Books written by Ingemar Ragnemalm.

These books are the books I expect people to come looking for here. If you are curious about some other text of mine, please E-mail.

Polygons Feel No Pain

by Ingemar Ragnemalm. So far only sold in Bokakademin, Linköping. 2008.

This is a course book in computer graphics with OpenGL, a feature-packed book that still is one of the smallest CG books that exists. 268 pages.

So How Can You Make Them Scream?

by Ingemar Ragnemalm. So far only sold in Bokakademin, Linköping. 2008.

Successor of the former, a book on advanced game programming. Like the first, it has the ambition to be portable and still fit some solid knowledge. 200 pages.

Both books were updated to OpenGL 3.2 in 2012. (With some errors that will be fixed for 2013.)

The Euclidean Distance Transform

by Ingemar Ragnemalm. Published by Linköping Studies in Science and Technology 1993. ISBN 91-7871-083-9. 276 pages.

This book is my PhD thesis. It deals with distance transformation algorithms, and is mostly of interest for image processing experts and researcherers. The cover is below, the whole book (without cover) is here: dissertation

Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus

by McCornack, Ragnemalm, Celestin et al. Published by Hayden Books 1995. ISBN 1-56830-183-9. 861 pages plus CD-ROM.

This book was written by Jamie McCornack (editor), myself (wrote a big part of it - more than 5 chapters and a lot of the source-code) and Paul Celestin (CD-ROM editor), and a whole bunch of other people who wrote between a half and two chapters each.

Trygg-Torkel Barbaren

by Öhrman, Pettersson, Ragnemalm, Söderström, Norbeck and Hultqvist. Published by Mytorama HB 1985 (1st and 2nd editions) and 1991 (4th edition). No ISBN number. 32 to 64 pages depending on edition. In swedish. 4th edition reprinted 2004 as the "undead" 5th edition.

This is a pamphlet game that I and a couple of friends made more than ten years ago. It is purely a humoristic game, loaded with puns and great drawings by our artist Mats Öhrman. The game was out of print and hard to come for a long time, but is now again available.

What you see above is my complete set of Trygg-Torkel books, all in mint condition.

Trygg-Torkel 2: Piraten

by Ingemar Ragnemalm (lead author) et al. Published by HB Ragnemalm Utveckling & Underhållning 2012 (1st preliminary edition). No ISBN number. 32 pages. (In swedish.)

At long last, the real follow-up to the book above. Several attempts were made in the past to do this, and there is a lot to say about why and how, but now it happened. If it is funny? I hope so.


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