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Mojave 3 are:
Rachel Goswell [710516] (bass, vocals)
Ian McCutcheon [710825] (drums)
Neil Halstead [701007] (vocals/guitar)
Al Forester (piano)
Simon Rowe (slide/electric guitar)

All songs written by Neil Halstead unless otherwise stated. All releases on 4AD unless otherwise stated. All towns and cities mentioned in the following description are in the UK. Originally, Neil and Rachel are from Sonning Common - near Reading. Ian is from Sipson - outside greater London. Simon is from Wokingham - near Reading and Al is from Windsor. Neil, Ian, Simon and Al all lived in Cornwall, Neil continuously, the others off and on, in the past few years. As of autumn '97 everyone is London based (though this can and will change at some point). For their earlier whereabouts, please see the Slowdive Bandography.

Address: The old address is no longer working. A new one will be here soon.


A quote from Rachel Goswell starts the history section: "After that ("Pygmalion"), Slowdive didn't so much split as take a shift in direction, one that a couple of the other members weren't comfortable with. It didn't seem right to carry on with the same name, we needed to get a fresh start and all the pieces fell into place for us to get one." Though later they addmitted that the name change was largely the result of fancying a change after being "dumped by creation, unceremoniously".

The fantastic Slowdive was dumped from the Creation label in April 1995, because of the low sales of "Souvlaki" and "Pygmalion". The label made it clear that the next thing released after Souvlaki had to be a big seller, and as it was not, that was it. Neil and Rachel decided to go on, and sent a demo tape to the 4AD label, which got them signed. They brought Ian with them and Christian Savill and Nick Chaplin took a different direction.

They started the recording of their CD "Ask Me Tomorrow" right away, and chose the name "Mojave" (pronounced Mo-ha-vee, "ha" like in hard and "vee" like in TV) from a Californian friend's suggestion. They recorded a promo, which only made it outside the 4AD headquarters in small quantities, before they learned of a US band (signed to a German label) with the same name, so they quickly changed their name to "Mojave 3", and the promo was then sent out with a sticker on the cover that now said "Mojave 3" while the actual records still said "Mojave". Since then, they have been included on several promos and samplers, and have also recorded a promotion video for "Love Songs On The Radio", which was first broadcasted on MTV Europe's "Alternative Nation" on November 5th, 1995.

The band had planned to play their first gig in Mexico on November 2nd, 1995, together with His Name Is Alive, but the gig got cancelled at the last minute. Rachel burst her ear drum on a flight from Los Angeles to New York the first week of December 1995, while they were in the US to do some promotion work, and had to get off in Denver. Ian and Neil continued without her to New York though. This (seemingly) small problem, they thought, would force Rachel to go by boat when the band plan on returning to the US in mid February 1996 to do some acoustic radio work followed by a tour, but luckily enough, Rachel's ear drum was almost completely healed by mid February.

Their first, nervewrecking, according to Rachel Goswell, performance as a full band was in Paris, France, November 17th, 1995. This was at at a radio station called France-Inter, where they made a "Black Session", which is a program with audience (about 100) in the studio, organised by Bernard Lenoir, and broadcast live throughout France. They played eight songs, with Poppy Gonzalez on a grand piano. But their first live acoustic set was in London, UK, November 9th, 1995 at The Tabernacle, opening for Tarnation. The band then consisted of Rachel Goswell, Neil Halstead and Simon Rowe, that is, two guitars and vocals, and they played five songs, including a cover of Neil Young's "Through My Sails".

Another live performance that I know of was in London at "Ronnie Scott's" on November 23rd, 1995. Apparently, the first fifty people at the doors (which opened at 5pm), got in for free. After that, the band has played a couple of UK gigs, the last one for a while on December 16th, due to Rachel's ear drum condition as well as her suffering from from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which led to the cancellation of gigs in Europe at the end of January 1996.

In mid february 1996, they were near completion of a new version of "Mercy" which included a 21 piece string section. This was to be released worldwide as a single, planned for June 1996 with a release to radio stations in March, to support the upcoming tour. But the single was later cancelled. The song was included on two 4AD promos/samplers in 1997. First on the "You Can Rely On Toast" sampler released in Latin America, and then on the Dr. Martens "Shoe Pie" promo sampler (see the discography for more information soon - remind me if I forget to include them there in the next update (in July -98)).

During April to May 1996, they went on a US tour called "The Shaving The Pavement Tour" together with Lush and Scheer (see the Gig Guide section for complete information). The band said they had a fantastic time, meeting a lot of die hard Slowdive fans, and of course new Mojave 3 fans as well. The successful tour meant that 4AD is planning a long (3-4 month) North American tour for the band in 1997.

After the tour, the band had six days off, before they went to France, in order to support The Divine Comedy on their two and a half week tour. This band might also support Mojave 3 on their 1997 North American tour, but this has yet to be decided. Again, the band met a lot of Slowdive and Mojave 3 fans during this tour, and Rachel said that "We're always meeting nice people everywhere. Makes it all the more worthwhile."

In August 1996, Neil, Ian & Simon moved into a house together in Cornwall, and started to soundproof rooms they plan to do future recording in. This meant that bits of new equipment was also bought for that. Rachel moved during this month as well, though not together with the guys, but to another appartment in London.

During all of this, the band was writing new songs and September marked the month when they started to thrash through them in order to pick out their favourite ones. September also marked the month when the studio in their house was ready, which meant that the band could demo a couple of new songs for 4AD. On September 26th, Poppy Gonzales left the band to everyone's surprise. This only a week before their next tour, which meant a quick search for a replacement. Four days later they found Al Forester, who got the job of learning all their songs within four days!

October 1996 - on tour again. It was time for Europe to see and hear the band together with Lisa Germano. Three weeks was spent on the roads of Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and The Netherlands.

The road to the second album. In November 1996 the band went back to Cornwall to finish the recording of their second album, which was planned to be released in April 1997, but the release date was later moved to September 1997. In May 1997, the date was once again moved - this time to January/February 1998, though a single is planned to be released in September 1997. In July 1997, 4AD reported that the band was currently in a studio in Glasgow, Scotland, working on their album together with Tony Duggan. October 1997 and still no single out. Rachel says nothing is going to be released before February 1998. And she was right too. On February 9th, the 4AD compilation "Anakin" was released (see discography) where they were included with a demo version of a new Dylan-esque song called "To Whom Should I Write".

In March, the band went to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas - USA, where they played at the Electric Lounge on the 21st. This was more a showcase than a gig, because they (along with 4AD) needed a new distributer for the American market as Warner was no longer in the picture. The full show was broadcasted live by Rolling Stone Online on the Internet, and is still available in their archives.

And then in May, finally, the good news arrive - the first EP from the new album is called "Who Do You Love" and has a release date of June 29th, 1998. Songs included are "Who Do You Love", "Between Us", "This Road I'm Travelling" and "Who Do You Love - demo". A follow-up EP called "Some Kind Of Angel" is scheduled for August and their second album "Out Of Tune" for September. They also had a last minute, not advertised, gig at The Water Rats in London (UK) on May 15th. On May 27th, advance promo copies of the album are floating around in the UK (see regular releases).


Ask Me Tomorrow US Cover 1. Ask Me Tomorrow (October 16, 1995) CAD 5013 - LP (UK) 4AD RTD 120.2028.2 - CD (D) 4AD / Rough Trade Deutschland (Oct 16, 1995) COCY-78856 - CD (JAP) 4AD / Nippon Columbia CAD 5013 CD - CD (UK) 4AD CAD 9 46084-2 - CD (US) 4AD / Warner. (January 16, 1996) (Time: 41.13) a) Love Songs On The Radio (5.47) ! b) Sarah (3.44) # c) Tomorrow's Taken (5.38) # d) Candle Song 3 (5.27) % e) You're Beautiful (3.06) ! f) Where Is The Love (4.38) # g) After All (3.34) % h) Pictures (4.22) ! i) Mercy (4.55) % Notes: All compositions by Neil Halstead. Produced by Mojave 3 and Paul ------ Tipler. Piano - Christopher Andrews. Cello - Audrey Riley. Tracks ! - home studio. # - EMI Publishing Studio, engineered by Laura Bouisseau. % - Blackwing Studio, engineered by Paul Tipler. Published by EMI music. Designed by Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg at v23. Cover Photography by Colin Gray. Portraits by Mike Folliot. Extra: Neil Halstead describes the album: "I suppose it is quite a ------ minimal record, very based in acoustic tradition. While I was writing the songs, I was listening to quite a bit of acoustic based music, but more than that, I think we just wanted to get back to basics, back to writing simple, emotive songs." Rachel Goswell explains why Christopher Andrews play the piano: "He is a close friend and was the only person we knew who could play piano." 2. Who Do You Love (June 29th, 1998) ??? ???? - CDS (UK) 4AD (Time: .) a) Who Do You Love (.) b) Between Us (.) c) This Road I'm Travelling (.) d) Who Do You Love - demo (.) Notes: Limited edition single. Will be released on June 29th, 1998. ------ Full info will appear here. 3. Some Kind Of Angel (August 17th, 1998) ??? ???? - CDS (UK) 4AD (Time: .) a) Some Kind Of Angel (.) b) ? (.) c) ? (.) d) ? (.) Notes: Will be released on August 17th, 1998. ------ Full info will appear here. 4. Out Of Tune (September ??th, 1998) CAD 8018 CD - CD (UK) 4AD (Time: .) a) Who Do You Love (.) b) Give What You Take (.) c) Some Kinda Angel (.) d) All Your Tears (.) e) Yer Feet (.) f) Caught Beneath Your Heel (.) g) Keep It All Hid (.) h) Baby's Coming Home (.) i) To Whom Should I Write (.) Notes: Offical release in September 1998 (full info will appear here). ------ Advance promos released in the UK at the end of May 1998 which come in slimline jewel cases with no artwork.


1. Invisible Soundtracks Volume 1 (July ?, 1995) REEL1 - 12" (UK) Leaf Records a) A Harsh Truth, parts 1 & 2 (7.53) Notes: Written/Produced by Tony F Wilson and Neil Halstead ------ under the name "Zurich". A 4-track compilation EP, only included here because of the Neil Halstead connection. Extra: It has a plain grey hand-printed sleeve, with a blue leaf. ------ The label on the display copy says "three ambient tracks, one NOT ambient!". A description of the track: "Either a harp, or a guitar which sounds like a harp, a bit of bass and yet more echo - I'm not sure if there is a flute in there as well, such is the quality of my hi-fi system. It may just be an effect added to the guitar. Sounds a bit like a Slowdive "Pygmalion" out-take.". 2. New Voices Vol.3 (November ?, 1995) ROLLING STONE, DRS 3-95 - CD (D) Rolling Stone Magazine a) Love Songs On The Radio (5.45) Notes: This compilation was given away with the November 1995 issue ------ of the German version of the Rolling Stone magazine. Anakin 3. Anakin (February 9th, 1998) TAD 8001 CD - CD (UK) 4AD UK 170.8001.29 - CD (Benelux) Play It Again Sam # a) To Whom Should I Write (demo) (3.06) Notes: Neil Halstead - Copyright Control. Recorded at the farm ------ in Cornwall, one from the forthcoming selection of new songs. Extra: 4AD 1998 "forthcoming albums" sampler/compilation (see also ------ the press release in the "promos" section). Cardboard sleeve. Art directed and designed by Vaughan Oliver & Chris Bigg at v23. Photography by Chris Bigg at v23. Inside sleeve also says "(this package is dedicated to Anakin). The other bands on the compilation are: His Name Is Alive, scheer, Lisa Germano, starry smooth hound, gusGus, Thievery Corporation, The Hope Blister, Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke, Kristin Hersh and the hidden track is Cuba with the song "Havana". # - Benelux release contains the same tracks and has, more or less, the same sleeve - the paper part of the digipack has a shiny coating and the colour of the text, which is brown on the UK version is orange here (PANTONE 138 C). The plastic tray is transparent but not as clear as on the UK version. Sold at 'special price' (about US$ 5.00).


Introducing Mojave 3 Letter Presenting Ask Me Tomorrow Letter Anakin Compilation News Letter 0. Press releases from 4AD UK Introducing Mojave 3 (?, 1995) Presenting Ask Me Tomorrow (?, 1995) Anakin Compilation (January, 1998) 1. ...Think I'm Getting The Hang Of It (August ?, 1995) PRO-CD-7625 - CD (US) 4AD a) Love Songs On The Radio (?.??) Notes: Design by Vaughan Oliver at v23. Photography by Jason Love. ------ The whole CD has got 10 tracks. Extra: 4AD Promo/freebie "current and forthcoming albums" sampler. ------ The Mojave 3 track is uncredited on the disc and the sleeve. The reason why: The band didn't have a name for the song at the time, and therefore just added it as an unlisted extra track. US only release, as a giveaway at a few selected "The Body Shop" stores with a minimum purchase of $20 of their soap/bath/perfume related products. Cardboard sleeve. The artwork is the "coffee grounds covering a moldy orange" design. 2. FTWW 23 (?, 1995) ???? - 12" (UK) 4AD UK a) Love Songs On The Radio (?.??) Notes: This is a 4-track promo for the "Facing The Wrong Way" sampler ------ (see next item in this section). Facing The Wrong Way 3. Facing The Wrong Way (August 28th, 1995) F.T.W.W 1 - CD (UK) 4AD UK (Time: 54.57) a) Love Songs On The Radio (5.47) Notes: Design: Vaughan Oliver / v23. Assistance: Kees Hubers. Photography: ------ Jason Love. Promotion Only. Not For Sale. Info about the Mojave track: (N. Halstead) EMI Music Publishing. From the album "Ask Me Tomorrow" available October 1995. Extra: The whole CD has got 13 tracks, and the Mojave (note: without the ------ "3") track is number 6. UK only release, with a "buy one 4AD release from the back catalogue and get FTWW free" deal at certain stores. Digipak format, with mostly pink and orange artwork showing a wierd burst of worm-like objects. The CD itself comes in two versions: plain orange, and a repeat of the design on the front cover. There has also been a wide variation noted in the how dark this second variety was printed. This CD was also given away with subscriptions to a French Indie magazine called "Magic" (pre-1996, the magazine was called Magic Mushroom) that comes out every second month. The other bands on this sampler are: Scheer, Throwing Muses, Red House Painters, Tarnation, Air Miami, Belly, The Wolfgang Press, Heidi Berry, Lisa Gerrard, Liquorice, Kendra Smith and The Amps. 4. Love Songs On The Radio (?, 1995) PRO-CD-7960 - CD5 (US) 4AD a) Love Songs On The Radio (edit) (3.59) Notes: There is no inlay, only the usual rear sleeve in a normal ------ jewel case. ATM German Promo ATM US Promo 5. Ask Me Tomorrow (?, 1995) ---- - LP (UK) 4AD ???? - PO (UK) 4AD RTD 120.2028.2 - CD (D) 4AD / Rough Trade Deutschland 2-46084-A - CD (US) 4AD / Warner Notes: All records have the same track list as the regular release. ------ Extra: LP - this is a 'white label' (test pressing) promo that came with ------ a 4AD press release, announcing the band as 'Mojave'. PO - This A2 size poster was sent out by 4AD UK in order to promote the upcoming release of the "Ask Me Tomorrow" album. The picture is the cover of the album. CD D - Comes in a plain slim jewel case without inlay or insert, and without the graphics on the disk, just black print that says "Mojave 3, Ask me Tomorrow, Promotional Copy, Not for Sale, (C) 1995 Rough Trade Records GmbH, (P) 1995 4AD". CD US - Comes with rear sleeve only, but has a sticker on the case that says "4AD, Mojave 3, Ask Me Tomorrow, Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Ian McCutcheon, Released January 16, 1996". Another sticker, underneath this sticker, gives the same info, only that the band is called 'Mojave', not 'Mojave 3'. On the disk itself they are also simply called 'Mojave'. 6. Shaving Kit Music - Shaving The Pavement 1996 (April ?, 1996) PRO-CD-8165-R - CD (US) 4AD a) Love Songs On The Radio (5.46) b) After All (3.30) c) Mercy (4.55) d) Tomorrow's Taken (5.36) Notes: Promo for the 'Shaving The Pavement' US-tour. Black & white back ------ sleeve. No front insert. Orange 300/500 4AD label. It features four songs each by Lush, Scheer and Mojave 3. All versions are album versions. 7. Shaving The Pavement (?, 1996) PRO-C-8096 - MC (US) 4AD / Warner / Reprise a) Where Is The Love (?.??) b) Mercy (KCRW acoustic) (?.??) * Notes: * = recorded live on Brave New World, KCRW 89.9 FM, Santa Monica, ------ Producer/Host: Tricia Halloran, engineered and mixed by Scott Fritz. The tapes were given out free at the "Shaving The Pavement" tour shows. In Canada, you got one free with purchase of any 4AD CD or tape. Unconfirmed reports also said that 4AD gave these away to those calling them up and asking for one. Other bands on the tape are: Lush, Scheer, Liquorice, Lisa Germano, Heidi Berry, Tarnation, His Name Is Alive, The Amps. 8. Anakin (January, 1998) ??? ???? ?? - MC (UK) 4AD UK a) To Whom Should I Write (demo) (3.06) Notes: Neil Halstead - Copyright Control. Recorded at the farm ------ in Cornwall, one from the forthcoming selection of new songs. Extra: 4AD 1998 "forthcoming albums" cassette sampler/compilation ------ promo (see also the press release above + the full release in the "Compilations" section for complete info).

(IV) LIVE RECORDINGS (and other recorded material)

Please check the "Gig Guide" section, where all live performances with existing recordings, to my knowledge, are marked "[R]".


1. Love Songs On The Radio - promotion video (November 5, 1995) (Time: 3.59) "The video shows the band on a dark stage with 'candles' on the sides, playing with a picture of dolphings behind them. It focuses mainly on Rachel as she sings, sits in the audience watching, walking around in the room and dancing. That is to say there are three Rachels - the first dressed up with a stylish hairdo, make-up and dress, singing in the band, the second who walks across the room, meets a guy, kisses him on the cheek, and dances with him (I imagine the third Rachel remembers how it once was, the one who 'looks just like an angel') and third one like we're used to see her in Slowdive, in the audience. The audience-Rachel faints at the end of the video, but wakes up and finds Neil, Ian and Simon standing over her."

(VI) LIVE (with set lists)

1. Radio 1 (UK) (October 12, 1995) [R] a) Where Is The Love b) Candle Song c) Oh, Sister (Bob Dylan cover) Notes: An acoustic performance by Neil, Rachel and Ian with Poppy ------ Gonzales on the piano. The band also returned later and "jammed with radcliffe and his sidekick, the boy lard on a comedy version of another 'rod' dylan tune, 'layby lady, layby'." 2. France-Inter, Black Session (F) (November 17, 1995) [R] a) Sarah b) Candle Song 3 c) Where Is the Love d) Love Songs on the Radio e) Tomorrow's Taken f) You're Beautiful g) Mercy h) After All Notes: This was a "Black Session" in Paris, broadcast live throughout ------ France, with Poppy Gonzalez on a grand piano. (see history section for more information). 3. Ronnie Scott's, London (UK) (November 23, 1995) [R] a) Sarah b) Candle Song 3 c) Where Is The Love d) Tomorrow's Taken e) Love Songs On The Radio f) You're Beautiful g) Mercy h) After All 4. KCRW 89.9 FM, Brave New World (US) (November 30, 1995) [R] a) Where Is The Love b) Mercy c) Candle Song 3 d) You're Beautiful e) Through My Sails (Neil Young cover) Notes: The band were at the KCRW 89.9 radio station in Santa Monica, ------ CA (Los Angeles area) and played a live set on the program, promoting the upcoming US domestic release of "Ask Me Tomorrow". 5. Orpheum Records, Seattle (instore) (US) (April 12, 1996) [R] a) Where Is The Love b) Trying To Reach You c) Candle Song 3 d) One More Time e) You're Beautiful f) Queen Jane g) Mercy 6. La Luna, Portland, Oregon (US) (April 13, 1996) [R] a) Where Is The Love b) Sarah c) One More Time d) Tomorrow's Taken e) Candle Song 3 f) Mercy g) Trying To Reach You h) Queen Jane 7. KCRW 89.9 FM, Morning Becomes Eclectic (US) (April 17, 1996) [R] a) Where Is The Love b) One More Time c) Trying To Reach You d) Mercy e) Queen Jane 8. Royal Oak, Detroit (instore) (US) (May 5, 1996) [R] a) ? b) Where Is The Love c) Mercy d) Candle Song 3 e) Trying To Reach You f) You're Beautiful g) One More Time 9. St Andrews, Detroit (US) (May 5, 1996) [R] a) Sarah b) One More Time c) Tomorrow's Taken d) Candle Song 3 e) Mercy f) Trying To Reach You g) Queen Jane 10. Electric Lounge, Austin, Texas (US) (March 21, 1998) [R] a) To Whom Should I Write b) Caught Beneath Your Heel c) All Your Tears d) Who Do You Love e) It's Your Feet You Don't f) Some Kinda Angel g) Give What You Take (w/pedal steel*) h) Baby's Coming Home (w/pedal steel*) * Pedal steel played by Danny Hawke


This is a list of tour dates / live appearences - the ones that I know of. If you know of any dates not in this list, or can complete the missing information, please e-mail me (, thanks! October 1995 12 - London - Radio 1 Radio Station (UK) [R] November 1995 9 - London - The Tabernacle (w/Tarnation) (UK) 17 - Paris - France-Inter Radio Station (F) [R] 23 - London - Ronnie Scott's (UK) [R] 30 - Los Angeles - KCRW 89.9 FM Radio Station (US) [R] December 1995 16 - London - ? (UK) April 1996 (w/Lush and Sheer) 11 - Vancouver - Commodore Ballroom (CA) [R] 12 - Seattle - Orpheum Records (instore) (US) [R] 12 - Seattle - Show Box (US) [R] 13 - Portland - La Luna (US) [R] 15 - San Francisco - The Filmore or Warfield (US) 17 - Los Angeles - KCRW 89.9 FM Radio Station (US) [R] 17 - LA - The Whiskey (US) 22 - New Orleans - Howling Wolf (US) 23 - Atlanta - The Masquerade (US) 25 - VA Beach - The Abyss (US) 26 - Philadelphia - Trocadero (US) 27 - Washington DC - 9.30 (US) 29 - Boston - Paradise or Avalon (US) 30 - Providence - Lupo's (US) May 1996 (w/Lush and Sheer) 2 - New York - Irving Plaza (US) 4 - Toronto - Opera House (CA) [R] 5 - Detroit - Royal Oak (instore) (US) [R] 5 - Detroit - St Andrews (US) [R] 6 - Cleveland - Odean Theatre (US) 7 - Cincinnati - The garage or Bogarts (US) 9 - Chicago - Cabaret Metro (US) 10 - Minneapolis - First Avenue (US) 11 - St Louis - Mississippi Nights (US) 12 - Lawrence - Liberty hall or Granada (US) 14 - Boulder - Fox Theatre (US) 15 - Salt Lake City - DV8 (US) 17 - LA - The Palace (US) May 1996 (w/The Divine Comedy) 24 - 31 France June 1996 (w/The Divine Comedy) 1 - 11 France October 1996 (w/Lisa Germano) 9 - Oxford - Zodiac Club (UK) 10 - London - Dingwalls (UK) 12 - Amsterdam - Paradiso (NL) 14 - Arhus - Huset (DK) 15 - Copenhagen - Loppen (DK) 16 - Stockholm - Studion (S) 17 - Gothenberg - Underground (S) 18 - Malmo - KB (S) 21 - Hamburg - Logo (D) 22 - Berlin - Knaack-Club (D) 24 - Bochum - bhf.langerndreer (D) [R] 25 - Koln - Underground (D) [R] 26 - Leipzig - Werk II (D) 27 - Munich - Backstage (D) 30 - Vienna - Szene Wien (AT) November 1996 (w/Lisa Germano) 1 - Nyon - Usine a Gaz (?) 2 - Zurich - El International (CH) 3 - La Chaux-de-Fonds - P'tit Paris (F) 5 - Brussels - Botanique (B) 6 - Nijmegen - 042 (NL) 8 - Strasbourg - La Laiterie. (F) March 1998 16 - London - London Back Yard @ The Water Rats (UK) (w/Fanzine (UK), Brassy (UK)) (Soundtrack of Our Lives (S) were supposed to play but had to finish shooting their new video - London based Fanzine stepped in instead) 21 - Austin, TX - Electric Lounge (SXSW 98 Festival) (US) [R] (w/His Name Is Alive, The Bells, Vic Chesnutt (all US) + The High Lamas (UK)) May 1998 15 - London - The Water Rats (UK) (w/Lowfinger (UK) and a third band I don't know) Mojave 3 played between the two (big beat) bands. Not really a secret, but it was a last minute gig, and therefor not advertised. July 1998 1 - London - The Water Rats (UK) Notes: None. ------


1. Alternative Press (US), Issue: March 1996. Pages: 30-32. (Cover: Ministry) 2. The Big Takeover (US), Issue: September 1996.


1. Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell and Ian McCutcheon were in the band Slowdive, on Creation (for that story, check the Slowdive Bandography). 2. Simon Rowe used to play guitar in Chapterhouse. 3. Rachel Goswell sings on "Pearl" by Chapterhouse. 4. Neil Halstead has produced and mixed the Eyes Wide E.P. for Blind Mr. Jones (Cherry Red Records). 5. Neil Halstead appears on the Invisible Soundtracks Volume 1 4-track EP together with Tony F Wilson under the name Zurich (see the Compilation Appearances section). 6. Neil Halstead is a part of US film company Black Monkey Suit/ Freakie Pig, who has released the film "I Am The Elephant and You Are The Mouse" and are currently working on a new film called "Always There Baby" (check the Slowdive Bandography for more information).


I was thinking of adding pictures of the band here, but realised that I didn't have more than one single picture at the moment, and that one isn't even taken by me (if someone recognize it as theirs, please let me know, and I'll add your name here). If you have pictures, please e-mail me, thanks! Neil & Rachel picture taken by ? - Neil & Rachel (Royal Oak, Detroit, US May 5th, 1996, instore appearence)

Please e-mail me if you can fill in the ?'s, have corrections, or basically if there's something you'd like to say.

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          David (, Jens-Krister (,
          Christine, Ralf and of course Rachel Goswell.

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