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The Scandinavian Indie @ Lollipop '96 Contest!

That's right! The kind arrangers of the Lollipop festival join forces with Scandinavian Indie to give you a chance to win fine, splendid and sought after Lollipop CDs filled with great music from artists performing at the festival!

How to enter the contest

Well, it's too late now unfortunately. All you had to do was to be at the festival and keep an eye out for the Scandinavian Indie team (Erik Söderström and Anna Elkert). By taking one of the nifty Scandinavian Indie @ Lollipop 96 cards (flyers) in cool colors, you would have automatically entered the contest!

But what about the contest?

Right! We have received 10 copies of the Lollipop '96 CD to give away to 10 lucky winners. If you have a number on your Scandinavian Indie card/flyer, then you might just be one of the lucky winners! 1/4 of all cards given out have a number on them - and 10 of these numbers are winning numbers!

How will I know if I won or not?

Then this is the place to look! Below, you'll find the 10 winning numbers. If you find your number there, just click on it - and you will be taken to a form. Please fill out the form with your name, address, and (and this is important), your winning number and color of your card/flyer. This is just to make it easier for us to check that it is the correct winning card, and also to make sure that you will receive your CD in the mail as soon as possible!

Winning Numbers!



[Artists]Want to know who's playing at the festival this year? Do you want to know when? And how about finding information about them on the Internet? Not a problem. Just click on the picture to the left and take a look! You'll find the jam packed line-up, preliminary schedule and links for each artist to all corners of the net. Additional Lollipop-specific information about each artist is also supplied, though only in swedish.

[Festival]If you want to know more about the festival, this is the place for you. Information specific to where, when, how and why is gathered on the page you'll come to if you click on the picture on the right. You will also find ticket information, a detailed map over the festival area and surroundings as well as information on how to get to the festival. Info mania!

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