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The Work

This is a piece by François Couperin for 2 treble instruments, most likely violins, 2 viola da gambas and harpsichord. It is taken from a manuscript known as the Lyon Manuscript which is one of the sources for Couperin's "Les Nations". Three of the four pieces from "Les Nations" are available in the Lyon manuscript (under other names) together with three other pieces, of which La Sultanne is one.

The Manuscript is now preserved in the Bilbliothèque Municipale, Lyons, with the reference number MUS 129.949.

This Edition

I have always tried to be as close to the original as possible. Editorial changes have been put above the staffs, or within parenthesis. Slashed figures in the continuo have been replaced with their flat/natural or sharp equivalents. All accidentals and clefs have been converted to modern standard.

The Files

Johan Tufvesson tuben@lysator.liu.se: Modified , accesses.