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Lysator, the Academic Computer Society

Lysator is an academic computer society located at Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden. Its purpose is to give its members opportunity to explore the world of computers and computer science. Anyone that studies or works at Linköping University may join. Currently, Lysator has almost 600 members.

Lysator was founded the 29th of March 1973, and is the oldest university computer society in Sweden. The non-profit society is an independent body; separate from the departments and faculties of the university and from the students' union. We primarily provide computer access and services for our members, host different computer-related projects that our members are involved in, and provide posibilities for our members to try different hardware and software.

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If you want to contact us


lysator (at) lysator.liu.se
For questions about the computer systems, contact the root group at root (at) lysator.liu.se

...or, contact someone in the board of Lysator.


581 83 Linköping

Swedish Plusgiro

Account number 88 56 69 - 2.


#lysator at Libera.chat

Where to find us

Lysator's quarters are located in house B of the university area, Valla, in a room called ~, pronounced "tilde". Follow the map, or simply enter through entrance 25 and you can not miss it.


Lysator hosts and runs a bunch of different projects. Some are bigger and some are smaller, but what they share is that they are all computer related in some way; and they are run by Lysator members.