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Hello there, music lovers!

Check http://zap.base.org/cd/ or
http://www.lysator.liu.se/~zap/cd/ for details!

This is Master Zap Newsletter #3/97. This newsletter is very infrequent (this is the third one this year!!) so dont worry about it flooding your mailbox. Each and every email address receiving this has been carefully hand picked by me, from my feedback form, friendly emails I've gotten, people who have purchased my tape or CD, and so on. I humbly apologize if you receive this in error, or simply don't want it. Just send me an email telling me this (put "unsubscribe newsletter" in the subject), and you will (with some sorrow) be removed from my list.

This mail is available online in HTML form with live links and everything at http://zap.base.org/newsletter/3-97.html

This issue is devoted to MY CD 'The Curvature of Space'. Those of you who already bought my CD, check the end of this issue for goodies. In this issue:


As you probably already know, I have independently released a CD. The CD sales has been going on for a month now, and I must say they are proceeding well, but I must also say, that it has been receiving WONDERFUL COMMENTS!

A few of these comments are posted on the updated CD page at http://zap.base.org/cd/ but allow me to quote a few interesting people for you:

"...generally, I liked your CD!! It's a very good debut-CD, certainly technically far better than my own debut-CD from 1992..."

- Björn "Dr.Awesome" Lynne (net.famous space adventure rock musician [http://www.digitarx.com/lynne])

"I just received my copy today and all I can say is, YEEE-OUCH! What a great disk! It really is an inspiration for me to buy some new speakers"

- Robert "Bob" Fowler

"...I thought that the cd was f***ing brilliant, sorry to swear, but this should be released commercially. It's easily in my top 5 records of this year and I have only listened to it once all the way through but I love it a lot."

- Steve Maughan

"Ju mer jag kollar in din CD desto mer imponerad blir jag. Du är ju helt otrolig. Det är inte ett hafs verk du åstadkommit direkt." (= "The more I check out your CD, the more impressed I get! You are unbelievable! This is NOT something hastily thrown together!")

- Mats "Moonsea" Månhav

For those who havn't heard the CD can check out the 8 minute mix of tracks I have prepared:

"The Curvature of Space" is not available in any store (except a selected few in my hometown Eskilstuna in Sweden), at this time it can only be ordered directly from me. [The next newsletter will probably be sent when I've gotten worldwide distribution running <grin>]


The price is $20, INCLUDING WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. The CD is a combined Audio CD and a CD-ROM with information, software, and bonus tracks (all in all containing over two hours of music)!

You can order from the above mentioned page, directly at the following URL's:

You can also order cash (NO CHECKS!) directly to me [but see note at the end!], by simply mailing one of the following amounts: ...in an envelope to:
Håkan 'Zap' Andersson
Stora Almby, Hagby
S-635 05 Eskilstuna
Include a piece of paper with:


(Now swapping to Swedish for a moment....) I Sverige kan du beställa min CD genom att betala in 150 kronor på mitt postgirokonto 154 88 47 - 1. Betalningsmottagara "Håkan Andersson", och skriv i meddelande till betalningsmottagare att du beställer en CD, samt ditt email (och leveransadressen om annan än kontohavarens hemadress), så kommer den på posten!


As detailed in my last newsletter, all copies ordered before October 1:st will be signed and serial numbered by hand, in gold ink. This means that they could turn into real collectors items in the future!!

If you do not want a signed/numbered copy for some reason, say so [I need to open the plastic wrapping to sign it - if you rather have an intact wrapping than a signature, let me know]. Also, if you have a "favourite number", mention that number when you order, and if it is still available, I will give you that number. If you say nothing, you get the lowest number available. So act quickly, or your number will surely be gone. If you have several "favourite numbers", list them in order of preference, the most desired first, e.t.c.....


It is quite probable that I will at least be visiting the upcoming hacker party "DreamHack" (October 30th - November 2nd) in Borlänge, Sweden. Check
http://www.dreamhack.org for details about the party. If you want to meet me face to face (not that that's something desirable, being as ugly as I am) that's a possibility. I'll bring a bunch of CD's too.


As you have noticed, I have posted several comments (some with links) on my CD page. If you have already bought the CD, please use the CD-ROM feedback mechanism to send me a feedback mail - chances are YOUR feedback will appear on that webpage - with link to your site and all!

So don't hesitate, send in that feedback NOW. Be famous like those who already did!

There might even be a hidden secret prize to a randomly selected feedback-giver!


For those of you in the news business that might want to write something about me, and need a presskit, check
http://zap.base.org/presskit/ for downloadable pictures and stuff (not very advanced at the moment but will grow).


When using the cash payment, please note that it IS possible for money to get lost in the mail. So far it has happened on one known occasion (and maybe a few unknown?). Therefore, it is very good if you always EMAIL ME at
zap@lysator.liu.se when you send a cash order! That way I know to expect something and can raise warning flags if nothing happens. I trust the disgruntled postal workers as much as the next guy, but if you are worried about your money, try using the credit card payment facility. It does have it's disadvantages (one being 15% of the money eaten by the processing folks :-) but is very safe, and doesn't get lost! Do NOT I repeat do NOT send me a check, they cost me $15 or more to cash!!! (you would have to send me a $35 check!!)

Also, CD's can technically also disappear in transit. So far I've sent to USA, England, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Argentina, and a few more places on the globe. International transit times vary wildly from 2 days to 2 weeks. (3 days to Japan - pretty quick!). Only one CD so far hasn't turned up at it's adresee - yet.

Thank you for your time - that's all for this issue.

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