Moe's little BurningMUD page

Moe's little BurningMUD page

Roads has changed, thus some speedwalks/directions MIGHT NOT WORK.
I've updated them, but I cannot guarantue that they're all working.

  • I've got my tavern(shop) reopened! Click here for directions

  • My NEW and HUGE list of speedwalks

  • My map of Karandras. To help you find your way around town.
  • My Burning FAQ Can't figure out what DTFF means or what Thac0 is supposed to do? Answers here.
  • Niobium's guide to the classes of Burning, well worth a taking a look at.
  • Cindy's Beginners Guide to Exploring, Cindy shares his knowledge in the field of exploring.
  • Jehu's guide to Tf-triggers for newbies, Jehu's introduction to Tf-triggers. NEW!
  • Jehu's guide to zMUD-triggers for newbies, Jehu's introduction to zMUD-triggers. NEW!

  • A guide to some useful newbie areas, complete with maps(Unavailable atm)
  • Moe and Gnoth's guide to leading PG's(Unavailable atm)
  • Random rantings from me(Unavailable atm)

  • Uzi 1.41, newest version. Released 2005-11-11
  • Uzi 1.4. Released 2005-02-26
  • Uzi 1.3.3. Released 2004-09-24
  • Uzi 1.2. Released 2004-05-17

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