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Where & When

The festival takes place at Lida friluftsområde, just outside Stockholm city between July 26th and 27th, 1996. The festival area opens on friday 26/7 at noon (12:00) and stays open until sunday morning. The first artist starts at 13:00 each day. The gigs end at 03:00 both days, but the Vegas club stays open until 05:00.


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Important facts

* Lollipop's own web-pages:
* No age limits. Children under 10 = free (in company of parent(s)).
* Cameras are allowed - though video-cameras are not. Bottles and cans (of any sort) are not allowed either.


Tickets are 550 SEK for both days (+ advance fee) and 300 SEK for one day (+ advance fee). You can buy them at Pet Sounds, Mega Skivakademin, Svala-Söderlund, Box Office, Sverigehuset and Globen (all in Stockholm), or from Biljett Direkt at post offices, ATG outlets around the country, or just call Biljett Direkt at +46-(0)77-170 70 70.

If there are any tickets left (20.000 is the limit for each day) by the time the festival kicks off, these will be sold for 650 SEK (two days) and 350 SEK (one day) at the festival entrance.

How to get there

* By train *
Take the train (leaves from Stockholm every half hour) to Tullinge station (direction: Södertälje from Stockholm). Free busses take you from the Tullinge station to the festival area. Extra trains during the night also stops at Älvsjö and Södra stations. Trains leave every 1/2 hour from Tullinge Station (except between 2am and 3am when they only leave at exactly 2am and 3am.)

* By car *
From Stockholm - take the Huddingevägen south. About 1 kilometer after Flemingsberg and Stockholm Syd, take the left exit for Lida. Then follow the signs the rest of the way.
From E4 south - take the Tumba / Alby exit. Drive the Huddingevägen north through Tumba and then take the right exit for Lida. Follow the signs the rest of the way.
From E4 north - take the Årsta exit. Then right for the Huddingevägen. Then take the left exit for Lida. Follow the signs the rest of the way.
Parking: you will find the parking area if you take the next exit to the right after the Tullinge Flygplats (Airport) exit, 3 kilometers from the festival area. Free busses take you to the festival area from there.

* By taxi *
Taxi Top Cab (+46-(0)8-333 333) have a special price for Lollipop festival visitors.

[Artists]Want to know who's playing at the festival this year? Do you want to know when? And how about finding information about them on the Internet? Not a problem. Just click on the picture to the left and take a look! You'll find the jam packed line-up, preliminary schedule and links for each artist to all corners of the net. Additional Lollipop-specific information about each artist is also supplied, though only in swedish.

[Contest]Together with the kind Lollipop arrangers, Scandinavian Indie presents the Scandinavian Indie @ Lollipop 96 Contest!. If you're going to the festival, you might just be a lucky winner of Lollipop 96 CDs filled with great music! But please note that you have to go to the festival in order to participate in the contest, so if you haven't decided whether to go or not yet, this will surely make up your mind!

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