6. What's the deal with the character and shows with "George Liquor" ?

Nick has had a struggle with the character "George Liquor." He is a "typical" macho man (who shares hobbies with "Earl Pitts, American," if you have heard his funny commentaries created by Gary Burbank on 700 WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio, but without the beer [for now]) who likes to treat R&S like they're in the army. He likes guns (as shown in Film Threat) and wants to win at everything. He is your average plain egotistical guy who treats everyone rough especially Mr. Horse and The Judge in "Dog Show."

Nick shudders at this character because he is so "adult." His cartoons are probably the ones which John K. got himself into trouble. We see a glimpse of him in "The Boy Who Cried Rat!" as the man who runs R&S out of the trash cans; he also appears in "Robin Höek" as the sheriff. The second season basically revolves around him. He was the one who sent R&S to the army (and gave Ren the $20 which he in turn gave to the Sergeant), dog show (and gave Ren the barbed treatment), and many other places (including in "In The Army" where R&S have a picture of him on the wall between their beds). He treats them with little respect and kindness, so when Ren revolts against George, he throws a fit. In "Man's Best Friend," there is a scene where Ren hits George over the head with a oar for 3 minutes and in slow motion once (which will be cut out of the final version, by the way) for a total of over twenty hits.

This type of violence wasn't taken lightly by Nick; they banned "Dog Show" and "Man's Best Friend." In R&S Exposed magazine, they totally ignored the character completely. When George was first presented, someone in Nick thought his last name was "lick her"; Nick still didn't like the idea of a character named after a chemical depressant. The jury is still out on the future of his cartoons and his character. The official word is that George Liquor was given back to John K. (because of Nick's so-called ruined image) and will be appearing in future Spumco projects. Currently, there is a deal in the works for George to appear in his own show for FOX or another network. George Liquor is played by Michael Pataki. He has appeared in many movies and series, including the most recent appearances as the voice of "The Cow" on "The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse" and "Sewer King" on "Batman: The Animated Series." He's been on several "Star Trek" shows and movies, both new and old.

June 1993: "Man's Best Friend" is being re-animated according to Cinfantastique magazine, June 1993, so George is going soft for Nick. John K. is going to bring back George in a show with Jimmy The Hapless Boy in a similar format and attitudes as R&S in the fall.

BTW, he's my favorite character on R&S besides R&S and PTM :).

July 1993: I want to mention that Nick shudders at George with the same shudders as Ren. They don't like Ren mad or upset because they think it will scare the kids. Bologna.

October 1993: Billy West expressed that Nick is going to have "Man's Best Friend" re-animated. Those joiks! :(

December 1993: George, according to WCK issue 2, was handed back to John K. from Nick conditionally. For example, he can't be a child molester or a mass murderer. (John K. was quoted to say something to the effect, "How many people does he need to kill to make him a mass murderer?" :)

May 1994: "Man's Best Friend" is being pushed by John K. to Nick Home Video.
From David A Gerstein (David.A.Gerstein@williams.edu):

I was just talking to animation historian Jerry Beck yesterday about "Man's Best Friend" on video, and specifically John K's reaction to this.

Turns out John K. has been after Sony to get after Nick to let them put MBF on tape, censored or uncensored. He WANTS it to be part of the official line.

And here's why, as I realized after hearing this.

You see, although Nick will earn money from the tapes, it's what's known as "guilt money" (that's my own word for it), because people's enthusiasm for the tape will be further reminders for Vanessa Coffey that she shouldn't have given John K. the bum deal she handed him. All the more evidence that she was WRONG. If sales of MBF on video aren't exceptional, that's all the more evidence that no one CARES, and that she can do just ANYTHING.

So by telling readers of alt.tv.r&s that they shouldn't buy the tape, we are doing a DISSERVICE to John K! He WANTS it to be released in some form (edited or not), and if HE wants them to release it, we should support the project.