Good afternoon, venerable visitor, I am
Jonas Norling

This is where I put things that may be of general interest.

Music (or at least noise)

*Waldorf Blofeld adventures

Electronics projects

*EOS 350D Infrared mod

*Having fun with hardware and software in my car

*PC fan controller

*VFD display board. (No link yet)

*MIDI knob box. (No link yet)

*AVR ISP programmer

*Onewire temperature logger with SD card

*Simple spider robot. (No link yet)

Stuff about programming

*SWIG, Ruby and callbacks - About wrapping a C/C++ library with callbacks in Ruby using SWIG. (2006)

Stuff about fractals

*fractal_gen - A program to make mandelbrot, julia and newton fractals. C++, GNU/Linux. It makes PNM image files. (2000-2002)

*Mandelbrot applet - A more or less terrible Java applet for looking at mandelbrot and julia sets. (2000)

*Fern fractal - A very ugly Java applet for rendering fern fractals. (2002)

Works of artistic nature

*Me on Flickr - Have a look at my photostream on Flickr.

*Denim theme - A blue jeans theme for Sony Ericsson's k700 GSM phone. (2006)

About me

*MeCurrently up to: Working as a programmer at Motorola Mobility in Linköping, Sweden. My spare time is spent reading, slacking off and hacking on projects that never will be finished.

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