The Chrome Map plugin takes a shot (still or moving) of a light probe (i.e a reflective sphere), and uses that directly, with no other software or conversions needed as a reflection (or texture) map in 3D Studio MAX 4.x, 5.x or 6.x ! In the simplest case, it does THIS:

A sphere becomes a reflection in 1 step, no fuss, inside 3DS MAX

Kid Wars
- perhaps the best demo of Animated "Chrome Mapping" in action. Check out the robot building sequence from this Star Wars spoof film!
But that is only it's simplest use - the light probe image can be used for much more than "just" reflections.

For a more detailed description see the examples/tutorial, which also shows examples of using non-chrome sphere samples too create a fully lit materials from nothing.

ChromeMap Lite is FREE for individual use, and $20 per user (rendering node licences are free) for professional, commercial or for-profit use.

To use ChromeMap Lite download ChromeMap.dlt (Max 4 & 5) or ChromeMap.dlt (Max 6) and save it to your 3DSMAXn/plugins directory. Thats all there is to it!!

For commercial users, you purchase a licence by clickin this button on the right.

NOTE that there is currently no codes or any activation, this is stricly on a honor basis - I expect those of you using this in commercial production to be honorable and pay the fee. Be nice, I have three small children to feed.... :-)

Also, registered users who paid, will automatically receive ChromeMap Pro when it is available. It will contain such features as mapping from a 2nd camera, and a few other tricks.

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