11. Does Nickelodeon censor R&S?

The opening titles contain scenes from "Big House Blues" and point to the possibility that Nickelodeon has cut scenes from the show. In particular, Nick's rendering of BHB does NOT show the scene where Ren is 'drinking from the porcelain bus.' Additionally, although Nick originally showed the entire "Magic Nose Goblins" ending, they have since then started doing a quick fade as the scene panned over the 'field of green.' There are other places in the series where editing may have taken place. In particular, in "Untamed World", there is a blackout, then a wipe to the next scene. Nowhere else does this take place.

From jeffy@athena.mit.edu:
There were a few incidences in "Big House Blues." In one scene, the dogcatcher asks R&S if they like to have fun; R&S agree. "Well go ahead, have fun!" [then, in the missing footage, the dogcatcher turns his back, and says in a feminine voice, "See if I care."] [If you freeze frame it, you can see the dogcatcher turn around and put his hands on his hips in a rather feminine stance. Just a brief glance.] Also, during the sleep sequence, Ren ends up kissing Stimpy, then wakes up, screams, says something about having to "clean himself," and goes to toilet, drinking out of it (not vomiting into it). Or maybe it's eating, who can say.

From ja1r+@andrew.cmu.edu:
Like that other Jeff said, Ren dreams he's having a romantic encounter and ends up kissing Stimpy, at which point he instantly wakes up wide-eyed and dashes over to the PHENOMENALLY rusty and filthy prison toilet, takes a loooong drink to wash his mouth out (!), glares back and Stimpy and shouts, "HAVE YOU *NO* SENSE OF PERSONAL HYGIENE???"

Editor's Note: I have finally seen unedited BHB at a local animation festival. Most people have forgotten about Stimpy's "sleeper" eyes, and at the end of the credits, there is a skull and crossbones. I have also read that John K. said that Ren was dreaming of a female chihuahua.

Furthermore, several cartoons have been nixed by Nick including "Man's Best Friend (starring George Liquor)" and "Dog Show" because they are too "adult." The list seems to continue to grow. "Powdered Toast Man," besides it political punch at the end, has caused Catholicism to condemn it because of its portrayal of the Pope. "Out West" uses the word "Lord" and "hangin'" in the same sentence, which makes Nick weary.

On "Svën Höek," I have seen a test print. Nick edited the nose goblins down and took away the Svën's line "I finally get a good look at them!" They took out the sequence where Svën and Stimpy play circus in the closet (and Stimpy pretends to be a sword swallower who has a bad accident). They also edited out where Ren looks into the camera and says "And I'm going to gouge your eyes out! Yea, that's what I'm gonna do!"

On a side note, Nick edited the new WWDTT. It aired "eat olive loaf" and when it should be "eat olive loaf till you puke!" And on MTV's airing of "Svën Höek" certain pieces of music were changed for unknown reasons.

Some other cuts are mentioned below in the questions, but their is one final stop in our journey of edits and lost footage. In "Haunted House," George Liquor was supposed to be the bloody head fairy, not a knock-off of "Doug." (Cinfantastique magazine) On "PTM", the "Pope" was changed to "The Funny Little Man With A Pointy Hat," and PTM's closing joke with the Constitution and Bill of Rights was edited out all together. "Fake Dad" was edited down from a half-hour to a regular 11 minute cartoon according to Cinfantastique. "Visit To Anthony" was changed because Billy West played Ren for one scene only, and its quality is not very good.

Here are some circumstances I have a questions about:

  1. What is on Kowalski's butt in "Fake Dad" ?
  2. Is it true that Svën and Stimpy had a dinner ala Lady and the Tramp in "Svën Höek" ?
  3. What happened to Stimpy teaching Ren how to rub two squirrels together in "The Great Outdoors" ?
  4. Why did Bob Camp change the soundtrack in "Svën Höek" ?
  5. Will Nick release R&S uncut on VHS? LaserDisc?
  6. . Why and what did they cut out of in "Rubber Nipple Salesmen" with George Liquor?
  7. Why did "The Cat Who Laid The Golden Hairball" end so stupidly?
  8. What were the original lyrics to the song in "Svën Höek" ?
  9. What will they edit in "Man's Best Friend" ?
  10. Is "Hollywood Höek" a real episode or a dream?
  11. Why does "Untamed World" have a unfocused camara during the chase?
  12. What (and why) is missing from "Visit To Anthony" that was so bad that part of it was reanimated with Billy West doing Ren? (The scene is the one where Ren bulges his eyes out--the cut to the scene looks funny)
  13. When will the next new third season show air?!
  14. Why is there a cut in animation during the last part of Father's meeting with R&S in "Visit To Anthony" ?
  15. What was cut out of "Fake Dad"?
  16. What is in "Untamed World 2" that frightens Nick?
  17. Why did Nick cut out the "policeman" scene in "Son of Stimpy"?
  18. Why did Nick edit out the family bath and Ren's beating in "Big Baby Scam?"
  19. Why did Channel 10 (Australia) edit "Mad Dog Höek"?

(1.) Billy West told me this: whatever you believe it is.

(5.) VHS videos are out--check out the product section of the document. Unfortunately, they contain the Nick edits and cuts. Laser Discs are currently unavailable.

(6.) After reading Cinfantastique magazine, I finally found out what happened in "Rubber Nipple Salesmen" with R&S. Ren knocks on the door, and George pops out with the oar (a reference to Man's Best Friend), beats them up, takes them inside, and scales them. Then George cleans them and throws their parts into the sink, and they say "I think this is going to be a hard sell."

(8.) The complete words are on the R&S CD. Check out the product section of this FAQ.

(9.) Another edit mentioned in Cinfantastique magazine was "Man's Best Friend". Nick will air it only after the violent parts are reanimated (including the oar hitting scene, the greatest scene in R&S history).

(15.) Half the episode! Nick also cut out half of Ren's Pecs to boot!

(18.) Nick always hated the family bath idea in the "The Big Baby Scam." They also took out Ren's beating because they don't like any violence at all. (I guess Nick will never buy G.I. Joe:)

(19.) MDH is just too much for censors in Australia. See R&S Encyclopedia for details.