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These are the friends of Scandianvian Indie. Friends you ask? Well, labels, bands, magazines, people, who have in some way helped us, been friendly in general or we have a soft spot for them in our hearts. In short, we like 'em. So, our warmest recommendations goes out to:


A West Side Fabrication 
Beat Butchers
MVG Records 
Ceilidh Productions
Energy Rekords
Frisbee Productions
North Of No South
Slask Records
SunSpot Records
American Recordings


All Stars Aquadays Backfish Cessna Cloudberry Jam Coo Crescent Venus Dada Girl Fidget Komeda Lemonator Lousy Mouth Rottingdean Salt Sandy Lyle Shallow Soundwave Suredo Twigs The Wellmeant

Radio Shows

P3 Live Musikjournalen Pop P3 Demo


All of them / Fidget Ballde / Underground, Göteborg Nina Beckmann / ex-MVG The Cool People / Get Back Records - Linköping Anna Elkert / Girlfriend Everyone / Cloudberry Jam Jeff Eyrich / GreenTeam Hansi Friberg / Starboy Johan Gille / aBLe Ola Hermanson / Sonic Surf City / Ceilidh / Trampolene Patrik Herrström / Playground Johanna Hillgren / a.k.a "Rock-Johanna" Paulina Holmgren / A West Side Fabrication Magnus Jansson / Sound Pollution Jocke / A West Side Fabrication Magnus Karlsson / HappyDeadMen Kina in Uppsala Emil Larsson / Herrgår'n, Linköping Mikael Myrnerts / Aloon Lars Olsson / SunSpot Records Sara Reis / Kalmar Nation, Uppsala / Fozzie fanzine Mikael Stanley / Creative Ignition Tommy and Julie / Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway

Magazines & Fanzines

Chouette - finnish fanzine faves EttNollEtt Fanzine Website EttNollEtt - the best Pop fanzine in Sweden Popöga - fast and free news, articles & reviews Sound Affects - the best Pop magazine in Sweden


Lollipop - Stockholm Hultsfred Festival - Hultsfred Roskilde Festival - Roskilde, Denmark Sommarens Sista Suck - Eskilstuna Trästocksfestivalen - Skellefteå

Non-Scandinavian Bands

Adorable Blind Mr. Jones Catherine Wheel Chapterhouse Charlatans Charlatans (official) Curve Mojave 3 My Bloody Valentine Slowdive The Sundays Swervedriver Transister Verve

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