Shows Made For Season 2

Titles are from "Film Threat," December 1992, #7 edition and were posted on by Ken Alexander (

Note: There are slight changes to his original text.
The Symbol @ = Unknown Fate (May show up in third season)

   Titles                                                      Premiere Dates

   The Big Baby Scam                                                 12/12/92
   The Cat Who Laid The Golden Hairball                              04/03/93
   Dog Show   (Was nixed By Nick - Was scheduled for 09/12/92)       12/12/92
   Fake Dad (Originally a 30 minute show)                            02/27/93
   The Great Outdoors                                                03/27/93
   Haunted House                                                     11/21/92
   In The Army                                                       08/15/92
   Mad Dog Höek                                                      11/21/92
 @ Man's Best Friend (Was scheduled for 08/15/92) **                 ??/??/??
   Monkey See, Monkey Don't                                          02/13/93
   Out West                                                          08/29/92
   Powdered Toast Man  (Full Version - MTV, Edited Version - Nick)   08/15/92
   Ren's Toothache                                                   08/22/92
   The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen       Official: 05/23/93  Nick: 08/14/93
   Rubber Nipple Salesmen                                            08/29/92
   Stimpy's Fan Club  (30 minutes)                                   04/24/93
   Stimpy's First Fart  **MTV World Premiere**                       01/13/93
    (30 mins. aka "Stimpy's First Trouser Cough" & "Son of Stimpy." In Prod.)
   Svën Höek  (30 minutes)                                           11/07/92
 @ To Salve Or Salve Not                                             ??/??/??
 @ Untamed World Two  (30 minutes.  Subtitle: "Lair Of The Lummox")  ??/??/??
   Visit To Anthony                                                  05/08/93
 @ A Yard Too Far                                                    ??/??/??
** MBF Starring George Liquor (Nixed By Nick?)
Nick has taken it off the play list until Games Productions (now Games Animations) has reanimated the "violent" parts. See Cinfantastique magazine and the R&S FAQ for a total history of George Liquor.