Radio Free San Andreas


What does it do?

Radio Free San Andreas extracts all audio from a PC DVD of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This includes all music, DJ chatter, ads, background sounds and cutscenes.

What do I need?

How do I use it?

First, compile it. You need GCC, libvorbis and OpenSSL. Run:

Then, use it. If you just want to dump everything, try something like:

The first arguments are the files to extract from. Then comes the base directory to put the output files in, and lastly the file to read metadata from. (getopt(3)? Wazzat?)

The files are extracted as they are stored, to allow you maximum flexibility in processing them. However, this means that you cannot listen to the songs immediately, since each song is cut up into three pieces (intro, main, and outro) with several alternatives for intro and outro with or without DJ chatter over the music. To assemble all songs without DJ chatter, run the provided shell script, giving it the directory you put all the output files in as an argument:

Here's the list of files on the PC DVD and the radio station in each:

Filename Station
audio/streams/aa Police
audio/streams/adverts Adverts
audio/streams/ambience Ambience
audio/streams/beats Beats
audio/streams/ch Playback FM
audio/streams/co KROSE
audio/streams/cr K-DST
audio/streams/cutscene Cutscene
audio/streams/ds Bounce FM
audio/streams/hc SFUR
audio/streams/mh Radio Los Santos
audio/streams/mr Radio X
audio/streams/nj CSR
audio/streams/re K-JAH
audio/streams/rg Master Sounds
audio/streams/tk WCTR

Why would I want it?

Because you don't want to pay extra for the soudtrack CD:s when you already have the game DVD. Because San Andreas Radio is way too specialized to work for you. Because GTA SA Music Extractor doesn't extract anything but the music. Because neither of those tools are free (as in speech, not as in beer). Because you want a tool that you can modify until it does exactly what you want.

Who's to blame?

Can I change the tagging format?

Sure. The file metadata.conf contains artist and title information for all the tracks in the game. Just change it with a text editor.

Where do I get it?

The official distribution page is at

Development takes place on GitHub.

You suck. I can do this much better.

Patches are welcome at the GitHub project.