GNU Go Incident Reports

This page contains various GNU Go incidents, such as crashes, assertion failures, reading errors, disastrous moves, life and death errors, and other ridiculous moves, found by Gunnar Farnebäck.

Status update

These incidents are all very old and no new material will be added. The interesting problems have been added to the GNU Go regression test suite, which is included with all releases of GNU Go.

Closed incidents (290)

Open incidents (10)

Nr Date Description Detected in Fixed in Game record Move
59 990726 Reading error. The attacker incorrectly thinks it can capture some stones with K2 because it fails to consider an edge kosumi tesuji at M1. Actually, due to a shortage of liberties, there is a counter-tesuji at Q2, but that isn't considered either. 2.3.67 toma-gnugo-2.3.67-199907261046.sgf.gz 96
115 990922 Wrong connection. Better shape to connect at C9. 2.5.9 f000x-gnugo-2.5.9-199909221017.sgf.gz 82
116 990922 Wrong connection. Far better, both shapewise and territory-wise to connect indirectly at B10. For a local connection, B9 is the only move. 2.5.9 f000x-gnugo-2.5.9-199909221017.sgf.gz 124
124 990928 Strategic error. B13 is good locally, but not urgent as E9 and B13 are miai. Running with the H13 stones must be top priority. 2.5.11 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 62
167b 991005 Defender mistake. J14 must be defended at N4, not at K9. 2.5.16 andrej-gnugo-2.5.16-199910051550.sgf.gz 212
175 991005 Wrong defense. Better to capture immediately at N13. 2.5.12 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 154
177 991005 Life&death error. Eyes may be destroyed in sente with M16 and F14. 2.5.12 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 184
242 000531 Weak shape. It's locally much more robust to play H3. 2.7.105 --mouse epoupaert-gnugo-2.7.105-200005311831.sgf.gz 97
243 000531 Defense needed. It's big to immediately play H3. 2.7.105 --mouse epoupaert-gnugo-2.7.105-200005311831.sgf.gz 99
271 000714 Missed seki. This is tricky to read out, but it looks like black can force a seki in the lower left by playing C5 followed by C2. 2.7.134 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007141436.sgf.gz 276