For my listening pleasure...

My favorite group of all time!

[a-ha Pic]

[Morton Pic1] [Morton Pic2]
Morten Harket

Now add some beats...

Anything Box

['Les Greatest Hits' Album Cover] Army of Lovers ...nice whip! };-9~ I long to live the day I die!

['21st Century Jesus' Album Cover] Messiah

['Early Underground' Pic] [The New Moby Logo] [Rolling Moby

Prodigal Sons! Lemme see you jump!

['Astrogirl' CD Cover] [S.P.O.C.K. Banner]

['Odd' Graphic] Virus How far are you willing to go?


[Eyes Pic] Aleixa

[Logo/'Disengage'] Circle of Dust

[Mortal Logo] Mortal 'Fathom' is still the best!


[World Graphic] ['Operation: Mindcrime' Graphic] [Queensryche Banner] REVOLUTION!

['Stop the Bleeding' Album Cover] [Fire Logo] Ted Kirkpatrick is the best drummer in the world!

Ah the "good old days!"


[77's] [77's Banner]

Strange, but fun...

[Dr. Demento Banner]