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by Erik Söderström

Slowdive are:
Rachel Goswell [710516] (vocals/guitar)
Nick Chaplin [701223] (bass)
Neil Halstead [701007] (vocals/guitar)
Ian McCutcheon [710825] (drums)
Christian Savill [701206] (guitar).

Most songs written by Neil Halstead, except for those marked with a '*', which are written by Halstead/Slowdive. All releases on Creation unless otherwise stated. They are based in Reading (UK).


Long-term school-friends Neil Halstead & Rachel Goswell formed Slowdive in October 1989, the name, Slowdive, coming from a dream Niel Halstead once had. According to an interview in Alternative Press, he dreamt of two words, Slowdive and Slowburn. At first they were a highly derivative My Bloody Valentine/Sonic Youth clone, but even their first demo reveals a better understanding of controlled noise than most of their contemporaries. In their defence the 'demo' was really just them recording for fun, and it wasn't until early in 1990 that the band became Slowdive proper with their own ideas.

The major change was the addition of third guitarist, Christian Savill, previously of local act Eternal. "We advertised for a female guitarist, but only Christian replied. He writes a sweet letter though, he said he'd wear a dress if neccesary". The songs on the second demo show a leap forward, while previously they headed towards a climax of noise, 'Avalyn' was a gentle steady flow of nearly white noise. It's this demo, passed on by another Reading act, Swervedriver, that brought Slowdive onto Creation records and became the first single, as attempts to recreate the atmosphere in a more expensive studio failed.

Problamaticaly between recording the demo and signing to Creation their drummer left for University, and they were forced to draft in a replacement. He didn't share the same aims and tastes as the group, and they didn't really get on with him, making time on the road a little uncomfortable. More importantly "He had a shaggy perm, he looked like Jon Bon Jovi" so he was replaced by the bowl-cutted Simon Scott, of the sadly deceased Charlottes. Simon later left Slowdive on good terms in February-March 1994 to continue his career in jazzy circles and was replaced by "the immensely handsome and talented" Ian MacCutcheon before they went on their 1994 north american tour, which they paid for themselves since SBK Records, their U.S. distributor, who had promised them an extensive tour, went out of business.

My Bloody Valentine have been directly relevant to their use of guitar sound. The Cocteau Twins and The Byrds were big influences too. They worry about the build them up/knock them down syndrome, complaining that the British press expect revelations with the first record, while bands like the Cocteau's & MBV have taken years to achieve the respect they have. The problem has probably been caused by the string of excellent debuts by Pale Saints, Ride, Bleach and Slowdive themselves creating an expectation that the best music will come from previously unknown bands. Slowdive have been perhaps particularly lucky with Melody Maker giving them single of the week for all their releases during 1991, and a reviewer at NME giving them the same accolade as he felt the review printed the previous week was unfair.

Slowdive was the first band featured by Creation on IRC on february 2nd 1995. In one of Slowdive's newsletters, they wrote about a planned cover of Galaxie 500's "Fourth of July" for a tribute album, that was going to be released by Elefant Records in Spain. To my knowledge, the album was unfortunately never released, and probably never will be, at least not including Slowdive, beacuse the band was dropped by Creation shortly after the release of Pygmalion, April 1995.

This affected the release of Pygmalion in the U.S. and the band started to look for a new label. Rumors said that Rachel and Neil sent a demo to 4AD, which got a positive reaction from the label. And that happened to be the truth. Rachel, Ian and Neil formed the band Mojave 3 and were signed to 4AD in the summer of 1995 (for that story, please check the Mojave 3 Discography). Rachel Goswell said: "After that ("Pygmalion"), Slowdive didn't so much split as take a shift in direction, one that a couple of the other members weren't comfortable with. It didn't seem right to carry on with the same name, we needed to get a fresh start and all the pieces fell into place for us to get one.".

(I) Regular Releases

1. Slowdive (November 5, 1990) CRE 093T - 12" CRESCD 093 - CD5 (Time: 18.24) a) Slowdive (5.18) b) Avalyn I (4.54) * c) Avalyn II (8.10) * Notes: Recorded at the white house studio, weston super mare. ------ Engineered by Martin Nichols. Said to be a demo tape, put straight to disc. 2. Morningrise (February 18, 1991) CRE 098T - 12" CRESCD 098 - CD5 (Time: 15.01) a) Morningrise (4.20) + b) She Calls (5.38) + c) Losing Today (5.01) * Notes: Recorded at georgetown studios, abingdon. Engineered by ------ Chris Hufford. Produced by Slowdive. + = Remixed by Alan Moulder. Extra: 12 - on the record in the middle: ------ (Side A): THE BOTTOM LINE ... IS ...? A FORM PRIMEOUT. (Side B): I'LL HAVE AN 'E' PLEASE AL. 3. Holding Our Breath (June 3, 1991) CRE 112 - 7" CRE 112T - 12" CRESCD 112 - CD5 (Time: 19.10) a) Catch The Breeze (4.24) b) Golden Hair (4.07) c) Shine (5.16) d) Albatross (5.21) Notes: Recorded at courtyard studios, abingdon. Engineered by ------ Chris Hufford. Produced by Slowdive. Track b was written by Syd Barrett (former lead singer of Pink Floyd). The first X copies were signed by the band. (Question: were all of them signed with gold colour?). The 7" is called "Catch The Breeze" and contains tracks a and c. 4. Just For A Day (September 2, 1991) CCRE 094 - CAS (UK) ???? - CAS (US) SBK Records CRELP 094 - LP SHOCK CD 1005 - CD (AUS) Shock Records CRESCD 094 - CD (UK) CDP-98074 - CD (US) SBK Records (Time: 43.44) a) Spanish Air (6.06) b) Celia's Dream (4.12) c) Catch The Breeze (4.22) d) Ballad Of Sister Sue (4.34) e) Erik's Song (4.27) f) Waves (5.54) g) Brighter (3.51) h) The Sadman (4.47) i) Primal (5.29) Notes: Lengths taken from the CD itself and not the sleeve! ------ Recorded at courtyard studios, abingdon. Engineered by Chris Hufford. Produced by Halstead/Hufford. Mixed by Slowdive. Note: courtyard studios is georgetown studios, only with a new name. 5. Blue Day (February 1992) CCRE 101 - CAS CREX 101 - LP (UK) CRECD 139x - CD (see details below) CRECDX 101 - CD (Time: 35.40) @ a) Slowdive (5.15) b) Avalyn 1 (4.50) * c) Morningrise (4.20) d) She Calls (5.38) e) Losing Today (5.00) * f) Shine (5.21) + g) Albatross (5.14) Notes: Collection of "Slowdive", "Morningrise" and "Holding Our Breath" ------ except for 'Golden Hair', 'Catch The Breeze' and 'Avalyn II'. Tracks c,d,e,f,g recorded at courtyard studios and engineered by Chris Hufford. Tracks a,b recorded at the white house and engineered by Martin Nichols. Tracks c,d remixed by Alan Moulder. + = Written by Slowdive. Released in Scandinavia, Benelux, France and Japan only. Available in the U.S. and the UK with the initial 1000 copies of "Souvlaki" in a limited double cd edition ('brilliant box') as well, with the catalog number CRECD 139x. Extra: @ = Only released in Scandinavia, Benelux, France and Japan. ------ 6. Outside Your Room EP (May 17, 1993) CRE 119T - 12" CRESCD 119 - CD5 (Time: 20.22) a) Alison (3.52) b) So Tired (4.04) c) Souvlaki Space Station (6.00) * d) Moussaka Chaos (6.24) * Notes: Produced by Slowdive. Track a recorded at Protocol Studios, ------ London. Engineered by Guy Fixsen, assisted by Marcus Lindsay. Mixed by Ed Buller. Tracks b,c,d recorded at the Courtyard Studio, Sutton courtenay. Engineered by Chris Hufford. Mixed by Slowdive. Photography by Steve Double. 7. Souvlaki (June 1, 1993) CCRE 139 - CAS CRELP 139 - LP CRECD 139 - CD (UK) CRECD 139X - CD (US) (see details under 'Blue Day') SCR 474071 2 - CD (US) Sony/Creation Records (Time: 40.46) SBK-88263 - CD (US) SBK Records (February 1994, Time: 56:23) a) Alison (3.52) b) Machine Gun (4.28) c) 40 Days (3.16) d) Sing (4.52) + e) Here She Comes (2.20) f) Souvlaki Space Station (6.00) * g) When The Sun Hits (4.47) h) Altogether (3.43) i) Melon Yellow (3.54) j) Dagger (3.32) k) Some Velvet Morning (3.24) @ l) Good Day Sunshine (5.08) @ m) Missing You (4.16) @ n) Country Rain (3.35) @ Notes: Produced by Slowdive. Mixed and flanged by Ed Buller (former ------ keyboardist of Psychedelic Furs) and Slowdive. Tracks a,c,d,e,j recorded at protocol studios, london, engineered by Andy Wilkinson and Guy Fixen. Tracks b,f,h recorded at the courtyard studio, sutton courtenay, engineered by Chris Hufford. Tracks g,i recorded at the white house studio, engineered by Martin Nichols. Treatments and keyboards on tracks d,e by Brian Eno. Sleeve photography by Steve Double. + = Written by Slowdive/Brian Eno. @ = Available on the SBK domestic-released CD. The US album cover is all black, with a small black and white picture of the UK cover in the lower right hand corner. In the upper right hand corner it says the band and the album title in a little red outlined box. The disk itself has the same picture on it, but it is printed in red and black. There is also a different picture of the band on the inside sleeve. Sources tell me there inside sleeve makes a great mini-poster. The album title comes from a tape of Frank Rizzo and the Jerky Boys they were listening to while recording, where, in one of their telephone pranks, the line "My wife loves that Greek shit. She'll suck your cock like souvlaki." appears. 8. 5 EP (November 22, 1993) CRE 157T - 12" CRESCD 157 - CD5 (Time: 16.45) a) In Mind (3.44) b) Good Day Sunshine (5.08) c) Missing You (4.16) d) Country Rain (3.35) + Notes: Produced by Slowdive/Chris Hufford. Recorded at Courtyard Studios. ------ Engineered by Chris Hufford. Mixed by Halstead/Hufford. Photography by R.F.W. + = Written by Halstead/Goswell. 9. 5 EP (In Mind Remixes) (November 29, 1993) CRE 157T - 12" CRESCD 157R - CD5 (Time: 18.34) a) In Mind Bandulu Remix - Out Mind (8.07) b) In Mind Reload Remix - The 147 Take (10.25) Notes: a) Credited to Halstead / Bissmire / Thompson / O'Connell, ------ remixed at Bandulu Productions, London. b) Credited to Halstead / Pritchard / Middleton, remixed at Evolution Productions, Crewkerne. 10. Pygmalion (February 6, 1995) CRELP 168 - LP CRECD 168 - CD (Time: 48:37) a) Rutti (10.05) b) Crazy For You (6.01) c) Miranda (4.49) d) Trellisaze (6.22) e) Cello (1.42) f) J's Heaven (6.47) g) Visions of La (1.48) h) Blue Skied An' Clear (6.54) i) All of Us (4.07) Notes: All compositions by N Halstead. Lyrics on tracks c & g by ------ R Goswell. Recorded at Courtyard Studio, Sutton Courtney, Nr Abingdon. Engineered and Produced by Chris Hufford and Slowdive. Published by EMI Music Ltd. Cover Illustration by Steven Woodhouse. It says "Christian Savill" on the inside sleeve. Is that the correct spelling of his surname?


1. Sarah Compilation - "Glass Arcade" (August, 1991) Sarah 501 - LP Sarah 501CS - CAS Sarah 501CD - CD a) Sleep (3.52) b) Breathe (3.19) Notes: Actually, this ought to be in an Eternal discography, but ------ it's included here anyway, because the close link. 2. Sorted Snorted and Sported (1991) CRECD 117 - CD a) Shine (5.22) Notes: There's no information about the band on the sleeve. Only ------ their name and the song title. 3. Select Magazine Issue ?? (1992) C-RE 128 - Free Creation Tape a) Shine (5.16) (from "Holding Our Breath EP") 4. Volume 7 (July 19, 1993) 7VCD7 - CD (BMG) a) Some Velvet Morning (3.24) Notes: A cover of "a great piece of '60s weirdness by Lee Hazlewood ------ and Nancy Sinatra" with the same name. Produced by Slowdive. Engineered by Guy Fixsen. Mixed by Ed Buller. Recorded at Protocol Studios, London. (E-Mail me if you want the article (courtesy of Nathan (thanks!)) 5. Rock Furore (Nr.5 October, 1993) RFCD-6 - CD (Rock Furore) a) Dagger (3.32) Notes: A norwegian music magazine made by "Norsk Rockforbund" ------ that includes a free CD with every issue, and in one issue, 'Dagger' was included on the CD. 6. Reebok Compilation : Boks (????) ???? - CD (?) a) ? (?.??) Notes: The title of their track is not listed on the sleeve. ------ [HELP! Anyone have this compilation CD, who could add the missing information?] 7. Music From the Motion Picture: The Doom Generation (?, 1995) ???? - CD (US) American Recordings a) Blue Skied An' Clear (6.52) Notes: Written by Neil Halstead, published by EMI Blackwood Music Inc. ----- (BMI). Produced by Chris Hufford and Slowdive. (C) 1995 Creation Records [Previously unavailable in the US]. The movie was directed by Greg Akari. To be released later during 1995 by Samuel Goldwyn. Extra: They use two Slowdive songs in the movie, but only one is ------ included on the CD. Here's a brief description on where the songs are used, courtesy of Nathan: "The tracks were prominentyly used in the movie. "Alison" is the 2nd song in the movie, after the opening scene, and is playing out of a car tape deck as two of the main characters are "snogging" away in a car at a drive in movie theater. The song is quite clearly heard, not just back- ground music. The second Slowdive song is "Blue Skied An' Clear" and is used with the closing shot of the film - also very clearly heard and prominently positioned." 8. I Am The Elephant Soundtrack (?, 1995) ???? - CD (?) a) ? (?.??) b) ? (?.??) ... Notes: A movie by Forest Wise. ------ Anyone with this that can supply the info from it? Thanks! 9. Invisible Soundtracks Volume 1 (July ?, 1995) REEL1 - 12" (UK) (Leaf Records) a) A Harsh Truth, parts 1 & 2 (7.53) Notes: Written/Produced by Tony F Wilson and Neil Halstead ------ under the name "Zurich". A 4-track compilation EP, only included here because of the Neil Halstead connection. Extra: It has a plain grey hand-printed sleeve, with a blue leef. ------ The label on the display copy says "three ambient tracks, one NOT ambient!". A description of the track: "Either a harp, or a guitar which sounds like a harp, a bit of bass and yet more echo - I'm not sure if there is a flute in there as well, such is the quality of my hi-fi system. It may just be an effect added to the guitar. Sounds a bit like a "Pygmalion" out-take.". 10. Sharks Patrol These Waters (?, 1995) BOV CD2 - DCD (UK) BMG a) Some Velvet Morning (3.24) Notes: The "best of" compilation of the Volume compilations. ------ 44 tracks and 192 page booklet.


1. Just For A Day (August ?, 1991) PCRECD 094 - CD (UK) Notes: The tracks are the same as on the regular release. ------ [HELP! Anyone have info on the sleeve?] 2. Slowdive/Ride US Tour Split 7" (1992) PB05468 - 7" (US) SBK Records/Sire, blue coloured, promo a) She Calls (5.38) 3. Souvlaki (June 1, 1993) PCRECD 139 - CD (UK) Notes: The tracks are the same as on the regular release. ------ Company Sleeve. The cover is made of blue cardboard. 4. Alison (February ?, 1994) DPRO-08729 - CD5 (US), SBK Records/ERG, promo a) Alison (3.50) b) Moussaka Chaos (6.23) Notes: On the back of the CD there is a nice color picture of the band ------ and the lyrics to Alison. The CD itself is flat black with a orange/red trim. 5. Pygmalion (January 19, 1995) PCRECD 168 - CD (UK) Notes: The tracks are the same as on the regular release. ------ [HELP! Anyone have info on the sleeve?]


1. Slowdive (November 1990) CRESCD 093 - CD5 (Time: 45.17) Notes: This is really Swervedriver's album "Raise", but the disc ------ and the cover are identical with the original "Slowdive" CD single. The only thing that differs is what's *on* the CD. Several people have also reported this since v1.1 of the discography, so it isn't an isolated thing. Note the interesting connection by the way in the HISTORY section. I'm not suggesting anything though. :) 2. Peel-session (Spring 1991) BBC Radio (Time: 17.30) a) Catch The Breeze b) Shine (called "Song 1") c) Golden Hair 3. Beach Song (1992) Sunday 004 - Sunday Records Flexi No. 2, 7" blue coloured (33 rpm) a) Beach Song (3.20) b) Take Me Down (3.39) Notes: Lyrics to the songs are printed on the cover. ------ Extra: Nick Chaplin tells where the tracks come from: "They were from ------ the original session for the 'slowdive' ep. Two songs from the same tape, 'Slowdive' and 'Avalyn' were used on our first ep. We didn't re-record them." And Pippin brings the following information: "...the sound quality is not too good. The music sounds like Ride when it comes to speed and use of guitars, though the traditional Slowdive-sound is present. adress is printed on it as well: SUNDAY RECORDS - 8335 - Rolling Meadows, IL - 60008 USA." 4. Just For a Day (?) ? - CAS (US), SBK Records Notes: Misprint, which contains only two songs (one on each side) ------ by an unknown (non-independent) artist.


1. Reading University, Reading (UK) (Feb 26, 1991) (Time: 30.00) a) Song 1 b) Catch The Breeze c) Slowdive d) Morningrise e) Colours In Spin f) She Calls g) Avalyn 2. Marquee - Band Explosion (UK) (Sep 3, 1991) (Time: ??.??) Broadcasted on Radio 1 a) Slowdive b) Catch The Breeze c) Spanish Air d) Avalyn e) She Calls 3. Cabaret Metro, Chicago (US) (with Ride) (May 8, 1992) (Time: 40.00) a) Slowdive b) Spanish Air c) Catch The Breeze d) Joy e) Morningrise f) She Calls g) The Ballad of Sister Sue h) Avalyn 4. Cabaret Metro, Chicago (US) (w/Catherine Wheel) (Aug 21, 1993) (Time: 45.00) a) Machine Gun b) Souvlaki Space Station c) Slowdive d) Avalyn e) Catch The Breeze f) Alison g) Melon Yellow h) When The Sun Hits i) She Calls 5. Sentrum Scene, Oslo (Norway) (with Cranes) (Oct 18, 1993) (Time: 40.00) Broadcasted on Norwegian Radio a) Souvlaki b) Slowdive c) Avalyn I d) Catch The Breeze e) Mellow Yellow f) Morningrise Notes: This bootleg was sold at their 1994 north american tour by ------ the band as a 'legit' bootleg. 6. The Roxy, Los Angeles (US) - (with Rosemarys) (Apr 11, 1994) (Time: ??.??) a) Machine Gun b) Souvlaki Space Station c) Slowdive d) Catch The Breeze e) 40 Days f) Avalyn g) Melon Yellow h) Morningrise i) When The Sun Hits j) Alison k) Losing Today 7. Cabaret Metro, Chicago (US) (May 17, 1994) (Time: 60.00) a) Machine Gun b) Souvlaki Space Station c) Catch The Breeze d) 40 Days e) Avalyn f) Melon Yellow g) When The Sun Hits h) Alison i) Losing Today j) Morningrise 8. ?, Toronto (Canada) (May 20, 1994) (Time: 35.00) a) Slowdive b) Catch The Breeze c) Melon Yellow d) When The Sun Hits e) Alison f) Losing Today g) Morningrise Notes: I have a recording from Stockholm, Sweden 1992 which was broadcasted on the Swedish Radio P3 a week after their appearance, but it only includes 3 songs, and I'm not certain on what date they played etc, so I'm not including that one. If anyone out there have something not listed here, please let me know. I know of about 60 other bootlegs, but I don't have any of them myself, or playlists for them, only where, when and length. There are also 2 video boots out there. Anyone?


1. Morningrise - Creation Volume 2 (1991) "Very dreamy. Towards the end it shows their faces with a kind if strobe and the effect is brilliant." 2. Shine - Promotion video (Summer 1991) "Much happier than 'Morningrise', with kaleidoscopic shots of rachel and the bunch joyfully running in a field full of dandelions: yellow, shiny and valtzy in the mood." 3. Catch The Breeze - Promotion video (September 1991) "Dreamy, slow and romantic, with lots of emphasis to a couple in the audience snogging." Notes: It was a week of new'ish bands at the Marquee called Band ------ Explosion. Each band had a song filmed by a young director. These were shown on BBC 2 soon after the event. The Slowdive one was Catch The Breeze. 4. Alison - Promotion video (Spring 1993) Description


T-Shirts a) Slowdive (white) (1991) Front: The cover of the Slowdive EP. Back : Nothing. b) Just For A Day (black) (1992) Front: Just For A Day-like colours splashed onto it with "Slowdive" cut out in black. Back : "S" in a ring (both in orange colour). c) Just For A Day (white) (1992) Front: Red 'jupiter cloud' pattern and Slowdive logo. Early version were printed horizontally. Back : Nothing. d) Just For A Day (black) (longsleeve) (1992) Front: The cover of Just For A Day, rounded off with "Slowdive" cut out in black. Back : "Just For A Day" stacked (words underneath each other) + a small "S" in a circle. e) Souvlaki (navy blue) (1993) Front: "Slowdive" in gray letters with orange borders. Back : "Souvlaki" over "139" in the same colours. f) Slowdive (white) (1994) (re-print) Front: The cover of the Slowdive EP. Back : Nothing. g) Souvlaki (navy blue) (longsleeve) (1994) Front: "Slowdive" in gray letters with orange borders. Back : "Souvlaki" over "139" in the same colours. h) Souvlaki (green) (1994) (special U.S. t-shirt) Front: "Slowdive Souvlaki" in orange letters in two connected orange circles on a large silver 'S'. Back : Nothing. Posters a) Slowdive - The cover of the Slowdive EP with "Slowdive" written in the top left corner in white text. Size: 24 inches x 24 inches.


1. Slough Festival 1991 (UK)

(IX) LIVE (non-bootleg, and only with known play lists)

1. Gino, Stockholm (Sweden) 17-Oct-93 (with Cranes) Machine Gun Slowdive Avalyn I Souvlaki Space Station Alison Morningrise Catch The Breeze Melon Yellow Notes: Check the Bootleg section for more live information.


1. Rachel Goswell sings on "Pearl" by Chapterhouse. 2. Christian Savill used to play with Eternal. 3. Simon Scott used to be the drummer for the Charlottes. 4. Neil Halstead has produced and mixed the Eyes Wide E.P. for Blind Mr. Jones (Cherry Red Records). 5. Neil Halstead appears on the Invisible Soundtracks Volume 1 4-track EP together with Tony F Wilson under the name Zurich (see the Compilation Appearances section). 6. Neil, Rachel and Ian are currently in the band Mojave 3, on 4AD.

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