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Last update: October 2004 CET

News: Lysator has changed WWW-server from a Sun SPARCserver 1000/514 to an Intel Pentium III dual CPU machine running at 850 MHz. Due to this you will see a dramtic speed increase! :)

You can now generate your own worldmaps on the fly, just enter some numbers below and click submit and after a while you'll get a fractal worldmap in GIF-format!

One word of caution though, it might take a while to generate a map if you supply a large iterationnumber, for instance if you set the number of iterations to 15000, 640x320 bitmap, it will take about 50 seconds to generate a map... And this is when there is nearly no load on the server!

One can no longer generate images with a height over 512 or with more than 5000 iterations. This is because the genereator nearly crashed the WWW-server, and I don't know why the generator went bazook. :(

Download the sourcecode for this program (V2.2, GPL license).
Those who run MS/DOS can try Martijn Faassen's adopted version for MS/DOS!

Quite recently feywulf sent me a new port of worldgen.c which can be compiled by djgpp on DOS machines. You can either download the version sent to me by clicking here, or directly from feywulf's homepage.

Download the sourcecode for this CGI program (V1.1, GPL license).

Nils Jeppe have made a version for OS2/Warp. :)


This is a (incomplete ?) list of other image generating programs that I've found or the creators have made me aware of... :)

If you want a link to your image generator from this page, just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do! :)

    Random seed

    Number of iterations

    Percentage of total area covered with water

    Percentage of each hemisphere to be covered with ice

    How many degrees to rotate the finished bitmap

Which projection to use?    

    Height of generated bitmap

    Image should not be sent in-line

    Use two colors only

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Last update: October 2004 CET by John Olsson

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