Ingemar's games page

This is my brand new games page, replacing the old cluttered junk that I had. On this page, you will find information and downloads for my computer games, mainly Macintosh games but also occasional games for other platforms.

It is now a long time since my latest official release of a brand new game, but I have, however, made a few game programming projects recently, with several working games (but not yet remarkable enough to release). I consider uploading the better ones here.

Recent news, most recent first:

July 2012: Uploaded Bikaka and Classic Daleks for Intel Macs, plus a preliminary Solitaire House for Intel. Plus a little extra, Steve Capps' Pongerang (part of my old Retro Engine multi-game) converted to Intel.

December 2011: I have been testing the new Intel version myself some time now, and it is not perfect but playable. Statistics are incorrect, and sometimes it won't work. But usually, I can play the games just fine.

October 19, 2011: Solitaire House now runs under Intel for the first time! Some problems remain but hey, we are in Intel at last!

August 2011: All the old PPC games won't work under Lion. In particular, Solitaire House needs updating, but also other games that worked more or less well under OSX with PPC. I am working on it.

August 2011: I got 3rd price in the 1PGDmC game programming challenge, with a 3D racing game. A modest result since it was a small contest, but still a certain sign of progress. Actually, even if I hadn't made it to the winners, it was win enough only to manage to finish a game in very little time!

June 2007: New version of Bikaka, which seems to work better under Tiger.

December 14, 2006: Re-uploaded Solitaire House in ZIP and DMG formats, for those of you who don't have Stuffit.

December 24, 2005: Christmas'05 (OSX)

December 2005: Uploaded a Bikaka archive in Stuffit format

April 23, 2005: Updated Ingemar's Skiing Game.

December 22, 2004: Christmas '04 for OSX. I just can't break this tradition.

October 2004: Bachman for OSX. Third beta of Solitaire House for OSX, now basically finished, all known bugs fixed - download now!

December 26, 2003: Christmas03-Classic.hqx. On the last day of Christmas, support for Classic.

December 23, 2003: Christmas03x.hqx. (OSX only. Anyone who wants the Classic version?)

December 22, 2003: Christmas'03, Hard Mac Café version, OSX only so far. Christmas03x-HMC.hqx

December 5, 2003: First OSX version of Solitaire House. Updated OSX version of Ingemar's Skiing Game.

Last News before reorganizing: Bikaka released in OSX version - now new version with music. MacÄggaschack released for OSX. Ingemar's Skiing Game released for OSX.


The old games page

Look here for any games not yet moved to this new system, in particular games not yet ported to OSX.

Solitaire House

A solitaire card game package for new and old Macs alike, with more than 30 games.

Ingemar's Skiing Game

An old-style downhill skiing game with a World Cup feature that makes it stand out from the rest.

Miscellaneous games, not yet on separate pages:


Hexagonal Tetris, done right! Now also for Intel Macs.

Annual Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Since 1993, I have released a jigsaw puzzle every Christmas. See above.


An interesting twist on Tic-Tac-Toe.



My PacMan-style game, now OSX native!

Slime Invaders


Fia med knuff




Classic Daleks

Now also for Intel Macs.

Retro Engine