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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is this, and why?

The files presented at this site is my personal editions of music. I have made them for my own pleasure and education. Please use them and tell me about it, that will make me happy.

Is it really free?

Yes. As long as you don't sell them for profit I let you (and encourages you to) print them out and make copies for your friends (or enemies...). Please feel free to charge as much as you can while playing them.

What about copyright?

In short, these composers died a long long time ago, and the music has no copyright anymore. Modern editions of the music are copyrighted but since I have used microfilms or facsimiles of the original manuscripts or early 17/18:th century editions the only copyrights that exists for these editions are mine. And I let you use them as stated in this answer.

Who am I?

Take a look att http://www.lysator.liu.se/~tuben. If there are any other questions, send mail.

I like the idea. Are there any more archives like this?

One that I have used a lot myself, is the Werner Icking Music Archive. This and others are mentioned at the Early Music FAQ.

What should I do with these PostScript files?

If you don't know what PostScript is, you might want to use the PDF format instead. Just press the [PDF]-link at the top of any of my pages.

Right now, you have the site configured for PostScriptPDF.

What should I do with these PDF files?

PDF files could be read by a wide range of tools, most notably Adobe Acrobat Reader and Ghostscript. Both these tools could be used free of charge on most available computer systems.

PDF is now the default file format at my site (if not, just press the [PDF]-link at the top of the page). If you, for some reason, prefer PostScript over PDF just follow the [PostScript]-link instead. Right now, you have the site configured for PostScriptPDF.

It has come to my knowledge that there are some problems with viewing the scores at my site using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, especially using Microsoft Windows and the latest version of the Acrobat Reader. Usually it just results in a blank page. If this happens to you, here are some ideas of how to solve the problem:

The problem seems to be worse at my site than others, so I'm investigating what may have caused this.

What about those MIDI files?

MIDI files are by their very nature not a rendition of the score, but a performace, and since these performances were done by a computer they sound extremely dull. Do not take them for a guide on how to perform these pieces. Do not think that I want the music to sound like that. Only use them to get a rough idea of the harmonies involved. That is how I used them.

They may be packed together in a ZIP archive. To get them out of there you need something like unzip or WinZip.

The format used seems to be A4, but I have Letter sized papers?

Ah, this is my own personal revenge for all crappy software which thinks that everything is measured in inches and written with 7 bits characters on letter sized papers :-)

More seriously, you might want to take a look at the possibility to automatically scale the printed page to the size available. This is possible in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Why is all the music so old?

Because I like old, or early music. If you think about it, the music published here actually spans almost 150 years. That should be enough for a lifetime.

What is this talk about Revisions?

To keep track of all changes I use a program called CVS. When I make a correction, it automatically updates the revision number for the corresponding source file. When I release a piece, I update the corresponding list of revisions so that you can see what changes there are. Without this help it would be hard to keep control over the now more than 1300 files that in some way are involved in the production of these editions and web pages.

I think there is an error, what should I do?

Send me an email where you specify in which piece, movement, bar number and revision you have found the error. Of course, you should also specify what the error is, and maybe a suggestion of correction.

How do I know if there is any new material?

Keep track of the Site History page, or send me an email and I will put you on an announcement list. I will probably only make announcements for real changes in the scores, not changes to the web site or internal cleaning up in the source files that will not be seen in the music.

So, what software produced these nice looking scores?

Many thanks goes to the people involved in the development of the free software that I have used. As a matter of fact I have only used free software. I have used Gnu Emacs to type the ascii files, which I then processed with Gnu m4, PMX, MusiXTeX, TeX and at last dvips and dvipdfm. Involved were also the programs Gnu Make, CVS and various other small commands, all running under the operating system Linux. These pages were brought to you by the web server Roxen.

What is this Project Runeberg that I keep falling into?

Project Runeberg is a hobby project run by Lysator. The goal is to publish free e-texts, art and music by nordic artists, composers and writers. All music that I have released that have any connection to the nordic countries is available through Project Runeberg, and since I don't want to maintain several sites, I link from here to the specific pages within Project Runeberg. When you have got what you were looking for you can always hit the "back" button on your browser to get back to these pages.

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