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In case you are curious, here are a few quick facts about myself.

I was born in Linköping, Sweden, many years ago, where I still live most of the time.

I am male, 181 cm long, more or less clean-shaven, medium blond.

I am married to Eva Ragnemalm, born Lundberg. In 1997, our first son was born. On the picture to the right, I am the bigger guy, and the smaller is my son, photographed the day after his birth. Yes, yes, I know it is silly to put pictures of your kids at web pages, but this is my personal page, so you had a fair warning!

But, that image is getting old, so below is a slightly more recent one, taken summer 1998 at a café at Lanzarote (Canary Islands) where Tedde found a favourite toy. But even that is quite old now - Tedde is 7 now! Look below for a more recent picture.

On the professional side, I have MSc (civilingenjör), licentiate and PhD degrees in electrical engineering. Eva has MSc and licentiate degrees and (last spring) a PhD in computer science.

After getting the PhD, I quit the the university, and formed my own company together with my sister Susanne (programmer and graphics artist). We produce software for entertainment shows on swedish TV channels as well as computer games. I cooperate with the company Hovtek AB in Leksand, which produces, rents and sells voting equipment (mentometer). That company was formed by two friends of mine, Folke Söderström and Isaac Clason.

My primary profession is computer programmer and system designer, but I also would like to believe that I am a game designer and singer/songwriter/performer as well, though I can't make a living from those interests. Since summer -99, I am also teacher, teaching computer graphics at University of Linköping.

News for march 2000:

This very morning (24th of march 2000), Tedde's little brother , so far unnamed, was born. He is bigger and heavier than Tedde was when he was born, but of course much smaller than Tedde is today.

But, that was one year ago. The boy was christened Magnus, nicknamed Musse, and if you want some fresh images they are here.

Time for an update. Fresh images (september 2001) are here. (In swedish.)

Another update. Fresh images (june 2002) are here and here (july 2002). (In swedish.)

October update. Fresh images here. (In swedish.)

November update. Fresh images here. (In swedish.)

May update. Fresh images here. (In swedish.)

Images of my third child (born 15:th of november 2003) are here. (In swedish.)

Time passes and Hillevi is now baptized (döpt) in januari 2004. Pictures here. (Swedish again.)

More images, march-april 2004. (Swedish, of course.) And some more again!

New images october 2004. And more. And some april 2005.

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