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The Work

This is a collection of 57 movements for viola d'amore and basso continuo written by Attilio Ariosti (1666-1729?). The 57 movements can be divided into 15 sonatas in different keys. The source used for this transcription is the only surviving source, a manuscript written by the Swedish composer Johan Helmich Roman (1694-1758). It was probably copied in London where both Ariosti and Roman were living around 1718. The manuscript is now preserved at the Music Library of Sweden, Stockholm, who gratiously has provided the copies that I have used.

This Edition

I have always tried to be as close to the original as possible. Editorial changes have been put above the staffs, or within parenthesis. Slashed figures in the continuo have been replaced with their flat/natural or sharp equivalents. All accidentals have been converted to modern standard.

The Files

Johan Tufvesson tuben@lysator.liu.se: Modified , accesses.