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Hello there, music lovers!

Check http://zap.base.org/cd/ or
http://www.lysator.liu.se/~zap/cd/ for details!

This is Master Zap Newsletter #2/97. Each and every email address receiving this has been carefully hand picked by me, from my feedback form, friendly emails I've gotten, and so on. I humbly apologize if you receive this in error, or simply don't want it. Just send me an email telling me this (put "unsubscribe newsletter" in the subject), and you will never ever ever see this mailing, or one like it, again, I promise!

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This issue is devoted to THE RELEASE OF MY CD 'The Curvature of Space', and contains:


As you might already know, I have been working on an independently released CD for some time now, and now, after a year of preparation and hard work, it is finished!!!! It's called "The Curvature of Space", and is a true labour of love.

More information on the CD can be found at http://zap.base.org/cd/ but allow me to quote the following passage from that page for you:

The CD is probably totally unlike everything you've ever encountered - so far. The cover is wierd - a 3D wireframe plot of a ripple in the spacetime continuum just hangs there, haunting you.

When you plug it into your CD player, you get 64 minutes of wild music, in a mindnumbing assortment of styles. Techno that pounds so hard your speakers are in danger (the lowest frequency used on the CD is 0 Hz. Yes - Zero). Beautifully orchestrated string arrangements, counterpointed with growling acid 303's and distorted breakbeats. Sounds literally from outer space (with a notable guest appearance of NASA and the space shuttle Atlantis). After a short trip to visit some cavemen, beating away at some hollow logs at sunset, we drift into a Dream State, whereafter we shortly reach Nirvana. With just a short rest stop inbetween in Mare Serenitatis, on the moon.

The Curvature of Space takes you on a musical journey through mind, body, space and time. Think. Dance. Feel. Travel along.

Sixty-five minutes later, after recovering from the literal explosion ending the final track, assuming your stereo equipment survived it, you then eject the CD to place it in your computers CD-ROM tray.

To your astonishment, the CD now talks to you, and invites you to another journey, this time in information space. Pictures. Details. Information. Even software. Yes, the very program that generates those deep kickdrums that just tore your livingroom apart is sitting right there on the CD!!

And as if this isn't enough. 50 more minutes of music. Pounding, energetic, synthetic, manic, wierd, and wild. Some even outright funny.

All this for just $20. This is acid taken aurally, and you can repeat the trip as many times as you like. What a bargain, huh?

Sounds interesting, right? If you are curious about what my music sounds like, you can 'try before you buy' in my JavaScript jukebox (http://zap.base.org/javamusic.html) if your web browser supports JavaScript.

I have also prepared am 8 minute mix of tracks from the CD:

"The Curvature of Space" is not available in any store, at this time it can only be ordered directly from me. Contact me if you are in a position to give me distribution.


The price is $20, INCLUDING SHIPPING AND HANDLING, which isn't too bad for a combined Audio CD and a CD-ROM, information, software, and all in all over two hours of music!!

You can order from the above mentioned page, directly at the following URL's:

You can also order cash directly to me, by simply mailing one of the following amounts: ...in an envelope to:
HÃ¥kan 'Zap' Andersson
Stora Almby, Hagby
S-635 05 Eskilstuna
Include a piece of paper with:


All copies ordered before October 1:st will be signed and serial numbered. This means that they could turn into real collectors items in the future!!

If you do not want a signed/numbered copy for some reason, say so [I need to open the plastic wrapping to sign it - if you rather have an intact wrapping than a signature, let me know]. Also, if you have a "favourite number", mention that number when you order, and if it is still available, I will give you that number. If you say nothing, you get the lowest number available. So act quickly, or your number will surely be gone. If you have several "favourite numbers", list them in order of preference, the most desired first, e.t.c.....

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