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Arne Anka

Nemo saltat sobrius

Arne Anka ("Arne Duck") is a swedish cartoon that was made by Charlie Christensson (who used the pseudonym Alexander Barks!). One can most easily summarize Arne as a permanently broke, alcoholic, tit-fixated amateur philosopher. During the last few years, Arne has become extremely popular in Sweden. Sadly, the author is no longer producing new Arne cartoons. A mystical hint in the last book tells us that Arne has become too popular to continue the life that made him that way...

Since the maintainer of this page is too lazy to write anything more right now, you'll have to go somewhere else if you want to find out more about Arne Anka.

The pictures sneaking behind the thumbnails below are 2-colour gifs with a size of about 20-30 kilobytes each. I scanned them a few years ago to use as clip art on publications of a - shall we say dubious? - nature. The pictures represent a choice of my favorite "one-framers" from Arne Anka I, II & III.

All pictures are of course (c) Charlie Christensen, and reproduced entirely without permission.

Arne in his fave pose; beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other, words of wisdom in the mouth.

"Cheers, cosmonauts!"

"Check it out! See that duck on the other side of the street?"
- "A duck? Jeez, I thought it was U-137's second coming..."

Arne gets into trouble about a woman.

Arne and Krille are BAD - angry at the state, going to smash windows at the bank...

More words of wisdom, after telling the truth when he shouldn't have.

The meaning of life, and of women.

Arne at the bathroom.

"Heey! A commie!!!"

Arne is paranoid.

"Sometimes you wonder if you live in a land, or in a joke..."

Our hero had a drink too much (or two or three) perhaps?

Bah! Todays youth! Blah blah blah!

Arne is really angry.


Arne thinks he's being bugged by S√ĄPO

Arne is being even more paranoid!

Arne and Krille visits the Museum of Modern Art.

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