3. My site seems to get two R&S newsgroups. What's the deal?

At the time a newsgroup for R&S was being discussed, the original idea was for the alt.fan group. Many (including Nick Sayer) counter-proposed that it should be under alt.tv. When it came time to create the groups, both newsgroups went out. It is the poster's opinion that since it is a TV show, it belongs in alt.tv. The alt.tv group is not called 'ren-and-stimpy' because that would be too long for certain (broken) news programs and operating systems. 'ren-&-stimpy' is inappropriate because it contains a non-alphanumeric character other than '- or _'.

Many sites, like the editor's, have both newsgroups' postings going into one newsgroup, so duplicate postings will be prevalent at times.

Currently, UseNet considers alt.fan.ren-and-stimpy valid, according to UseNet's valid groups in the newsgroup log in news.groups.

*:NOTE:* As an added bonus, keep tabs on rec.arts.animation, alt.tv.nickelodeon, and rec.arts.tv for R&S news because some people do NOT get the R&S newsgroups. Also, rec.music.dementia will have lists of the Dr. Demento show's Funny Five which sometimes features the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" and "Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence" songs!