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The Work

The collection "Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst" with cantatas for one voice, one solo instrument and basso continuo was published by Georg Philipp Telemann during 1726. There is one cantata for each feast and Sunday during the year, so this collection is very incomplete.

This Edition

I have always tried to be as close to the original as possible. Editorial changes have been put above the staffs, or within parenthesis. Slashed figures in the continuo have been replaced with their flat/natural or sharp equivalents. All accidentals and clefs have been converted to modern standard.

In several places the basso continuo is silent while the violin part is notated in bass clef. My interpretation of this notation, which is only present in the cantatas with violin, is that the bass line is played by the violin one octave above the notated version. To let the violin play one octave up from the bass clef was common practice and the bass clef worked as a sign to the violinist that he was now playing the bass line. I have notated all such clef changes with a new treble clef in the violin part, but left the original bass clef in the score.

The Files

Midi files
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