Closed Incidents

Nr Date Description Detected in Fixed in Game record Move
1 990512 Assertion failure in double_attack_helper. 2.3.1 2.3.2 double_attack.sgf.gz 232
2 990512 Reading error. The attacker mistakenly thinks it can capture four stones. 2.3.2 2.3.16 gnugo-2.1.23gf-brad-199905121306.sgf.gz 212
3 990512 Bad shape. Pattern CC91 fills a halfeye instead of making a full eye. 2.3.2 2.3.91 seiwa-gnugo-2.1.23gf-199905121651.sgf.gz 110
4 990512 Semeai mistake. Playing into self atari. Also suboptimal moves earlier in the semeai. 2.3.2 2.3.91 greycat-gnugo-2.1.23gf-199905111941.sgf.gz 228
5 990512 Semeai problem. At the end of the game both groups in a semeai are considered dead, with the effect that the endgame is not played to finish. Also two other groups misclassified as dead. 2.3.2 2.3.91 fire-gnugo-2.1.23gf-199905121832.sgf.gz 270
6 990513 Reading error. The defender comes up with a bogus move. Although it's a double atari on the opponent, the stone itself is in atari. 2.3.3 2.3.16 gnugo-2.3.3-baduki.sgf.gz 219
7 990513 Reading error. Similar to the previous one except there is no double atari involved. 2.3.3 2.3.17 gnugo-2.3.3-baduki-2.sgf.gz 241
8 990513 Failure to connect an important ko. Not sure how best to fix this, but in early positions like this it's almost always correct to connect the ko. 2.3.3 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.3-baduki-3.sgf.gz 15
9 990513 Reading error. Another self-atari from the defender. 2.3.3 2.3.17 gnugo-2.3.3-baduki-3.sgf.gz 231
10 990513 Missed semeai. From move 259 and forward very careless moves are played, filling liberties of a group that should be considered to be in a semeai. Not sure why it isn't classified as dead. 2.3.3 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.3-baduki-3.sgf.gz 259
11 990513 Life and death. Several examples of need for better eye evaluation. 2.3.3 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.3-baduki-3.sgf.gz -
12 990514 Reading error. The attacker overrules a nakade pattern but only helps the opponent to live. 2.3.4 2.3.17 gnugo-2.3.4-baduki.sgf.gz 163
13 990514 Reading error. The defender suggests a bogus move. In the moves 132-152 there is also a hugely complex positions with 10 or so strings with very few liberties. This should be a very good game to debug the tactical reading. 2.3.4 2.3.18 gnugo-2.3.4-kinchan-199905141616.sgf.gz 132
14 990514 Reading error. The attacker thinks it can capture some stones but gives up after the opponent responds. There is also a lot of reading to do from move 208 and forward. 2.3.4 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.4-kinchan-199905141616.sgf.gz 222
15 990516 Reading error. The attacker mistakenly thinks it can capture a stone. Although the move happens to be reasonable the premise isn't. 2.3.7 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.7-baduki.sgf.gz 95
16 990516 Reading error. The defender plays a self atari that doesn't work at all. 2.3.7 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.7-baduki.sgf.gz 161
17 990516 Semeai error. Failure to understand that a semeai was going on, resulting in the loss of the major part of the dragon involved. 2.3.7 2.7.12 gnugo-2.3.7-baduki.sgf.gz 275
18 990519 Shape blunder. The backfill pattern CD47 suggests with value 100 a move only accomplishing to fill an own eye. Might be caused by a reading error. 2.3.11 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.9gf-baduki.sgf.gz 82
19 990519 Reading error. The attacker attacks at the wrong point, losing a semeai. There are also some strange moves suggested by the semeai player, the attacker, and the defender, both just before and after this move. 2.3.11 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.9gf-baduki.sgf.gz 166
20 990520 Shape blunder. CD47 again comes up with a nonsense move. (This move was not suggested by the modified 2.3.9 that was playing the game, so I guess this has something to do with the reading changes for 2.3.11.) 2.3.11 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.9gf-baduki-2.sgf.gz 121
21 990520 Almost blunder. Here CD47 comes up with the right move but for the wrong reason, overruling a bad move from the semeai player, which in turn overrules the correct move suggested by the defender for the right reason. 2.3.11 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.9gf-baduki-2.sgf.gz 137
22 990520 Ko mistake. GNU starts a ko fight that hardly is playable. 2.3.11 2.3.13 gnugo-2.3.9gf-baduki-2.sgf.gz 183
23 990520 Blunder. Playing a move to destroy an eye for a presumably critical group, disregarding the fact that one of the surrounding strings was both weak and big. 2.3.13 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.4-arndt-199905201730.sgf.gz 40
24 990520 Reading error. The attacker suggests a move that doesn't work. 2.3.4 came up with a different bogus move when the game was played. 2.3.13 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.4-arndt-199905201730.sgf.gz 54
25 990523 Reading error. The defender suggests an ineffective move. Not really a blunder but the move only forces the opponent to secure an eye. 2.3.15 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.14gf-gnugo-2.3.15.sgf.gz 69
26 990524 Assertion failure in the reading code, called from hane_backfill_helper. 2.3.12 2.3.52 celery-gnugo-2.3.12-199905212207.sgf.gz 220
27 990525 Reading error. The attacker incorrectly thinks it can capture three stones. 2.3.19 2.3.23 gnugo-2.3.19-baduki.sgf.gz 69
28 990525 Reading error. A true blunder, attacking from a self-atari. 2.3.19 2.3.23 gnugo-2.3.19-baduki.sgf.gz 89
29 990527 Reading error. The defender mistakenly thinks it can save three stones by playing another stone into atari. 2.3.21 2.3.23 straw-gnugo-2.3.21-199905271558.sgf.gz 166
30 990528 Semeai error. No idea what the semeai player tries to accomplish. Doesn't look much like a semeai in the first place. 2.3.22 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.22-wartari-199905281830.sgf.gz 88
31 990528 Semeai error. The semeai player strikes again. Equally strange this time. 2.3.22 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.22-wartari-199905281830.sgf.gz 92
32 990528 Strategical error. We are too eager to capture irrelevant stones. This move (value 74) is 2 points gote, which is way too small when we still are in the middle game. 2.3.22 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.22-wartari-199905281830.sgf.gz 146
33 990530 Blunder. After an atari on one of GNU's cutting strings, the status of the dragons in the area were upset enough that both the defender and the eye finder came up with a bad move with higher value than the correct defense (which was of course also suggested by the defender, but with too small value). 2.3.23 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.22gf-baduki.sgf.gz 309
34 990531 Pointless attempt to kill. Incorrectly detected half eye. 2.3.24 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.24gf-baduki.sgf.gz 233
35 990531 Semeai error. The semeai player suggests an ineffective move. But the problem is as much with the life and death classification, because it shouldn't even be a semeai. 2.3.24 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.24gf-baduki.sgf.gz 249
36 990531 Life and death error. The eye finder panics to solidify a halfeye, overriding a connection to a tail of genus one. 2.3.24 2.5.31 gnugo-2.3.24gf-baduki.sgf.gz 267
37 990614 Reading error. GNU fails to play the endgame move B8, presumably because it thinks it would be unsafe. 2.3.33 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.25-unusual-199906021327.sgf.gz 226
38 990616 Shape error. The detect_trap_helper induces a substandard defense move. 2.3.36 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.36-baduki.sgf.gz 127
39 990616 Shape error. The urgent connect helper misfires. 2.3.36 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.36-baduki.sgf.gz 129
40 990616 Reading error. The attacker mistakenly thinks it can capture some stones. This error also shows up in some of the preceding moves. 2.3.36 2.3.52 gnugo-2.3.36-baduki.sgf.gz 141
41 990616 Strategical error. Instead of calmly cutting off 14 black stones for a nice profit, GNU instead tries to run away with a heavy group, which is later lost. 2.3.36 2.7.12 gnugo-2.3.36-baduki.sgf.gz 195
42 990617 Reading error. We really should be able to find the R14 move. 2.3.37 2.7.208 marcel-gnugo-2.3.37-199906171720.sgf.gz 58
43 990617 Reading error. Actually the same position as #42. Anyway the suggested move doesn't work as well as stated by the attacker. 2.3.37 2.7.208 marcel-gnugo-2.3.37-199906171720.sgf.gz 88
44 990617 Reading mistake. Not really an error since the suggested move does work, but it's fairly obscure and leaves a lot of unnecessary aji. 2.3.37 2.3.91 marcel-gnugo-2.3.37-199906171720.sgf.gz 170
45 990617 Life and death error. This was the last chance to save a large group. 2.3.37 2.3.91 marcel-gnugo-2.3.37-199906171720.sgf.gz 284
46 990617 Semeai blunder. We certainly shouldn't play inside the seki! 2.3.37 2.3.52 marcel-gnugo-2.3.37-199906171720.sgf.gz 286
47 990618 Defense mistake. The defense point is moved one time too many, ending up at the wrong place. 2.3.37 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.37-baduki.sgf.gz 203
48 990618 Wrong attack. The attacker overrules a move that would have captured the same stones too, but also have saved some other stones. 2.3.37 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.37-baduki.sgf.gz 235
49 990620 Reading error. The capture doesn't work as three cutting stones are in immediate danger. 2.3.37 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.37-keithg-199906202041.sgf.gz 242
50 990620 Reading problem? The move takes almost forever (i.e. several minutes) to find, although the game is on a 9x9 board. 2.3.37 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.37-Darroch-199906180607.sgf.gz 46
51 990622 Reading error. The played move doesn't work without backfilling and certainly doesn't capture anything. A number of the preceding positions are probably misread as well. 2.3.40 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.40gf-baduki.sgf.gz 181
52 990623 Reading blackout. In the sequence from move 46 to move 70, GNU miserably fails to defend an increasingly heavy group of stones. Is this a reading depth problem? 2.3.41 2.5.37 gnugo-2.3.41-whowasi-199906231810.sgf.gz 48
53 990627 Reading problem. GNU takes almost forever generating the move. Just makeworms() spends a horrible amount of time doing reading, sometimes up to some 60 call levels deep. 2.3.45 2.3.46 greenman-gnugo-2.3.44-199906270110.sgf.gz 250
54 990704 Reading error. Two adjacent strings at A3 and A4 are both(!) classified as attackable but not defendable. 2.3.49 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.49-baduki.sgf.gz 251
55 990709 Reading error. A tricky ladder is misread. Moving out with M5 doesn't work. 1.121 2.5.43 RomanAP-gnugo-1.121-199904161627.sgf.gz 98
56 990711 Reading error. Three adjacent strings are all classified as attackable but not defendable. As a result the dragon code amalgamates them all to friendly stones on the outside. Where there in fact is a semeai, everything is classified as alive. 2.3.51 2.3.91 kakaka-gnugo-2.3.51-199907102216.sgf.gz 148
57 990717 Reading error. The defender comes up with a sacrifice move at F16, supposedly defending B19, but in reality accomplishing nothing. The reason is probably fairly obscure since it took 17572 variations to find the move. 2.3.61gf 2.3.75 gnugo-2.3.61gf-baduki.sgf.gz 223
58 990725 Severe reading problem. find_defense() needs 6722903 variations at depth 14 to evaluate whether the string P7 can be defended. Needless to say, this takes a very long time. 2.3.65 2.3.91 Onzrock-gnugo-2.3.65-199907250206.sgf.gz 168
60 990729 Reading error. GNU fails to find the killing move at S13. Version 2.3.68 does not. 2.3.70 2.3.75 gnugo-2.3.70-baduki.sgf.gz 279
61 990816 Reading error. No attack is found on the O4 stones. 2.3.83 2.5.37 exoss-gnugo-2.3.83-199908161154.sgf.gz 268
62 990817 Life and death error. The eye finder comes up with a very strange move at L4. 2.3.83gf 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.83gf-baduki.sgf.gz 179
63 990817 Reading error. find_defense() never considers the only effective move at T2, securing two eyes. 2.3.83gf 2.3.91 gnugo-2.3.83gf-baduki.sgf.gz 253
64 990823 Reading error. attacker() thinks it can capture the three white F7 stones by moving out the F9 stones with G9, but the latter cannot escape a ladder. Another two stones are subsequently added before the end of the ladder comes within reach of the reading depth limit. 2.3.87 2.5.43 regginos-gnugo-2.3.87-199908231340.sgf.gz 52
65 990824 General disaster. Capturing the wrong stone costs some 80 points. 2.3.87 2.3.93 gnugo-2.3.87-bconwil-199908231921.sgf.gz 211
66 990826 Life&death error. The eyespace of the upper black group is evaluated to a single eye. This is a good example of a position where our model for local eye space games breaks. 2.3.89 2.7.93 NicklasE-gnugo-2.3.89-199908261143.sgf.gz 52
67 990826 Reading error. Trying to capture the G3 stones, GNU fails to recognize a simple shortage of liberties tesuji. 2.3.89 2.7.143 gnugo-2.3.89-gogol.sgf.gz 20
68 990826 Game not finished. There are still moves to play, but to find them requires a two step backfilling. 2.3.89 2.3.93 gnugo-2.3.89-gogol.sgf.gz 48
69 990827 Life&death error. The status of the A8 group is misevaluated to dead (two half eyes) because the tactical reading thinks A9 is a safe move for black. But after three captures, a white stone resides there. 2.3.90 2.7.63 tsumego-gnugo-2.3.89-199908270320.sgf.gz 158
70 990827 Life&death error. The A8 group is classified as alive, but is in fact unsettled. Also the significance of the move at J7 is missed. 2.3.90 2.3.93 tsumego-gnugo-2.3.89-199908270320.sgf.gz 178
71 990827 Wrong move. It's much better to save many strings (and capture one) with C19 than only one with C13 (which is later lost anyway). 2.3.90 2.5.31 tsumego-gnugo-2.3.89-199908270320.sgf.gz 188
72 990827 Insufficient backfilling. The correct move is to start at T15. (This game record is obviously very artificial.) 2.3.90 2.3.93 fill_lib.sgf.gz 254
73 990829 Life&death error. make_domains() never realizes that there should be an eyespace around S9. 2.3.90 3.1.8 guenther-gnugo-2.3.90-199908291130.sgf.gz 210
74 990831 Life&death error. Pointlessly capturing dead stones. The problem is that the stones are classified as UNKNOWN due to the unreliability of the escape factor. 2.3.91 2.7.223 Storer-gnugo-2.3.91-199908311532.sgf.gz 236
75 990831 Tuning problem. Among three different cuts and connections, the worst one is chosen. This is currently fairly hard to do right, since the patterns have no way of knowing how much territory may get lost. There is also a problem related to the thresholding of the connection value. 2.3.91 2.7.113 Storer-gnugo-2.3.91-199908311532.sgf.gz 238
76 990901 Reading error. For some reason the tactical reading thinks the white stone at P18 can be saved by a move at O19. 2.3.91 2.3.92 fire-gnugo-2.1.23gf-199905121832.sgf.gz 270
77 990901 Reading error. The tactical reading thinks the black B2 stones can be captured by a white move at D2. This seems to be a hashing problem. 2.3.91 2.3.93 gnugo-2.3.7-baduki.sgf.gz 277
78 990901 Reading error. R16 is somehow supposed to defend the S15 stones, although it is a self-atari and a very ineffective sacrifice. 2.3.91 2.3.94 gnugo-2.3.91-h3rb-199909011138.sgf.gz 65
79 990901 Reading error. Tactical reading thinks white K19 captures L19, failing to see the defense at J17. 2.3.91 2.7.143 gnugo-2.3.9gf-baduki.sgf.gz 168
80 990901 Reading error. The attacker mistakenly thinks it can capture some stones. This error also shows up in some of the preceding moves. This is the same incident as number 40, which was once fixed. 2.3.91 2.7.95 gnugo-2.3.36-baduki.sgf.gz 141
81 990901 Life&death error. Dragon at N18 is incorrectly classified as alive, because the false eye at P12 is not discovered, because the P15 stones are classifed as dead, although they are living in seki. Conclusion: we need to reclassify seki stones as alive at an early stage. 2.3.91 3.1.8 marcel-gnugo-2.3.37-199906171720.sgf.gz 286
82 990901 Reading error. Black B13 is supposed to capture the B16 stones. In reality B13 must be played at A14. 2.3.91 2.7.95 Storer-gnugo-2.3.91-199909012159.sgf.gz 184
83 990901 Reading error. Black L6 is assumed to capture the K9 stones, which doesn't work. With "--hash 0" this is read correctly so this is most likely a hashing problem. 2.3.91 2.3.93 Storer-gnugo-2.3.91-199909012159.sgf.gz 218
84 990903 Reading error. Tactical reading believes D6 is sufficient to capture the A8 stones because it doesn't find the defense move at B5. 2.3.93 2.7.143 gnugo-2.3.92-NLove-199909030923.sgf.gz 56
85 990906 Life&death error. The move at A12 is supposed to kill but doesn't work. The correct move is at B14. 2.3.93 2.7.93 Onzrock-gnugo-2.3.93-199909060530.sgf.gz 104
86 990906 Reading error. The move at H18 is supposed to capture the H17 stones, but there is a saving move at F16, which is never considered. 2.3.93 2.7.143 Onzrock-gnugo-2.3.93-199909060530.sgf.gz 214
87 990906 Wrong connection. Except for the reading error, there is also a problem that the connection at H15 is valued higher than the connection (and cut) at F16. In part this is probably to blame on the semeai module. 2.3.93 2.7.15 Onzrock-gnugo-2.3.93-199909060530.sgf.gz 214
88 990906 Missed connection. R5 is unreasonable until the connection at P6 has been played. The main problem here is that the safety of the corner is overestimated. 2.3.93 2.7.244 Onzrock-gnugo-2.3.93-199909060530.sgf.gz 252
89 990906 Missed ko. If GNU knew how to play ko, the corner group could be saved by throwing in at T1. 2.3.93 2.7.15 Onzrock-gnugo-2.3.93-199909060530.sgf.gz 276
90 990907 Illegal move. fill_liberty() comes up with an illegal move. While this bug is easy to get around, the position is rather one that the semeai module should handle. 2.3.94 2.3.97 Storer-gnugo-2.3.94-199909071440.sgf.gz 254
91 990907 Life&death error. T2 is not the critical point of the eye shape, S2 is. 2.3.94 2.7.16 greycat-gnugo-2.3.94-199909070541.sgf.gz 68
92 990908 Reading error. P2 is assumed to capture the O2 stones, but doesn't. The superb move at Q1, on the other hand, is not even considered. 2.3.96 2.7.172 gnugo-2.3.95-grumpsie-199909081042.sgf.gz 250
93 990908 Reading error. E2 is assumed to capture the E1 stone, but when white answers with the connection at D3, there is no continuation. 2.3.96 2.7.172 myao-gnugo-2.3.95-199909080934.sgf.gz 42
94 990908 Ko mistake. D17 is unreasonable. The ko must be connected at F16 immediately. Later things become totally stupid with respect to kos, between moves 68 and 116 there are a total of 27 ko captures, but not a single connection. 2.3.96 2.7.244 gnugo-2.3.95-glea-199909081420.sgf.gz 18
95 990908 Reading error. The tactical reading neglects to play O12 because it doesn't realize that white can defend the O14 stones with O15. It seems this is caused by an incorrect implementation of the ko rule. Neither player is allowed to play on the ko location O15. 2.3.97 2.3.98 alfalfa-gnugo-2.3.95-199909081822.sgf.gz 242
96 990909 Life&death error. E2 is urgent. 2.3.97 2.7.208 gnugo-2.3.97-berni-199909091242.sgf.gz 71
97 990910 Life&death error. It's necessary to add a stone at S11 in order to live. 2.3.98 2.7.214 scf-gnugo-2.3.97-199909101233.sgf.gz 175
98 990910 Reading error. M10 is supposed to capture the P12 cutting stones, but it doesn't. They can be captured by a move at P13 though. 2.3.98 2.5.37 scf-gnugo-2.3.97-199909101233.sgf.gz 219
99 990910 Bad move. The endgame move at K5 sets up for a white double atari at L5. Black has no choice but playing at L5 himself. 2.3.98 2.7.16 berni-gnugo-2.3.98-199909101338.sgf.gz 91
100 990910 Status error. It can be discussed whether this is a life&death, a semeai, or a reading error, but at the end of the game every single stone in the lower left part of the board is considered dead. The correct answer is that only the white stones are dead. 2.3.98 2.7.244 venom.sgf.gz 60
101 990910 Illegal move. The fuseki module comes up with an illegal move at A19, which is already occupied (in this game the first six stones are scattered at random). 2.3.98 2.4 abortgo.sgf.gz 12
102 990913 Reading error. For some reason it is believed that the K19 and J18 stones have a defense at H19, but still an unrelated move such as A11 is considered an attack move. 2.4 2.5.37 Storer-gnugo-2.3.99-199909122059.sgf.gz 230
103 990913 Bad exchange. It's much larger to connect at M3 than to capture a single stone with O7. 2.4 2.7.16 gnugo-2.4-docredneck-199909132117.sgf.gz 181
104 990920 Wrong connection. Locally C13 is a much better connection than D13, but still better is to capture at E10, producing an extra liberty that is sufficient to secure the connection at the other end of the worm. 2.5.7 2.7.16 gnugo-2.5.7-bconwil-199909192253.sgf.gz 63
105 990920 Life&death error. A second eye for the J19 group can be obtained by playing J13 followed by G13. GNU Go needs to learn about forcing sequences. 2.5.7 2.7.213 gnugo-2.5.7-bconwil-199909192253.sgf.gz 169
106 990920 Wrong capture. It's more profitable to capture at S19 than at T15. 2.5.7 2.7.208 gnugo-2.5.7-bconwil-199909192253.sgf.gz 215
107 990920 Life&death error. Q18 has an escape factor of 1 although it has no way whatsoever to escape. 2.5.7 2.7.144 guestx-gnugo-2.5.7-199909192332.sgf.gz 216
108a 990921 Reading error. G16 is caught in a snapback. The reason for the move was to give the F19 stones four liberties, but that's very temporary. 2.5.8 2.5.37 gnugo-2.4-me2dt-199909180323.sgf.gz 192
108b 990921 Wrong connection. E16 only covers one cutting point. C18, D18, and D17 cover both. 2.5.8 2.7.16 Storer-gnugo-2.5.8-199909211446.sgf.gz 148
109 990921 Shape error. P11 is a pointless atari, and worst of all ending in gote. The urgent play is at P15. 2.5.8 2.7.144 Storer-gnugo-2.5.8-199909211446.sgf.gz 172
110 990921 Shape error. Better to capture at Q7 than to connect at Q8. 2.5.8 2.7.144 Storer-gnugo-2.5.8-199909211446.sgf.gz 176
111 990921 Shape error. This certainly isn't the right time to slide under P16 to P18. Much better to simply cut at P15. 2.5.8 3.2 Storer-gnugo-2.5.8-199909211446.sgf.gz 178
112 990921 Shape error. Better to connect at N4 than to panic and just secure an eye at L4. 2.5.8 2.5.31 Storer-gnugo-2.5.8-199909211446.sgf.gz 270
113 990921 Wrong connection. Better to connect at N18 than at L17. 2.5.8 2.7.208 Storer-gnugo-2.5.8-199909211446.sgf.gz 292
114 990922 Reading error. R5 doesn't work to capture S4. 2.5.9 2.7.16 f000x-gnugo-2.5.9-199909221017.sgf.gz 36
117 990922 Life&death error. Securing life with H5 is absolutely necessary before anything in the vicinity can be attacked. 2.5.9 2.7.16 f000x-gnugo-2.5.9-199909221017.sgf.gz 196
118 990923 Reading error. The tactical reading doesn't see that white can capture att J1 to get a ko. A move at F2 or F1 wins the semeai unconditionally. 2.5.10 3.1.8 JesseLih-gnugo-2.5.10-199909231318.sgf.gz 252
119 990923 Missed ko. Black can still play at F1 or F2 to get a huge ko. 2.5.10 2.7.172 JesseLih-gnugo-2.5.10-199909231318.sgf.gz 256
120 990924 Tactical mistake. It's way better to capture at J9, thereby connecting the F13 stones to safety, than to run away at C9, reaching four liberties and a certain death. 2.5.10 2.7.16 gnugo-2.5.10-demp-199909241535.sgf.gz 139
121 990928 Fuseki mistake. Jumping out to E9 is urgent. The move at R7 is merely big. 2.5.11 2.7.165 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 24
122 990928 Wrong connection. More efficient to connect with E17 than with D17. 2.5.11 2.7.16 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 28
123 990928 Pointless capture. Playing A8 to capture A9 is vastly overvalued. Securing life by capturing three stones with E9 is far far better. It may be still better to run with the H13 stones instead. 2.5.11 2.7.146 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 60
125 990928 Reading error. If we knew how to attack stones with four liberties, we could capture with P3 instead of trying to defend the cutting point at N4 by more stupid means. 2.5.11 2.7.180 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 74
126 990928 Wrong connection. The connection to the K10 stone is not all that important. If we want to play it the move should be at K8 rather than J9 to better develop the position. 2.5.11 2.7.16 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 80
127 990928 Wrong connection again. A cut at N4 doesn't matter very much. Locally M4 (or even P3) is the right move, but it's bigger to improve the moyo on the right or securing the lower left against an invasion at H3. 2.5.11 2.7.16 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 82
128 990928 Strange shape. S6 is a move of doubtful shape and timing. 2.5.11 2.7.16 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 92
129 990928 Strategical mistake. H3 is becoming urgent. O19 is also about time to play in sente. 2.5.11 2.7.16 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 102
130 990928 Strategical mistake. Playing H2 in order to connect is very big here. 2.5.11 2.7.16 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 108
131 990928 Life & death error. Maybe there still can be a small life without F2, but it's definitely urgent. 2.5.11 2.7.106 --mouse ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 110
132 990928 Life & death error. Dying in gote is terrible, which is all that C4 accomplishes. The big move here is to block at L7. 2.5.11 2.7.144 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 116
133 990928 Life & death error. The P12 stones are not recognized as dead, with the result that three more moves are spent on killing the dead stones even more. Meanwhile white devastates some 15 or so points of territory. 2.5.11 2.7.98 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 122
134 990928 Life & death error. Playing C2 means that the lower left corner dies a second time in gote. 2.5.11 2.7.16 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 130
135 990928 Useless connection. There really is no point in connecting at O11. 2.5.11 2.5.31 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 160
136 990928 Tactical mistake. The move at P16 backfires badly as it sets up a double threat move for white at R16. 2.5.11 3.1.8 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 166
137 990928 Wrong connection. S15 is perfectly okey to connect with and a few points better then S14. 2.5.11 2.7.144 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 172
138 990928 Pointless defense. The tactical reading finds that the move at C18 defends the D18 stones, but since it only does this by reaching four liberties with no tendency to eyes or escape, the move is wasted. 2.5.11 2.5.31 ManyFaces-gnugo-2.5.11-199909281239.sgf.gz 218
139 990929 Eye-making panic. There is no point making an eye at E4 when it suffices fully well to connect at G5. 2.5.12 2.5.31 iq-gnugo-2.5.11-199909291130.sgf.gz 46
140 990929 Life&death error. The eye space containing the A5 stones is counted for two secure eyes. The correct value is one eye. 2.5.12 2.5.13 iq-gnugo-2.5.11-199909291130.sgf.gz 50
141 990929 Wrong move. A move at H8 would capture all relevant enemy stones as well as saving all relevant own stones. The played move at G8, as a contrast, merely breaks the connection between two enemy stones which would both be captured by H8. 2.5.12 2.5.37 iq-gnugo-2.5.11-199909291130.sgf.gz 52
142 990930 Reading problems. Deciding the safety of the E7 string requires a large search tree and gives rather incorrect results. The string can in reality not be attacked at J2 and D6 isn't much of a defense move. The generated move at J4 is also mostly pointless. Strangely enough the move also took much longer to generate when it was first played than when later loaded from the sgf file. 2.5.13 2.5.37 gnugo-2.5.12-November-199909292108.sgf.gz 33
143 990930 Reading error. N7 doesn't work to capture the four-liberty string M7. The only move in the position is to play S5 (or T2). 2.5.13 2.5.37 gnugo-2.5.12-docredneck-199909292256.sgf.gz 261
144 990930 Reading error. F17 doesn't work to capture the J19 string. The move must be played at K19. 2.5.13 2.7.143 gnugo-2.5.12-depayne-199909301201.sgf.gz 98
145 990930 Missed connection. A connection at S9 is urgent. This seems to both be a missing connection pattern and an escape route problem. Clearly there is only one way to escape and that is urgent. 2.5.13 2.7.210 gnugo-2.5.12-depayne-199909301201.sgf.gz 118
146 990930 Reading error. S6 is useless for saving the S14 stones. Neither does T15 work. Only R6 does the job. 2.5.13 2.5.31 gnugo-2.5.12-depayne-199909301201.sgf.gz 136
147 990930 Wrong move. G14 is a fairly stupid move here. F16 or J15 work much better. 2.5.13 2.7.23 gnugo-2.5.12-depayne-199909301201.sgf.gz 174
148 990930 Strategical error. Neglecting to block at N6 is much more expensive than what can be earned from C15. 2.5.13 2.7.23 gnugo-2.5.12-depayne-199909301201.sgf.gz 210
149 990930 Strategical error. Blocking at M3 is bigger than capturing at K5. 2.5.13 2.7.23 gnugo-2.5.12-depayne-199909301201.sgf.gz 228
150 990930 Missed ko. Capturing at A15 would start a ko for the life of the upper left corner. 2.5.13 2.7.210 gnugo-2.5.12-depayne-199909301201.sgf.gz 242
151 990930 Life&death error. An atari at A17 would capture the upper left corner right out. 2.5.13 2.7.210 gnugo-2.5.12-depayne-199909301201.sgf.gz 244
152 991001 Strategical error. Better to capture at P12 than to connect at Q13. 2.5.13 2.7.23 gnugo-2.5.13-comma-199910011105.sgf.gz 99
153 991001 Life&death error. Urgent to play G2 for life. The move at P4 is complete nonsense. 2.5.13 2.7.224 gnugo-2.5.13-baduki.sgf.gz 199
154 991001 Life&death error. Playing at J3 doesn't destroy any eye. In fact it's worse than useless since it puts seven stones into atari. 2.5.13 2.7.98 gnugo-2.5.13-baduki.sgf.gz 205
155 991001 Assertion failure in moyo.c. Reproducible. 2.5.13 2.7.23 gnugo-2.5.13-baduki2.sgf.gz 243
156 991004 Reading error. A14 is not sufficient to defend the B15 stones. In fact there is no defense. 2.5.15 3.1.8 exoss-gnugo-2.5.15-199910040106.sgf.gz 186
157 991004 Wrong move. P5 is clearly better than P4. 2.5.15 2.7.210 exoss-gnugo-2.5.15-199910040106.sgf.gz 214
158 991004 Missed double threat. White K17 captures either L17 or G19 and must be defended against. 2.5.15 2.7.213 exoss-gnugo-2.5.15-199910040106.sgf.gz 232
159 991004 Life&death error. White cannot be allowed to live here. B4 should be the easiest way to ensure this. 2.5.15 2.7.93 exoss-gnugo-2.5.15-199910040106.sgf.gz 246
160 991004 Life&death error. B4 is still sufficient to kill. 2.5.15 2.7.93 exoss-gnugo-2.5.15-199910040106.sgf.gz 250
161 991004 Life&death error. D9 doesn't fill a purpose. B7 is the move to kill with. 2.5.15 2.7.98 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.15-199910041156.sgf.gz 38
162 991004 Life&death error. The move must be played at C7. 2.5.15 2.7.98 --mouse NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.15-199910041156.sgf.gz 42
163 991004 Reading error. The move at A1 is ineffective and rather unreasonable since we have to play at C2 in the next move anyway. The ko potential in the position might make it harder for the reading. 2.5.15 2.7.229 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.15-199910041156.sgf.gz 56
164 991005 Reading problems. Very many positions are visited for high backfill_depth values (like 14). 2.5.16 3.1.8 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.16-199910051334.sgf.gz 44
165 991005 Missed opportunity. Now is the perfect time to play the double threat of N11. Also a move like H11 should be considered. 2.5.16 3.2 andrej-gnugo-2.5.16-199910051550.sgf.gz 108
166a 991005 Strategical error. There is no hurry to capture two stones with N3. Much more important to connect at E4. 2.5.16 3.2 andrej-gnugo-2.5.16-199910051550.sgf.gz 142
167a 991005 Strategical error. It's stupid to play M2 just to get an eye locally, when K3 or L2 captures all opponent stones, saves all own stones and keeps everything connected. 2.5.16 2.5.31 andrej-gnugo-2.5.16-199910051550.sgf.gz 148
166b 991005 Strategical error. It's necessary to block and connect at C9. 2.5.16 2.7.144 andrej-gnugo-2.5.16-199910051550.sgf.gz 174
168 991005 Reading problem. The move takes forever to generate with backfill_depth 14. 2.5.16 2.7.210 andrej-gnugo-2.5.16-199910051550.sgf.gz 216
169 991005 Strategical error. It's fairly small and kind of heavy to move out with D6 at this point. Better to sacrifice the C6 stones and play somewhere big. 2.5.12 2.7.158 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 18
170 991005 Strategical error. Very heavy and not very big to try to run away with E6. 2.5.12 2.7.158 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 32
171 991005 Strategical error. The focus must be on attacking the invading stone at C14. 2.5.12 2.7.158 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 60
172 991005 Tuning error. B8 is not at all convincing here. 2.5.12 2.5.19 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 82
173 991005 Tactical error. To stop intrusion, this move must be played at M17. 2.5.12 2.7.230 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 110
174 991005 Tactical error. It's necessary to continue at L7. 2.5.12 2.7.158 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 132
176 991005 Life&death error. There's something strange going on with the classification of the B14 group in previous and following moves. 2.5.12 2.7.158 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 172
178 991005 Tactical error. The L2 stones are classified as dead but can escape with K2. White should stop this by playing K2 first. 2.5.12 3.1.12 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 210
179 991005 Tactical error. O2 must be played at once. 2.5.12 2.5.19 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 214
180 991005 Tactical error. S17 isn't the best way to kill. S16 or T17 is much cleaner. 2.5.12 3.1.9 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 224
181 991005 Reading error. M1 is completely useless to play. 2.5.12 2.5.19 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 230
182 991005 Life&death error. B10 is abolutely urgent. 2.5.12 2.5.19 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 250
183 991005 Strategical error. We really shouldn't waste moves on removing nakade stones. Especially not when it's a single stone. 2.5.12 2.7.208 gnugo-2.5.12-brego-199910051832.sgf.gz 300
184 991006 Reading error. P19 doesn't work to save L19. 2.5.17 2.7.110 gnugo-2.5.17-cybersun-199910061445.sgf.gz 170
185 991006 Reading error. For some reason it's believed that playing out a snapback with P16 will defend the O19 stones. 2.5.17 2.7.208 steve-gnugo-2.5.17-199910071053.sgf.gz 204
186 991007 Reading error. Black fails to find a way to attack E9, although F9 is completely obvious. The problem seems to be in readlad2. 2.5.18 2.7.158 readbug.sgf.gz 25
187 991008 Game not completed. This position is not covered by the assumptions in fill_liberty(). 2.5.18 2.5.19 gnugo-2.5.18-bconwil-199910080057.sgf.gz 227
188 991008 Reading error. The suicidal move at O13 is in no way helping to defend the four liberty string at P19. This is quite possibly a horizon problem. 2.5.20 2.5.37 brent-gnugo-2.5.20-199910121523.sgf.gz 238
189 991013 Life&death error. Pointless to destroy an eye when there is sufficient space to extend along the edge for a second eye with better profit. 2.5.21 2.7.98 alfalfa-gnugo-2.5.21-199910131456.sgf.gz 180
190 991013 Strategical error. Better to secure second eye locally and simultaneously cutting opponent with D18 than to connect through a ko with M16. 2.5.21 3.5.3 alfalfa-gnugo-2.5.21-199910131456.sgf.gz 186
191 991013 Life&death error. Saving the lunch J11 by connecting at J10 has no strategical value what so ever. The only move is to kill the second eye with F12. 2.5.21 2.5.31 alfalfa-gnugo-2.5.21-199910131456.sgf.gz 198
192 991013 Failed connection. L3 is insufficient, only L1 works. 2.5.21 2.7.229 alfalfa-gnugo-2.5.21-199910131456.sgf.gz 208
193 991013 Reading error. For some reason Q6 is thought to defend the R5 stones. 2.5.21 2.7.110 alfalfa-gnugo-2.5.21-199910131456.sgf.gz 216
194 991013 Reading error. T8 is totally ineffective for defending S12 and in fact loses a few points. 2.5.21 2.7.110 alfalfa-gnugo-2.5.21-199910131456.sgf.gz 222
195 991013 Reading error. A6 fails to capture the A9 stones. 2.5.21 2.7.172 alfalfa-gnugo-2.5.21-199910131456.sgf.gz 252
196 991019 Reading error. The only move here is P3, but the tactical reading thinks that the K19 string can be defended by a move at N16 and therefore plays M12 to capture it. This looks very much like another fourlib depth horizon problem. 2.5.23 2.5.25 tank-gnugo-2.5.23-199910181732.sgf.gz 260
197 991020 Semeai error. The move at G15 should be sufficient to win the semeai, but simultaneously connecting at D19 is in every way superior. 2.5.24 2.7.210 steve-gnugo-2.5.24-199910201049.sgf.gz 122
198 991020 Life&death error. Capturing a lunch with H1 doesn't suffice to live. It's urgent to secure a second eye with H5. 2.5.24 2.7.105 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.24-199910201542.sgf.gz 54
199 991024 Reading error. G2 doesn't work to capture any of the white stones unconditionally. The effective move is H2, which kills the entire corner. 2.5.27 2.7.110 sprotte-gnugo-2.5.27-199910242003.sgf.gz 42
200 991026 Small semeai error. Small_semeai() incorrectly removes the attacking points of the B3 and P19 strings. 2.5.27 2.5.31 gnugo-2.5.27-WeGo-199910261640.sgf.gz 226
201 991027 Life&death error. The eye space along the edge around P19 is badly misevaluated, confusing GNU Go enough to miss the obvious move at Q19. 2.5.28 2.7.98 --mouse gnugo-2.5.28-baduki.sgf.gz 271
202 991027 Reading error. The tactical reading doesn't find the defense move at T13 for the worm at M19. 2.5.28 3.2 gnugo-2.5.28-baduki.sgf.gz 297
203 991028 Reading problem. Analyzing the tactical safety of the worm at B14 takes forever and finally, after two million nodes, ends with the incorrect result that the worm can be defended at A13. 2.5.28 2.5.31 gnugo-2.5.27-Obtuse-199910251009.sgf.gz 70
204 991028 Reading error. The tactical reading incorrectly believes that O11 can capture N11. There might be a ko problem in the position. 2.5.28 2.5.31 gnugo-2.5.28-Mary-199910281429.sgf.gz 190
205 991029 Ko reading error. The tactical status of H9 and H8 are both dependent on the ko starting with J8. It doesn't look like the reading notices this fact. 2.5.29 2.5.41 kotest.sgf.gz 34
206 991031 Ko reading error. The tactical reading fails to find that B17 can be captured by D15, conditioned on a ko. 2.5.30 2.5.35 mdjenk-gnugo-2.5.30-199910311741.sgf.gz 84
207 991114 Reading error. The move at O10 is assumed to defend P10, but fails. 2.5.37 2.5.41 Storer-gnugo-2.5.37-199911131535.sgf.gz 146
208 991122 Reading error. The tactical reading doesn't see the defense of S5 at O5, thus missing to play this huge move. 2.5.40 2.5.41 docredneck-gnugo-2.5.40-199911222005.sgf.gz 117
209 991123 Semeai error. White must immediately remove a liberty at S14 or T14 to stop black from making a local seki with R16. 2.5.41 2.7.229 gnugo-2.5.41-baduki.sgf.gz 193
210 991123 Semeai error. White could have made seki by playing R11 before P10. 2.5.41 3.2 gnugo-2.5.41-baduki.sgf.gz 259
211 991125 Wrong connection. J6 gives better eye shape than H6, which is important in this position. 2.5.42 3.1.8 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.42-199911251237.sgf.gz 22
212 991125 Life&death error. H8 is urgent. 2.5.42 2.7.211 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.42-199911251237.sgf.gz 26
213 991125 Life&death error. G9 is pointless. 2.5.42 2.7.208 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.42-199911251237.sgf.gz 40
214 991125 Reading error. F5 is totally ineffective. 2.5.42 2.7.20 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.42-199911251237.sgf.gz 50
215 991125 Pointless capture. Black doesn't benefit at all from capturing H8. The same goes for move 52. 2.5.42 2.7.208 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.42-199911251237.sgf.gz 54
216 991125 Liberty filling error. D2 does not fill a liberty but loses a point by playing inside enemy territory. 2.5.42 2.5.45 NicklasE-gnugo-2.5.42-199911251237.sgf.gz 64
217 991126 Reading error. The tactical reading incorrectly thinks that the B19 string can be captured by a move at A17. 2.5.42 2.7.20 Storer-gnugo-2.5.42-199911261628.sgf.gz 216
218 991203 Life&death error. F1 is a killing move, but since find_lunch() doesn't consider diagonal neighbors, it fails to see the importance of saving the E1 stone and the eye shape analysis goes wrong. 2.5.45 2.7.158 mir-gnugo-2.5.45-199912031040.sgf.gz 136
219 991216 Caching error. The tactical reading finds several defenses for the truly captured Q11 group. If caching of read results is turned off, these defenses disappear. 2.7.3 2.7.20 demp-gnugo-2.7.2-199912150845.sgf.gz 144
220 991220 Caching error. Running --decidestring Q13 gives different results with and without caching. 2.7.6 2.7.20 gnugo-2.7.6-Loup-199912201052.sgf.gz 164
221 991230 Tactical blunder. B7 doesn't defend against the double atari at D7. The move should be played at C7. 2.7.10 2.7.210 double_threat.sgf.gz 35
222 991230 Tactical blunder. C9 sets up a double threat for white at C7. The correct move is for black to play C7. 2.7.10 2.7.210 double_threat.sgf.gz 39
223 000104 Tactical mistake. The move at S17 leads to a ko while the correct move at R19 kills the corner right out. 2.7.12 2.7.211 sfr-gnugo-2.7.12-200001031756.sgf.gz 228
224 000104 Reading error. The move at C14 does not defend E13. Only D13 defends. 2.7.12 2.7.63 sfr-gnugo-2.7.12-200001031756.sgf.gz 264
225 000104 Reading error. An unconditional defense of H18 is found at H17 but it should be contingent on ko. 2.7.13 2.7.208 gnugo-2.5.53-gnugo-2.7.13.sgf.gz 252
226 000104 Reading error. H17 leads to ko or seki but this move is not found. At least the tactical reading should find that H18 can be defended at H17 with ko. 2.7.13 2.7.208 gnugo-2.5.53-gnugo-2.7.13.sgf.gz 254
227 000106 Life&death mistake. J4 is thought to be an urgent move, although all black stones are already dead. Notice that no move is suggested for the left side of the board. The difference is that G3 can be tactically captured and that H2 can be tactically defended, which confuses the eye space analysis. 2.7.14 2.7.224 nakade2.sgf.gz 1
228 000112 Illegal move. The eye finder insists on doing an illegal ko capture at T18. 2.5.56 2.5.57 bconwil-gnugo-2.5.55-200001121850.sgf.gz 98
229 000114 Suicidal blunder. Playing at A3 loses a won semeai worth more than 80 points. It seems to be caused by mistakes in the tactical reading and make_worms/make_dragons together. 2.5.56 2.7.21 psa-gnugo-2.5.56-200001141224.sgf.gz 282
230 000126 Life&death blunder. Connecting at O16 gives two eyes. The proposed move at M1 is tiny. 2.7.23 2.7.43 gnugo-2.5.13-baduki2.sgf.gz 243
231 000216 Reading error. The tactical reading doesn't find the black defense at A1, which also means that the eye analysis doesn't get a chance to find A1, since whole the corner is considered white eyespace. 2.6 2.7.29 gnugo-2.6-arion-200002161821.sgf.gz 206
232 000317 Life&death mistake. The move at A6 lives but a 15 stone tail is lost. Playing D6 would live as well as save the tail. 2.7.50 2.7.98 gnugo-2.7.49-pochi-200003171922.sgf.gz 260
233 000321 Ineffective cut. The pattern matching finds a bogus cutting move at O15. The real cut is at O14. 2.7.52 3.3.11 seiwa-gnugo-2.7.50-200003211949.sgf.gz 186
234 000330 Life&death mistake. A18 is a critical point for white's corner group. GNU Go thinks the group is alive. 2.7.60 2.7.105 --mouse takechan-gnugo-2.7.59-200003301102.sgf.gz 164
235 000331 Mouse code mistake. The mouse code thinks Q1 will save the S3 dragon. The true vital point is S2. 2.7.61 --mouse 2.7.98 --mouse mdjenk-gnugo-2.7.61-200003310427.sgf.gz 110
236 000402 Mouse code disaster. The mouse code thinks that a move at P6 would attack the N8 dragon. But P6 puts nine own stones into atari and white lives easily by capturing those. 2.7.64 --mouse 2.7.98 --mouse qwer-gnugo-2.7.64-200004021335.sgf.gz 116
237 000503 Mouse code mistake. The move at A3 is supposed to attack A4, which clearly is ineffective. 2.7.83 --mouse 2.7.105 --mouse NicklasE-gnugo-2.7.83.sgf.gz 42
238 000524 Life&death mistake. Make_domains() fails to recognize the single point eyespace at E16. 2.7.99 2.7.105 genok-gnugo-2.7.98-200005232232.sgf.gz 252
239 000525 Reading and mouse mistake. The black string at A3 can't be defended unconditionally at B1. Only A5 works right out. 2.7.100 2.7.154 oriented-gnugo-2.7.98-200005242334.sgf.gz 58
240 000531 Mouse reading mistake. Attacking the L3 dragon at B1 is very ineffective since white lives easy and big by capturing at A5. 2.7.105 --mouse 2.7.208 epoupaert-gnugo-2.7.105-200005311831.sgf.gz 65
241 000531 Strategical mistake. It's urgent to block at D9. 2.7.105 --mouse 3.2 epoupaert-gnugo-2.7.105-200005311831.sgf.gz 69
244 000531 Life&death mistake. Defending at H3 leads at best to ko for the whole group. Better to e.g. play E2 and sacrifice the K3 stones. 2.7.105 --mouse 2.7.208 epoupaert-gnugo-2.7.105-200005311831.sgf.gz 101
245 000531 Life&death mistake. Still possible to get a ko by blocking at G1. 2.7.105 --mouse 2.7.211 epoupaert-gnugo-2.7.105-200005311831.sgf.gz 103
246 000604 Reading mistake. L9 doesn't suffice to capture M12. 2.7.111 2.7.112 amodeo-gnugo-2.7.111-200006041957.sgf.gz 74
247 000604 Reading mistake. M12 can't be attacked, in particular is O11 unsuccessful. 2.7.111 2.7.112 amodeo-gnugo-2.7.111-200006041957.sgf.gz 76
248 000615 Reading mistake. It's absolutely vital to play either G14, H14, or J14 to win a huge semeai. The played move at O12 is mostly ineffective. 2.7.115 2.7.158 berni-gnugo-2.7.115-200006092328.sgf.gz 166
249 000615 Mouse reading mistake. R18 is not an effective way to attack P18. 2.7.115 --mouse 2.7.158 berni-gnugo-2.7.115-200006092328.sgf.gz 216
250 000615 Life&death mistake. Urgent to play A2 in order to avoid ko. 2.7.115 2.7.229 berni-gnugo-2.7.115-200006092328.sgf.gz 228
251 000616 Mouse reading mistake. P17 is a very strange move. The correct move is of course to connect at N15. 2.7.117 --mouse 2.7.158 Storer-gnugo-2.7.117-200006161425.sgf.gz 258
252 000619 Reading error. The tactical reading incorrectly believes H3 can be attacked at J2. 2.7.120 2.7.172 heikkile-gnugo-2.7.119-200006192121.sgf.gz 134
253 000629 Mouse reading error. The mouse code doesn't find a defense for the R14 dragon, although R9 should be clearly sufficient. 2.7.123 2.7.124 gnugo-2.7.121-TSa-200006280343.sgf.gz 77
254 000701 Mouse reading error. The mouse code thinks black C16 defends D16, which obviously is unrealistic. 2.7.123 2.7.124 gnugo-2.7.123-MortenI-200006300026.sgf.gz 147
255 000701 Escape factor problem. The status of D16 is reported as unknown just because the escape factor turns out to be 2. 2.7.123 2.7.158 gnugo-2.7.123-MortenI-200006300026.sgf.gz 147
256 000703 Mouse reading mistake. J12 does not save the O9 dragon. The correct move is to connect and make a second eye with the capture at M11. 2.7.124 2.7.208 mso-gnugo-2.7.124-200007021749.sgf.gz 157
257 000703 Move valuation problem. It's better to live by defending at H7 than by blocking at J2. 2.7.124 2.7.158 mso-gnugo-2.7.124-200007021749.sgf.gz 215
258 000703 Mouse reading mistake. The C4 dragon can be defended, contrary to what the mouse reading says. At least the dragon manages to live in the game. 2.7.124 2.7.158 mso-gnugo-2.7.124-200007021728.sgf.gz 147
259 000703 Move valuation problem. Defending everything at M2 is superior to defending only something at N2. 2.7.124 2.7.158 mso-gnugo-2.7.124-200007021728.sgf.gz 251
260 000703 Mouse reading mistake. The mouse reading thinks that the B19 dragon can be attacked at D19 and defended at H19. In reality it is the other way round! 2.7.124 2.7.158 mso-gnugo-2.7.124-200007021728.sgf.gz 283
261 000705 Missed chance to escape. It's urgent to play N7 to escape with the center group. 2.7.127 2.7.208 Storer-gnugo-2.7.123-200007011548.sgf.gz 108
262 000708 Mouse reading problems. Deciding the mouse status of R3 requires some 3600 variations. 2.7.128 3.1.8 gnugo-2.7.128-rubus-200007071724.sgf.gz 73
263 000712 Mouse reading mistake. The mouse code states that the M4 dragon is dead as it stands but also that it can be defended at J2. 2.7.132 2.7.160 gnugo-2.7.132-Shaitan-200007121542.sgf.gz 32
264 000712 Mouse reading mistake. The mouse code thinks D13 can be defended at B13. 2.7.132 2.7.149 gnugo-2.7.132-Shaitan-200007121542.sgf.gz 116
265 000712 Mouse reading mistake. The mouse code fails to find a defense for S14. Jumping to R18 looks effective. 2.7.132 2.7.208 gnugo-2.7.132-Shaitan-200007121542.sgf.gz 302
266 000712 Mouse reading mistake. The mouse code still fails to find a defense for S14. Jumping to R18 again looks effective. 2.7.132 2.7.208 gnugo-2.7.132-Shaitan-200007121542.sgf.gz 304
267 000714 Mouse reading mistake. The mouse code thinks C7 can be attacked at E5, missing to take the cut at C4 into account. 2.7.133 --alternative_escape 2.7.229 gnugo-2.7.133-nixxx-200007141041.sgf.gz 46
268 000714 Mouse reading mistake. The mouse code thinks B6 can be defended at B3. 2.7.133 2.7.161 gnugo-2.7.133-nixxx-200007141041.sgf.gz 54
269 000714 Life and death mistake. Instead of P19 black can still kill the white corner. 2.7.133 2.7.210 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007141436.sgf.gz 200
270 000714 Tactical blunder. F11 only saves some of the stones. J12 or H12 saves everything. 2.7.133 2.7.210 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007141436.sgf.gz 236
272 000716 Reading mistake. M18 does not defend M17. 2.7.133 2.7.208 DerkJan-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151314.sgf.gz 24
273 000716 Semeai mistake. L18 is not sufficient to win the semeai between K17 and M18. 2.7.133 2.7.210 DerkJan-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151314.sgf.gz 28
274 000716 Missed connection. A move at P19 would connect L19 and R19. 2.7.133 2.7.134 DerkJan-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151314.sgf.gz 240
275 000716 Move misevaluation. J5 should be valued clearly less than P4. 2.7.133 2.7.222 DerkJan-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151314.sgf.gz 250
276 000716 Reading mistake. N2 can not be defended. Update, P5 gives ko. 2.7.133 2.7.210 DerkJan-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151314.sgf.gz 252
277 000716 Pointless move. F19 is a move inside opponent territory. 2.7.133 2.7.210 DerkJan-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151314.sgf.gz 266
278 000716 Semeai mistake. S17 is unreasonable. 2.7.133 2.7.208 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 76
279 000716 Semeai mistake. L17 may work, but J18 leaves much less aji. Somewhere later in the sequence there definitely is some mistake done as black finally loses the semeai. 2.7.133 2.7.208 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 146
280 000716 Reading mistake. F16 cannot be defended and clearly not at G10. 2.7.133 2.7.143 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 160
281 000716 Wrong connection. M4 or N5 is much better than O5. 2.7.133 3.1.11 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 212
282 000716 Wrong connection. M2 is the most efficient way to connect at P2. 2.7.133 3.1.8 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 252
283 000716 Life&death mistake. Necessary to play B1, C2, or B3 to secure life with territory. 2.7.133 2.7.180 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 316
284 000716 Life&death mistake. Urgent to play B3 and get a seki instead of ko. 2.7.133 3.1.11 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 318
285 000716 Life&death blunder. B1 lives with territory, C1 dies. 2.7.133 2.7.180 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 322
286 000716 Pointless capture. Capturing at A1 doesn't make life. 2.7.133 2.7.208 Storer-gnugo-2.7.133-200007151450.sgf.gz 324
287 000716 Life&death blunder. Playing H1 is suicidal. Correct way to live is D1. 2.7.133 2.7.158 gnugo-2.7.133-Shaitan-200007151622.sgf.gz 103
288 000716 Wrong connection. K7 is superior to J7. 2.7.133 2.7.158 gnugo-2.7.133-Shaitan-200007151622.sgf.gz 111
289 000716 Mouse reading mistake. The mouse code thinks white O12 can kill P12 but O10 defends. The easiest way to kill is O10 but N13 also seems to work while saving some stones as well. 2.7.133 2.7.180 gnugo-2.7.133-Shaitan-200007151622.sgf.gz 251
290 000729 Missed connection. R11 is unreasonable. Locally the connection at Q11 is the only move. 2.7.138 3.2 mso-gnugo-2.7.138-200007241933.sgf.gz 30
291 000729 Bad shape. Extending towards the edge with T12 fills no purpose. Both S13 and S11 are clearly superior. 2.7.140 2.7.158 qtr-gnugo-2.7.140-200007251353.sgf.gz 54
292 000729 Small move. Q2 is a small endgame gote move. K3 is the obvious big move in the area. 2.7.140 2.7.158 qtr-gnugo-2.7.140-200007251353.sgf.gz 70
293 000729 Bad shape. M5 is in all ways inferior to M6. 2.7.140 2.7.229 qtr-gnugo-2.7.140-200007251353.sgf.gz 86
294 000729 Strategical mistake. The tactical defense at K5 has no strategical viability. 2.7.140 2.7.158 qtr-gnugo-2.7.140-200007251353.sgf.gz 88
295 000729 Endgame mistake. Defending at F4 is clearly bigger than filling ko at B18. 2.7.140 2.7.147 qtr-gnugo-2.7.140-200007251353.sgf.gz 250
296 000729 Liberty filling mistake. T17 is entirely within opponent territory. 2.7.140 2.7.146 qtr-gnugo-2.7.140-200007251353.sgf.gz 274
297 000729 Mouse mistake. G5 must be defended immediately, preferrably at H2. 2.7.138 2.7.159 gnugo-2.7.138-Shaitan-200007222221.sgf.gz 95