Web pages that I have created and maintain

Computer games set in Tolkien's Middle-earth

An attempt to gather information about all existing games set in Tolkien's fantasy world Middle-earth.

The student pub Opus Håla

The student pub Opus Håla does not exist anymore. These pages are all that is left. Only in Swedish.

Svenska Äventyrsklubben

The home page of Svenska Äventyrsklubben (Swedish Adventure Club) is about text adventure games in Swedish. It was not mine to begin with, but I have sort of inherited it.

GCD Sweden

The official home page for the Swedish section of The Grand Comic-book Database, a project for creating a database containing information about all comic-books ever published. Only in Swedish (but take a look at the project's main page).

The text adventure system Eamon

Eamon is a kind of base program for over two hundred text adventures for the classic home computer Apple II. In spite of the system's age, new games are still developed for it.

My home page

The page you are currently reading is part of the set that make up my home page: a presentation of my professional role as freelance writer.

My old home page

This page remains for nostalgic reasons. I actually received hate mail for it. Some people just do not understand when their legs are being pulled.

The poem Tusen år!

This poem is only in Swedish. Believe me when I say that you do not miss anything by not understanding it.


My personal node in the nonsense database Everything.

Trade computer games with me!

My page at the excellent trading site Game Trading Zone.

Web pages that I plan for the future

Sord M5

The Japanese home computer Sord M5 has a special place in my heart. This page (which is under construction (and pages under construction are not for publication)) will be about that computer and the programs that were written for it.

Papers about text adventures in education

I have written two academic papers on the subject in question, possibly a third forthcoming. These I plan to publish on the Internet.

My girlfriend's home page

I am helping my girlfriend setting up and designing their own home page.

Michi On-Line

I am planning to publish a number of articles of general interest from the martial arts club magazine Michi.


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