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This is Scandinavian Indie's Music Festivals in other Scandinavian Countries (than Sweden) 1997 list. The web-version of the list is regularly updated and a text version is frequently posted to the Scandinavian Indie Mailing List. If you want Scandinavian Indie to include your festival, please request more information from, or send your information to Erik Söderström. Number of festivals covered so far: 11.

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Down By The Laituri-city Festival (Finland)
Hotter Than July '97 (Finland)
Ilosaarirock 1997 (Finland)
Kalvöya 97 (Norway)
Midtfyns Festival (Denmark)
Norwegian Wood (Norway)
Provinssirock (Finland)
Quart Festival 1997 (Norway)
Rantarock (Finland)
Roskilde Festival (Denmark)
Ruisrock (Finland)


Down By The Laituri-city Festival

Date: June 11 - 15 Place: Turku (Åbo), Finland Price: TBA Contact: Phone: +358-2-2504420 Fax: +358-2-2504465 Email: dbtl@pp.kolumbus.fi Email: jari.nikkola@tuakk.fi WWW: http://dbtl.weppi.fi Extra: celebrates its 10th annual anniversary this year
Line-Up: Enter, Leila K (S), Malarians (ES), M.A. Numminen, Sound of R.E.L.S., Turku Philharmonics (conducted by Jorma Panula).

Hotter Than July '97

Date: July 18 - 19 Place: Pietarsaari (Jakobstad), Finland Price: 60 FIM (friday), 80 FIM (saturday) Phone: +358- Fax: +358-
Line-Up (so far): Heed (S), Lemonator (SF), Pansies (SF), Popsicle (S), Speaker (S), Super (SF), Superswirls (S), Tracey (SF).
Confirmed Dates: 18/7: Pansies (SF), Lemonator (SF), Speaker (S), Tracey (SF). 19/7: Popsicle (S), Heed (S), Superswirls (S), Super (SF).

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Ilosaarirock 1997

Date: July 11 - 13 Place: Joensuu, Finland Price: 160 FIM / 2 days (in advance - sat & sun, friday clubs TBA), 200 FIM / 2 days (at the gates, clubs TBA) Contact: Joensuun Popmuusikot r.y. P.O. Box 240 80101 Joensuu FINLAND Phone: +358-(0)13-125030 Fax: +358-(0)13-225224 WWW: http://www.media.jns.fi/ilosaari Extra: The 2nd oldest still-up-and-going rock-festival in Finland (since 1971). Joensuu is located in the eastern part of Finland, near the Russian border (http://www.jns.fi). There are about 50.000 people living in the city and you can also find a university here with about 5.000 students currently (http://www.joensuu.fi). Last year the Ilosaarirock drew its biggest crowd - 16.000 tickets were sold. The festival also includes a Song-Bowl & tons of club-happenings around the city.
Line-Up (so far): Coo (SF), Lemonator (SF), Liberator (S), Plum (SF), This Perfect Day (S).
Confirmed Dates: 11/7: Coo, Plum 12/7: Lemonator (at 3pm), Liberator 13/7: This Perfect Day

Kalvöya 97

Date: June 28 - 29 Place: Oslo, Sandvika, Norway Price: 650 SEK / 2 days, 375 SEK / day Camping: 275 SEK / 2 days. Tickets: In Sweden: Biljett Direkt (+46-(0)77-1707070) Phone: +47-66-905307
Line-Up: June 28: David Bowie (UK) The Explicit Lyrics The Locomotives Jim Rose Circus (US) June 29: Bel Canto (N) Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (AU) Cosmo Kåre & the Cavemen (N) The Prodigy (UK) Jim Rose Circus (US) Skunk Anansie (UK) Stakka Bo+Titiyo+Fleshquartet+Nåid (S) No date confirmed: Wu Tang Clan (US)

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Midtfyns Festival

Date: July 2 - 7 Place: Odense, Denmark Price: 800 SEK (in advance) Phone: +45-65-962512 (info 24 hrs) Phone: +45-65-962501 (office, every day between 10.00 - 15.00) Email: mfmusik@post1.tele.dk WWW: http://www.mf.dk/
Line-Up: Baal, Big Fat Snake, Biohazard (US), Bitch Boys, David Bowie (UK), Sheryl Crow (US), H-Blockx, INXS (AU), Johnny Madsen, Allan Olsen, Rollins Band (US), Skunk Anansie (UK), Sort Sol, Sting.

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Norwegian Wood

Date: June 14 - 15 Place: Frognerbadet, Oslo, Norway Price: 350 SEK / day (in advance) Phone: +47-815-50333 (info) Phone: +47-815-33133 Email: wood@online.no WWW: http://web.sol.no/norwegianwood/ WWW: http://www.telepost.no/norwegianwood/
Line-Up: Anne Grethe Preus, Loudon Wainwright III, Neil Young & Crazy Horse.


Date: June 13 - 15 Place: Seinäjoki, Finland Price: TBA Phone: +358-644-141135 WWW: http://www.sjoki.uta.fi/~latvis/festivals/provinssirock
Line-Up: 3 Colours Red, Apollo 440, Biohazard, Burma Shave, Cardigans, Helmet, Honeymoons, Placebo, Prodigy, The Splinter Group feat. Peter Green, Suede, Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

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Quart Festival 1997

Date: July 2 - 5 Place: Kristiansand, Norway Price: 4-Day: 1100 SEK (in advance). 1-Day: 350 SEK Phone: +47-38-070288 WWW: http://www.sol.no/quart/
Line-Up: Wednesday 2/7: Bendiskbukt/Tresse (2pm - 10pm) Suede (UK), Reef (UK), Mansun (UK), Locomotives (N), Daft Punk (F), Spearhead (US), Jan Bang's Cloud and Shower Show (N) Caledonien Hall & Dancing (9pm - 2am) T-Power (UK), The Ganja Kru (UK), DJ Ål (N), Deep Dish - The DJs (US), DJ Peer (N) Vaskeriet (9pm - 1.30am) Ben Folds Five (US), Kari Ruislåtten (N) Thursday 3/7: Bendiskbukt/Tresse (2pm - 10pm) Rage Against The Machine (US), TAD (US), Entombed (S), Apocalyptica (SF), Hurra Torpedo (N), US3 (US), Jungle Brothers (US), Reprazent (UK), Cane (N) Caledonien Hall & Dancing (9pm - 2am) Propellerheads (UK), DJ Jon Carter (UK), Mushroomers (N), Idjut Boys (UK), DJ Matt Herbert (UK) Vaskeriet (9pm - 1.30am) Stereolab (UK), Fungu (N) Friday 4/7: Bendiskbukt/Tresse (2pm - 10pm) Einstürzende Neubauten (D), dEUS (B), Fu Manchu (US), Cirkus Gilmour (N), Aphex Twin (UK), Gus Gus (IS), Death In Vegas (UK), The Wiseguys (UK) Caledonien Hall & Dancing (9pm - 2am) Carl Craig Live (US), DJ Dimitri from Paris (F), DJ Kevin Saunderson (US), DJ Claude Young (US) Vaskeriet (9pm - 1.30am) Claudia Scott (N), Ephemera (N) Saturday 5/7: Bendiskbukt/Tresse (2pm - 10pm) The Charlatans (UK), Sneaker Pimps (UK), Lewis Taylor (UK), Helen Eriksen (N), Phantoms (N), Hardfloor (D), Speedy J (B), Bentley Rythm Ace (UK), Fat Boy Slim (UK) Caledonien Hall & Dancing (9pm - 2am) Jimi Tenor (SF), Wamdue Project (UK), DJ Marvin (N), Basement Jaxx (UK), Grand Central Tour (UK) Vaskeriet (9pm - 1.30am) Bob Hund (S), Törst (N) Domkirken (9pm) Jan Garbarek (N) DAWN AT VARA (10.30pm - 5am - all nighter) Future Sound of London (UK), Kruder & Dorfmeister (AU), Fila Brazilia (UK), Faze Action (UK)


Date: June 19 - 21 Place: Wasa, Finland Price: 360 SEK (in advance) Phone: +358-632-51145 WWW: http://www.rantarock.fi
Line-Up: Captain Jack, Mr President, Pandora, X-Perience.

[Roskilde][To Roskilde WWW]

Roskilde Festival

Date: June 26 - 29 Place: Roskilde, Denmark Price: 850 SEK / 4 days Tickets: In Sweden: Biljett Direkt (+46-(0)77-1707070) Contact: Roskilde Festival Box 44 670 41 Koppom Sweden Phone: +46-(0)571-10254 (Swedish 24 hour service) Phone: +45-70-101717 (Denmark) Phone: +47-69-323036 (Norway) Phone: +358-9-1480-3400 (Finland) Phone: +31-0174-298-207 (Holland) Text-TV: MTV-Text, page 575. WWW: http://www.Roskilde-Festival.dk/ Newsletters: 1 2 3
Line-Up: Here's the list.


Date: June 28 - 29 Place: Åbo, Finland Price: 450 SEK (in advance) Phone: +358-212-511596 WWW: http://ruisrock.weppi.fi
Line-Up: David Bowie, Sting.

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