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Name Per "Pelle" Einarsson
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Software system engineer at Ericsson in Linköping, Sweden.
Education Masters Degree in Computer Science (4 years) from the University of Linköping.
2 years of system architecture studies at the University College of Borås.


Music listening I am a music junkie with a very diverse taste in music and am always on the lookout for original and exciting artists. I am particularly interested in 60's and 70's rock, (wyrd) folk, doom, punk, stoner, soundtracks (groovy old stuff or horror) and a bit of reggae, industrial, jazz, classical and world music.
Music creation I try to play various instruments and record songs, for example rock tunes, C64 covers and film music for amateur films. I have been a member in various hobby bands as bass player and singer. For a short while I also played guitar for the band that became Silverbullit.
Some favourite bands and composers Dead Kennedys, The Doors, Kyuss, Deep Purple (Mk I och II), Black Sabbath (Mk I och II), Can, Magma, The Tiger Lillies, Hawkwind, Philip Glass, The Bellrays, J S Bach, The Who, Goblin, Sixteen Horsepower, Devil Doll, November, Tool, Laibach, Misfits, Dead Can Dance, Neurosis, Current 93, Cathedral, Bad Religion and Amon Düül II.
Film I watch a lot of film. I was the deputy chairman for the film society Kårrullen for three years and have been involved in some amateur films that have won awards at competitions and festivals in various countries. I like most genres but have a soft spot for documentaries, 60's and 70's films, horror and clever comedies.
Some favourite films Apocalypse Now, Aguirre, Fitzcarraldo, Dellamorte Dellamore, George Romeros Dead series, The Exorcist 3, Little Big Man, Reflecting Skin, Shaun of the Dead, Silent Running, This is Spinal Tap, Easy Rider, M.A.S.H., The Holy Grail, A Clockwork Orange, Night of the Hunter, Sonatine, Tierra, most movies by David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick, Werner Herzog, Dario Argento and Roman Polanski.
Other pasttimes Friends
Working out (weight lifting, box, bodypump etc)
Art and Sketching

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