Hacks by Erik Forsberg

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"Yet Another SETI@home Controller" - A lightweight program to control one or more SETI@home processes, starting and stopping them based on activity at the keyboard/mouse/whatever device that generates a interrupt. Runs on Linux based systems only.


Gtermo is a client for Ryds IT-termometer written using the GTK toolkit.


LaterMail is a autoresponder for people that get a lot of mail that's not time-critical to answer.


PyGCID is a CallerID application written using Python and the GTK toolkit. Ie, it runs under the X window system.


LysCVS is a CVS server with easy administration of projects and users. A bit like sourceforge's CVS servers, but hopefully less complex to setup in a small environment.


EBuffy is a mail notifier that configures itself "automagically".


A small python program to lookup students in the ldap directory here att Linköping University. Of local interest only.


A quite useless shell. By the way I found there was another vfsh, done by another Lysator member. Here. Hmm.. I guess there is a name conflict. More to come.. :-)