged? It should have been arranged by Modeemi computer club of Tampere University of Technology?

NUCCC 94 in Tallinn, Estonia

NUCCC 93 in Stockholm, Sweden
Arranged by Stacken computer club at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology. The announcement is still online (or was in May 1996) - in Kuopio.

NUCCC 92 in Linköping, Sweden
Arranged by Lysator computer club at Linköping University. At this meeting, it was decided that the computer clubs should start Gopher servers to inform each other by ongoing activities. The first web servers started to appear in early 1993.

NUCCC 91 in Tampere, Finland
Arranged by Modeemi (see above).

NUCCC 90 in Göteborg, Sweden
Arranged by Chalmers Datorförening computer club at Chalmers Institute of Technology.

NUCCC 89 in Oslo, Norway
Arranged by Oslostudentenes Dataforening at Oslo University.

NUCCC 88 in Helsinki, Finland
Arranged by Tietokilta and OtaDATA computer clubs at Helsinki University of Technology.

NUCCC 87 in Linköping, Sweden
Arranged at Lysator (see above) by joint effort from Stacken and Chalmers Datorförening (see above). This was the very first NUCCC.

The history of individual clubs go further back. See for example the History of Lysator.

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