August 15, 1992 To November 20, 1993

Note: Opening and closing credits varied through the season wildy because of the Spumco/Nick break-up. Sometimes John K.'s title card or Spumco's Logo was deleted when they did actually work on the show. Spumco's work is duly noted here.

Show # 8 1992

Show # 9 "Second Pilot Show" 1991

Show # 10 "The Mr. Horse Show" 1992

Show # 11 1991

Show # 12 1992
There are two versions with the cartoons played in different orders

Version a: (Version b is the same except main cartoons are switched)

Show # 13 1992
** DYN: The original partner to "Ren's Toothache" was "Man's Best Friend" **

Show # 14 (14a for original music, 14b for new music version) 1992
(No Spumco Logo For Its Premiere Showing Only)

Show # 15 1992
(John K. gets a production credit, but no Spumco Logo for premiere of this episode only)

Show # 16 "The Human Show" 1992

Show # 17 1992

Show # 18 "Banned In The USA!!" (C) 1992
*** This show only appears on MTV ***

Show # 19 "MTV's First Premiere" 1992 (not 1993 as Nick may claim)

Show # 20 "Ren's Replaced!" 1993
Note: First episode without the "Created By John K." title card. (for the the premiere showing of the episode only)

Show # 21 "John K.'s Funniest" 1993
Two versions:
a) Nick Version
b) MTV Version (Note: It first aired during the March-April 1993 showings of R&S on MTV. It is practically the same as 21a except it has a special cut for commercials.)

Show # 22 "R&S Go Wild With The Animals!" 1993

Show # 23 "Makes Me Want To Puke! :)" 1993

Show # 24 "Dedicated To R&S Fans Everywhere!" 1993

Show # 25 "HWARF!" 1993

Show # 26 "Next time, visit someone from Internet! :)" 1993

Show # 27 "Our country reeks of Nick, it really makes me sick!" 1993
Note: With the extra long length of this R&S episode, the intro or the credits are cut. So far, the Special version cut the intro to "R&S", and the SNICK version cut the credits :(.

Show # 28 "The Combo Show"
Show 28 is the new designated number for recombined second season shows. The first one, 28a, is for Nick showings (been shown twice so far), and the second one, 28b, is for Australian showings (been shown once so far).

# 28a 1993
Note: Yet another episode without the "Created By John K." title card. (for the the premiere showing of the episode so far)

# 28b 199?

Show # 29 "Outdoor Hairballs" 1993