5b. Where can I send my mail about R&S?

If the Tiny Toons fans can write in and get results, why not us?! :) Please write into Nickelodeon! Tell them whether you like seeing weeks of reruns, the quality of material decreasing, or any other gripes or compliments about R&S! Your letter does count if we all do our part in sending them in!!!!
John K. responded to my letter, so let Spumco know you exist! :) OH JOY!!
*:NOTE:* Avoid using standardized letters--they look bad because Nick would think only a few people are writing in instead of hundreds and are usually thrown away. Be original :).

From eediot@overworked.bloated.sack.usa:

Ren Höek And Stimpson J. Cat
1004 John K.'s Creations Memorial Blvd.
Hollywood, Yugoslavia, Europe 55555 (I just couldn't help myself:)

From zuckerma@aludra.usc.edu:

Spumco International (that's how it's listed in the Greater LA phone book)
5625 Melrose Avenue (Editor's Note: Second Floor, according to Jenny Lerew)
Hollywood, CA 90038
(Home of John Kricfalusi and the other starving artists:)

It's located a few blocks west of the Paramount Studios lot.

Other important addresses from Joel Schenkle (donnell@polyp.micro.umn.edu):

President Of Viacom:                 Nickelodeon:

Sumner Redstone                      Nickelodeon Headquarters
98 Baldpate Hill Road                1515 Broadway, 21st Fl.
Newton, Mass. 02160                  New York City, N.Y. 10036
 (a big shot)                 (home of Geraldine Laybourne, Pres. of Nick)

MuchMusic: (Any other foreign addresses of R&S stations?) (From djcl@io.org and Toastman P. Bugera [umbuger2@ccu.umanitoba.ca])

299 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V 2Z5
(Canadian source of R&S)

From Alojz Kiseli (9045387u@lux.levels.unisa.edu.au):

Well, the address for Channel 10 in Adelaide (where I live) is

125 Strangeways Tce.
Nth Adelaide S.A. 5006
Phone no: (08) 239 1010

I've already given them a call, they don't seem to know much about it. Is it sheer ignorance? I doubt it....

Try ask the guys on the newsgroups to lobby channel 10 in their state, that way if we get enough support, something might actually happen.

Fingers crossed...

In WCK, they want copies of letters people are sending into Nickelodeon. If you want to let them have a copy (which they may reprint and let Nick publicly know you don't like the situation) or whether you approve/disprove their publicity of R&S, here's their address:

Wild Cartoon Kingdom
9171 Wilshire Blvd., #300
Beverly Hills, California 90210
(pro John K. media)

If you send letters to bring back the funniness and wackiness into Ren and Stimpy or something similar, please treat these people with respect. Is there a public address for Games Productions/Animations?

**** Write In! John Switzer (from alt.fan.ren-and-stimpy) wrote in and got into Ren And Stimpy Exposed magazine! (And thanks for submitting our 1992 presidential slogans, John!) Tell them you want the real R&S--no substitutes!

And comments, suggestions, additions, deletions, and/or corrections should be sent to ngsippel@miavx2.ham.muohio.edu. See the preface and #17 for more details.