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Sweden Artists & Bands: Sweden
a Shrine - Fantastic guitar pop band turned techno turned soul. (AWSF)
Acid House Kings - Beautiful and popular twee-ish pop
Joe Algeri - Jack & the Beanstalk, 60's, powerpop (Torpedo)
The All Janet - Great pop with an American edge to it (AWSF)

The All Janet - Old pages (AWSF)
Androgyne - Slow beautiful pop with strong female vocals
The April Tears - Gorgeous electronic pop with female vocals
Aquadays - SIN's own Aquadays page. Slowdive/Stereolab from Sweden!
Army of Light - Can you get more alternative?
Atomteatern - Indie music? Indie band!
Backfish - Brilliant pop from Skellefteå (AWSF)
Backfish - the official one (!)
Bad Cash Quartet - Rough rock (Warner)
Barusta - Psycho-60's with 90's disted guitars and loads of nerve - favourites! (Starboy)
Baxter - Ambient drum'n'bass w/Nina Ramsby on vocals (Primal)
Baxter - Chrysalis Music's "unsigned band" page
The Bear Quartet - Heartbreaking pop no one should miss. (AWSF)
The Bear Quartet - the first, and fan-made discography
The Bear Quartet - yet another fan page
Bent Spanner, Arty Banner - Lo-fi monsters with a remarkable twist!
Berliner 6 Bahn - Heavy industrial jazz indie band!
Blackmail - Rock from Gothenburg.
Blithe - One of our favourite bands with loads of guitars (AWSF)
Blissful - Really good inventive pop (AWSF)
Blue For Two - Soothing pop with a jazz twist (sw/EDEN)
Blue For Two - Motor BA's page
Bob Hund - Bob Hund official homepage (Silence)
Bob Hund - a better (fan) homepage (Sw)
Bob Hund - another fan homepage (Sw)
Bob Hund - yet another fan homepage (Sw)
Bob Hund - Motor BA's page
Bob Hund - Would you believe it? Another fan page (Sw)
Bob Hund - a great interview + music (sound) (Sw)
Bob Hund - more interviews + music (sound) (Sw)
Bobsleigh - The finest in lo-fi.
Brainpool - Popsters that make girls scream, from Lund
Broder Daniel - Them noisy Gothenburgers...
Broder Daniel unofficial page
Caesar's Palace - Heartbreakingly good rock! (Dolores)
Candysuck - When you want addictive but rattling lo-fi... (Startracks)
The Cardigans - Soft and lovely music comes from this Jönköping band (Trampolene)
The Cardigans, here at Minty Fresh (US)
The Cardigans - Motor BA's page
Cark - Gothenburg-five-piece with female vocals and lots of guitars
Carpe Wade - Hardcore bunch that went to powerpop. (AWSF)
Carpet People - A great lo-fi band! (NONS)
Cinnamon - From Stockholm, and I thought they had that Cardigans sound! (Soap)
Clawfinger - Swedish/Norwegian Hardcore/Rap thing with an attitude (MVG)
Cletho - Psychedelic trip-hop with a feel of Hawaii...
Cloudberry Jam - Linköping pop kings & queen, and they're nice too (NONS)
Club 8 - Anorak sweet pop you must hear (on AHK's page)
Cobolt - When it comes to Slow-Fi, this is it. (Ampersand)
Colonel Blimp - A band with a hope. (NONS)
Colourdream - Smashing Swedish Indie pop/rock band no less.
Combed - Kind of lo-fi, noisy Swedish guitar filled pop.
The Confusions - Neat-o-keen guitar pop (Massprod.)
The Confusions - local page
Contrappunto - Hard to describe... (NONS)
Crescent Venus - Fantastic indie guitar pop band
Dark Side Cowboys - Umeå Alternative
Daybehavior - St Etienne smelling pop! (NONS)
Dead Starlet - former Starlet, sizzling, grand and beautiful pop from Stockholm (MVG)
Decades - Guitar/synth masters from Stockholm
Dim - Dreamy, beautiful pop, from Malmö/Lund.
Dipper - Smashing weird and catchy pop (Vibrafon)
Doktor Kosmos - Also a bit hard to describe. (NONS)
Doktor Kosmos, at Minty Fresh (US)
Dorian Gray - Wannadiesesque guitarruling pop
Drain - Hardcore/Hardrock/Grunge (MVG) (Official)
Drain - Record label pages
Drain - at iuma
Drain - great fanmade site
The Drowners - Ingenious popsters who went up the charts. (AWSF)
The Drowners - Motor BA's page
Du Pont - Indie Tank-body-band with wellknown members.
Eggstone - The swirly jazzpoppers (Vibrafon)
Eggstone - Fan made discography
Eggstone - Motor BA's page
Eggstone - More fan made pages
Elevator Adam - Everything you need to know about the popsters from Malmö/Lund!
Espinoza 5 - Smashingly gorgeous guitar pop band from Gothenburg
The Facer - Rock from Umeå
Fidget - Our Gothenburger Favourites' own site!
Fidget - A fan made site
Fidget - Motor BA's page
Fireside - Hardcore/pop crossover kings! (Startracks)
Fireside - The label's old official pages
Fireside - Great fan made homepage for the band
Fireside - Another fan made homepage
American Recordings' Fireside page
Fivel - Guitar-filled pop/rock worth to check out. (NONS)
Fivel - Motor BA's page
Freinds - Rockers creating diverse but good music (Starboy)
The Frequency Benders - Ex Cloudberry Jammers know they got soul
Girliegerm - Indie pop band worth writing home about!
Grand Tone Music - Gorgeous pop w/ex-Salt Nina on vocals (MVG)
Grand Tone Music - Live chat from Lollipop Festival 97 (SW)
Guttersnipe - from Umeå - Oi! Oi! Oi!
The Halos - Gorgeous powerpop from Lund!
Happy Todd - Harder indie pop/rock from Kalmar!
HappyDeadMen - Gorgeous Swedish sunny-day-smile pop!
Hedningarna - Lap folk music mixed with popular music of today (Silence)
Hedningarna - (at IUMA)
Hedningarna - Motor BA's page
Heed - Ambient, jazzy triphop in the perfect sense (EMI)
Hell On Wheels - Noisy Pixies-influenced luxury pop
Hipshakers - Spy-pop-band from Gothenburg.
Honey Is Cool - Gothenburg band with music and vocals that'll make you melt!
Honey Is Cool - (the band's old label MVG's page)
Honeycave - Hard hitting pop not to be missed!
Honeycave - Chrysalis Music's page
Honeycave - Article in Metro (Sw)
Honeymoons - Gorgeous guitar pop band! (NONS)
Honeymoons - the band's own site!
hunnypal. - Sometimes lo-fi, sometimes Smiths-ey guitar based indie pop
The Instant - Soothing spaced out pop (Swing'em Low)
Gina Jacobi - One of the most talented artists in Sweden
The Jet - Easy breeze pop/rock band
Jones - Popcore from Borås!
Jupither - Skellefte-pop in your face (AWSF)
Kent - Eskilstuna Grammy-award winning Swedish popsters (BMG)
Komeda - Pop with a fantastic twist! (official) (NONS)
Komeda - NONS own page
Komeda - here at NONS USA (US)
Komeda - here at Minty Fresh (US)
Leash - Agressive alternative rock from Gothenburg
Leslies - Pure pop, happy as a puppy! (Labrador)
Leslies - Their previous record label's page
Liquid State - Stockholm poppers
LOK - Heavy Swedish Hardcore w/Swedish lyrics (Stockholm Rec.)
Lola Barbershop - 60's California pop in Sweden Y2K (Torpedo)
Loosegoats - The greatest lo-fi band in Sweden. Period. (Startracks)
Loosegoats - Chapel Hill Records page
Loosegoats - Stim information page
Loosegoats - Another fan page (Sw)
Lord Rosse - Anglosymphonic bitten pop/rock
Loudean - Fantastic powerpop you'll love for sure! (Soap)
Loudean - Motor BA's page
Lousy - The finest lo-fi pop mix you'll ever hear, from Tenhult (Sappy)
Mary Beats Jane - Hardcore that smash your eardrums away (MVG)
Mary Beats Jane (pi)
Mazarine Bleu - Described as "a pop group".
Mazarine Street - Them noisy popsters from Stockholm (Fine Tone)
Melony - Swedish indie rock band of course (Soap)
Melony, at Geffen (US)
Melony, at Minty Fresh (US)
Meltwood - Indie band you should check out.
Merrymakers - You can hear it on their name even
Micro Midas - Speedy phat rock from Malmö
Milhouse - Eskilstuna poppers
Mine - Fantastic atmospheric breeze pop (Massprod.)
Misery Loves Co. - Industrial hardcore monglers (MNW)
Mistie - Powerpoppers who used to be Divin
Mol - Umm, they're from Eskilstuna
Monostar - Addictive and speedy guitar pop (Soap)
Moonbabies - Utterly beautiful MBV-influenced pop from Malmö
The Mopeds - Twisted and soothing tambourine pop (Vibrafon)
Morgonen Därpå - Swedish soft synth popsters!
The Motorhomes - Grand royal pop if you like (Sony)
Mutts - one great Swedish rockish pop band! (Lund)
Mystery seek fun - Fantastic powerrock a la SOOL and Foo Fighters from Borås
Noise of Reality - Slammer/garage/heavy metal/rock'n'roll
Ohm Figures - Guitar-based Swedish pop band
Page - Nothing to say, nothing to do (Independent)
Panic - Somewhat rough and heavy pop (=rock?)
Paste - Pop with a touch of Rock no less.
PC Phobia - You know what? A Swedish indie band!
Peace Love And Pitbulls - Thåström's creation. Does Filter know? (MVG)
Peace Love And Pitbulls (iuma)
Phone - Linköping pop rattlers you'll like!
Picket - Psychedelic rock from Jönköping
Pinko Pinko - Swedish popsters with brit sound. (NONS)
Polythene - Eskilstuna pop band with stardom in their eyes
Poprace - AHK + more goes rock then pop
Popsicle - Successful band. And here's their official homepage
Popsicle - Motor BA's page
Popundret - So utterly great pop I'm speachless! (AWSF)
Popundret - Fan-made (and better) pages for this fantastic band
Poster - Distorted american guitar pop from Jönköping
Prune - Indie pop band from Stockholm using flute and violin (among other things)
Puffball - Here's something for your spine!
Puffin - SIN's own Puffin pages (AWSF)
Ray Wonder - Pop in the higher spectrum. (NONS)
Ray Wonder - Their record label's page
Red Sleeping Beauty - As twee as you can be, from Stockholm! (Siesta)
Red Sleeping Beauty - Acid House Kings RSB info
Reminder - Nice sweet pop.
Robot - Synth and guitar based rockers (Starboy)
Robot - Motor BA's page for the band
Robot - Chrysalis Music's "unsigned band" page
The Rock'n'Roll Band - The ultimate rock'n'roll band, from Borås.
Rottingdean - Lund popsters with lots of guitars
S.P.O.C.K - Ever wanted space synth music? This is it. (Subspace Com.)
S.P.O.C.K - Motor BA's page
sadovaja - Really good dub/trip-hop from Göteborg
Sahara Hotnights - Gorgeous rough edge pop/rock (AWSF)
Sahara Hotnights - Unofficial homepage (Swe)
Salami - Stars on their way.
Salt - Stockholm trio with massive guitars and wonderful female vocals (MVG)
Salt (iuma)
Sandy Lyle - Happy, fuzzy pop from Tumba!
Sara - Strange and beautiful at the same time (Slask)
Sator - One of Sweden's best Rock bands (WEA)
Semester - Acid House Kings in Swedish
Shallow Soundwave - SIN's own page for Shallow Soundwave from Gothenburg!
Shallow / Swoon - Cool breeze pop when you need it the most.
Ship of Fools - Cool and funky hip-hop/rap (L-Style)
Shivering Spines - Everything you need to know about the band!
Sideshow Bob - just as Lo-fi and cool as Loosegoats! (in Swedish) (Absurd)
Sideshow Bob - fan made site (Swe)
(an American band with the same name... and their own domain...)
Silverbullit - If you have not seen them play live, you have not lived. (Fine Tone)
Silverbullit - Motor BA's page
Singer - Record label's own page for the band, in Swedish (Virgin)
Skalatones - Swedish SKA rules supreme and rude rhythms controls your moves
Slow - Swedish guitar pop with just the right sound! Gorgeous!
Smash Hit Wonders - The second best band from Skövde (SunSpot)
Smartalec - American/Swedish fuzz'n'doze rockers
Smooth and Greedy - Dirty kick-ass rawk'n'roll
Sobsister - Definitely on their way to the top! (in Swedish) (Absurd)
Sobsister - another page, not much info.
Sodabuzz - Noisy power-guitar-pop from Gothenburg.
Souls - Official homepage for this amazingly diverse pop/rock band (Telegram)
Souls - Warner Music's page
Souls - Toxic Wonderland (fan page)
Souls - Another fan page
Souls - A fan page, and why not?
Souls - at iMusic...
Soundtrack of Our Lives - Motor BA's page for this fantastic band! (Telegram)
Soundtrack of Our Lives - a fan made page in English (pretty empty)
Soundtrack of Our Lives - a great fan made page (in Eng/Swe)
Speaker - Pop when it is definitely pop.
Spread - They say pop, but I haven't heard them
Sportsman - Powerpop from Stockholm
Stacks - A beauty - used to be Sindy Kills Me y'know! Sort of. (Startracks)
Stargazer - Pop and rock from Jönköping mixed to bits and pieces
Starlet - A little bit of AHK + others in sweet pop shoes
Starmarket - Speedy Swedish pop in the Hüsker Dü field of things (Dolores)
Starmarket - the band's own page?
Sunshine Boys - Acid House Kings (almost) Rock
Statemachine - Super fantastic Swedish electro synth kings (October)
Steward - Powerpop. Definitely! (worston)
Stopgap - A punkrockband with a twist!
Straw - Swedish rockers who can pop just fine.
Sulky - Ex UCP, Ex Sex Dwarfs, from Gothenburg!
The Super Eight Group - Motor BA's page
Superswirls - Great poppers from Eskilstuna (Sesame)
Superswirls - Chrysalis Music's "unsigned band" page
Surreal - Varberg rockers - wide screen needed!
The Tambureens - Impossible-not-to-like-easy-breeze pop!
Teddybears STHLM - Hardcore that'll make you stagedive at once! (MVG)
Teddybears STHLM (iuma)
This PerfectDay - Poppers originally on West Side (Soap)
This Perfect Day - Motor BA's page
Three Blind Mice - Smooth Poppers (Vibrafon)
Tommy 16 - Powerpop for your soul. (AWSF)
Trampolines - Lovely pop band you want to know more about.
Trampolines - a good article about the band.
Trio Lligo - You better decide! (NONS)
The Valets - Pop band from Eskilstuna
Wagon - Great pop band from southern Sweden
The Wannadies - Skellefteå's finest! (Official) (BMG)
The Wannadies - The Soap Years
The Wannadies - page on IUMA
The Wannadies - Good fan made pages!
The Wannadies - Excellent fan made pages!
Waterbug - Gothenburg Rock'n'Roll popsters (yeah!) (AWSF)
Waterbug - a different page at the same label (!)
Waterbug - Band-made (!) site for the band
The Wellmeant - So utterly gorgeous pop you'll melt at once!
Whale - Record label's own page for the band (Virgin)
Whale - new (1998) ultra-cool official page
Whale - Motor BA's page
Whale - cool fan site with a "Whalesynth"
Whale - Japanese fan site
Whistler - Guitar based indie rock/pop from Ljungby
Yvonne - Amazing indie band from Eskilstuna! (official home) (Energy)
Yvonne - Fan-made (and first) site for the band
Mr Zap - Dance/trance/space/jungle/techno comes out of this guy
Zero Gravity Camels - Indie Pop/Punk band.

Norway Artists & Bands: Norway
Astroburger - One of the coolest indie-bands in Norway!

Astroburger - Fan pages
Bel Canto - Intelligent pop with techno & traditional influences (fan made & best)
Bel Canto - Another good fan made site
Bel Canto - Little fan made site
Bel Canto - Booking agency Motor's pages
Bel Canto - Dreaming site
Bel Canto - Lyrics site
Blew - Pop band from Trondheim in Norway
Bob Hurts - Norwegian band in the Dinosaur Jr. area
Cane - Never miss pop from Norway!
Clawfinger - Norwegian/Swedish Hardcore/Rap thing with an attitude (MVG)
Euroboys - aka Kåre and the Cavemen - gorgeous instrumental psychedelia
Fatigue de camóes - Rock from Trondheim
Green Club Riviera - Pop just like you want it (dBut)
Israelvis - Progressive indie band from Norway
Motorpsycho - Norwegian roadsters on the way!
Motorpsycho - their Swedish label's pages (Startracks)
p.i.k.e - Speedin' powerpop, no matter what they say
Popface - Great Swervedriver/Starmarket powerpop here (No Guitar Star)
Seigmen - Heavy, powerful and beautiful alternative rock
Twigs - Rough powerpop from Norway!
Velvet Belly - A simply fantastic pop band from Norway (BMG)
Velvet Belly - Northlight lighting company
Velvet Belly - Well, something may or may not happen here
Watershed - Prog-lo-fi-pop band from Norway!
Wibutee - Cool new trip-hop band from Norway.
The Yum Yums - Really good powerpop band (Universal)

Denmark Artists & Bands: Denmark
Choci Loni - Danish indie band definitely worth checking out (Lidocaine)
Crash-site - Danish popsters demanding your attention!
E.T.A. - Psychedelic techno for your mind (Flex/EMI)
Ludox - The coolest Danish indie band in years! (Danish) (RMD)

Ludox - same but in English
Mew - Our favourite Indie pop band from Denmark.
Naive - Yup, a Danish Indie band! (Danish)
Naive - same but in English
Naked - Indie band from Denmark!
Nekromantix - Indie band from Denmark. (Danish) (RMD)
Nekromantix - same but in English
Obstinate Esther - Danish lo-fi kings!
Psyched Up Janis - Rockers from Denmark (Replay)
Psyched Up Janis - Another fan made page
Psyched Up Janis - Motor BA's page
Psyched Up Janis - Sovs! A fan made page
Scrotum - Punk from Denmark! Oi!
Sorten Muld - Folk music in a popular wrapper
Speaker Bite Me - New stars on the sky
Stealth - Classical mix of synth pop and rock
Superfuzz - Gorgeous melodic powerpop - don't miss! (KickMusic)
Superheroes - Light melancholic new romantic pop from Skive (Crunchy Frog)

Finland Artists & Bands: Finland
22-Pistepirkko - Finnish stars of independent music
Aavikko - Weird but amazing instrumental band
Aknestik - Finnish pop band
Artworks - Phenomenal Finnish rock group.
Cartoon Tree - Power pop from Finland (in Finnish)
Cessna - Finnish dream/power/pop meisters
Circle - Spaced out dreampoppers (Bad Vugum)

Circle - Fan made site
Coo - Finland's absolute dream-drone pop meisters!
Cucumber Farmer - If you're into crumbling rock, this is it!
Enter - Finnish independent band worth checking out.
The Fable - Finnish indie rock/pop band.
Flow - Progressive psychedelic rock
Going Public - Finnish bands rock!
Greenhouse AC - Another great finnish indie band! (Official)
Greenhouse AC - Fan (and first) made site
Karkkiautomaatti - Candy Machine in English
The Krispies - Classic pop from Finland (Zen Garden)
Lemonator - Finnish pop/rock stars you should check out right now! (Warner)
Lowely Worm - Smashing rock from Finland
The Pansies - Amazing Finnish pop band!
Parsley Inn - Finnish pop-group you know?
Penniless - Finnish kings of powerpop! (AWSF)
Plum - Internationally acclaimed Indie-band from Finland
Poverty Stinks - Simply gorgeous pop
Russian Love - Another great Finnish indie band
Sandbugs - Finnish popsters you should check out! (Hipnose)
Submerged - Sonic Youth beating up Helmet in Oulu (Bad Vugum)
Super - Finnish Cardiganesque five-piece (Odor)
Super - pages at Spinefarm
Supperheads - Fine pop from Finland! (Warner)
Tunaflakes - More fine pop from Finland
Wilma - A fantastic Finnish indie band! (BMG)

Iceland Artists & Bands: Iceland
Bellatrix - aka Kolrassa Krokridandi, simply smashing!
Björk - Web sense. We all know who she is, don't we?

Björk - M's Fanpage
gusGus - Artistic trip-hop at its best from Iceland (4AD)
gusGus - Eyesore database page
gusGus - Polynet (French fan site)
Stilluppsteypa - Ambient noise masters to tease your mind
Supermono - Ex-Blome now called Supermono, from Iceland!
Unun - Amazing pop band from Iceland

Estonia Artists & Bands: Estonia
Bizarre - Dreampop from Estonia. It does not get better than this.
Dallas - Estonian Indie masters!
Dreamphish - Estonian Dreampopsters fab.
Suckbrain - An Estonian band you just might like!
Estonian Bands Database - If you're looking for a band from Estonia, check here

Latvia Artists & Bands: Latvia
Andzons - Most productive artist in Latvia
Balozu Pilni Pagalmi - Latvian rock/pop band
Ir Bijusi Mati Un Izbijusi - Powerful indie pop band
Kartaga - Indie guitar / industrial favourites
MeliBezGala - International pop band w/american girl on drums & vocals
Plastalins - Yes, it's an indie guitar pop band!
Radiatoru Remonts - Depressive and nice indie pop band
Saranais Oktobris - Latvian Indie pop band w/female vocals
Shine On - Indie guitar pop band
Sirke - Melodic guitar rock band
Smogs - Indie hard core band
Edgars Subrovskis - Solo acoustic pop fella
Maris Sverns - Solo pop artist, also in Balozu P.
Tuksa Muca - Adorable indie pop band you should check out
Voiceks - Unpretentious acoustic band

Lithuania Artists & Bands: Lithunaia
Lygiailyja - Lithuanian indie band

Record Mailorder Companies

Sweden Record Mailorder: Sweden
Ad Perpetuam Memoriam - Borlänge mailorder.
Beluga Music Mailorder - A Stockholm Punk/Rock/Indie one.
Bengans - Gothenburger favourites!
Delicious Goldfish Records - Simply the best for ANY indie release!
Doolittle Records - Good indie mailorder in Lund.
Hot Stuff - Älmhult fab!
Skivhugget - Gothenburg again!
Sound Pollution - Stockholm Independent favourites!

Norway Record Mailorder: Norway
Akers Mic Online - Online mailorder store in Norway.
Popopdrops - Good mailorder in Tromsø

Denmark Record Mailorder: Denmark
Baden Baden - Online mailorder store in Copenhagen.
Rillen - Online mailorder store in Grenaa.

Finland Record Mailorder: Finland
Spinefarm - Mailorder, label, distributor in Helsinki

Iceland Record Mailorder: Iceland
Bad Taste - Great Icelandic Record & Mailorder company

Latvia Record Mailorder: Latvia
Beverina - Goth, Death/Doom/Black Metal etc. mailorder in Riga
CD Shop at the On-Line Marketplace - CD Mailorder in Riga

Lithuania Record Mailorder: Lithuania
Zona Mailorder - Lithuanian Music mailorder in Vilnius

Fanzines + Lists + Radio + Other

Sweden Fanzines, Radio, Other: Sweden
Abn Magazine - Web fanzine all in Swedish.
Aftonbladet Puls - The evening paper Aftonbladet's entertainment section
Benno - The Kalmar Swedish alternative music webber
BlackMarket - Swedish Punk/HC site
The Cabal - Sweden's Independent Music Producers
Citron - Music fanzine with art stuff as well.
Close-Up - Unofficial but great site for the metal magazine
EttNollEtt - THE best Swedish fanzine!
Everyday WebGuide - Section: Nöje - Musik. Good list of links
Expressen Fredag - The evening paper Expressen's entertainment section
GarageZone - for unsigned Swedish bands (in Swedish)
Jet Set - Music and videos with ALL NONS bands!
Kawaii - Swedish fanzine with reviews, interviews, articles and more!
KPs Music Page - Good links to follow on this page, especially the.. well check it out
Kulturnät Sverige - CultureNet Sweden
Lo-fi Dungeon - Lo-fi related guitar tabs, pictures etc.
Lokko Home - Music journalist Andres Lokko Fan page!
Magazine GROOVE - Great magazine with interviews, articles, etc, in Gothenburg
Meny - Newspaper Nerikes Allehanda's entertainment edition (Sw)
The Misery Mire - Swedish underground music for the masses...
Mokka Mekka - The only Hip Hop/Rap site you need. (Swedish)
Music Videos - RealVideo clips w/Him Kerosene, Incka, Popsicle, SOoL etc.
NCB - Nordic Copyright Bureau
Nöjesguiden - Stockholm monthly entertainment magazine.
PIEmag - A Swedish fanzine well worth checking out.
Pop - Pop/Rock/Jazz/Funk/R&B/Hip-Hop/etc. magazine in Sweden.
Popöga - Swedish Pop/Rock Music Magazine.
Promenade - This is a fanzine from Öland.
Radioprogram - The coolest Gothenburg entertainment site!
Raw Power UK - British Punk and Rock organizers in Sweden
Release - The only (?) Synth/Industrial magazine in Sweden
Rocket 95.3 - Probably the greatest indie radio show in Sweden
Sound Affects - The only and best indie pop magazine in Sweden!
State Of Pop - A most excellent Swedish fanzine!
STIM - Swedish performing rights society
Stockholm - Cultural Capital of Europe 1998 - Dedicated site with all you need to know
SvD's City Edition - Morning paper SvD's friday (entertainment) edition
Sveriges Radio - The Swedish national radio headquarters.
Swedish Music Fair - The Swedish Music Fair website
Swedish Punk / Hardcore Archive - Loads of info on Swedish Punk/Hardcore bands!
Topp40 - Swedish media business magazine (Sw)
Yahoo Sweden - Great search engine in Sweden
Z-Tv - Swedish "MTV" kind of...
Östersundsposten Freda' - Northern newspaper's entertainment section

Norway Fanzines, Radio, Other: Norway
Band Links - More links to Bands in the land to the west
Dreams or Reality - Loads of Links to Norwegian Artists and Bands
MykeDroner - Good Drone/twee oriented Norwegian fanzine
MykeDroner Live Reviews - Loads of Norwegian live reviews
Hit40 - Norwegian top list show (RA version available)
Kvasir: Kunst og Kultur: Musikk - Loads of info about the Norwegian Scene
NCB - Nordic Copyright Bureau
Norsk Musikkinformasjon - Everything you'd want to know about music in Norway!
Norwegian Scene - What's Up With the Norwegian Music Scene?
NRK - Norwegian National Radio headquarters
TONO - Norwegian performing rights society
Verdens Gang Lists - Top lists for Norway & other countries + articles.
Verdens Gang Music Pages - Loads of reviews, sound clips and articles.
Yahoo Norway - Great search engine in Norway

Denmark Fanzines, Radio, Other: Denmark
BEAT! - Danish Radio indie cultees! (previously called "Rockland")
Deadbeat - Cool Danish music e-zine with lots of info
Element-X - Danish bands, soundclips, links and info
KulturNaut - Danish Culture search engine. Extremely useful!
Danish Music Links - Loads and loads of music links in Denmark
Danmarks Radio - Danish National Radio
Jubii Orakel Robot - Danish Search Robot engine
Jubii - Kultur og Samfund - Musik - Danish Search engine: Music
Koda - Danish performing rights society
Musiknet.dk - Everything about music in Denmark (in Danish)
NCB - Nordic Copyright Bureau
Thor - Danish Search engine
XFM - Denmarks University of Technology Student radio
XSITE - Denmarks University of Technology Culture site - bands, links, calendars, info etc.
XTV - Denmarks University of Technology Student TV
Yahoo Denmark - Great search engine in Denmark

Finland Fanzines, Radio, Other: Finland
Finnish Indie Bands Index - The Indie Index for Finnish bands!
Finnish Punk Guide - Loads of information about the Finnish Punk Scene.
Indierockpunkzine SUE - Reviews, gig guide, classifieds, news...
NCB - Nordic Copyright Bureau
Rockdata - What's up with the Finnish Music Scene?
TEOSTO - Finnish performing rights society

Iceland Fanzines, Radio, Other: Iceland
Bad Taste - Record moguls on Iceland!
Icelandic Music Center - only available in Icelandic
NCB - Nordic Copyright Bureau
STEF - Icelandic performing rights society

Estonia Fanzines, Radio, Other: Estonia
Baltic Times Entertainment Guide - covering Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Estonian Band Database - If you're looking for a band from Estonia, check here
Estonian Music - Site with a little bit of information (should be more!)
NCB - Nordic Copyright Bureau
Eesti Radio - Estonian Radio Broadcasters site
Vibratsioon Compilation - Estonian Pop compilation

Latvia Fanzines, Radio, Other: Latvia
Arts & Culture Links - Latnet's list of related links
Baltic Times Entertainment Guide - covering Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Charts All Over the World - Page of links to loads of music charts all over the world
Culture in Latvia - News, Calendar and general information
Exploring Latvian Web Servers - Search engine for Latvia
Folklore & Traditional Culture - Info about music, festivals, contacts and organizations.
Latvian Indie Mailing List - homepage for the list, only available in Latvian
Latvian Music Pages - Long list of links
Latvian WWW Music Archive - Database with information on bands, sites etc.
Latvians in America - Great site with loads of information on Latvia (and music)!
Latvijas Radio - Radio Latvia homepage
Music in Latvia - Pretty strict information on music in Latvia
Music News - Only availailable in Latvian
Party On! - Latvian Party Website (yeah, party as in having fun)
Radio Airplay Charts - (all music) weekly, with archived charts since 1994!
Radio Airplay Charts - (Latvian music only) weekly, with archived charts since 1996
Riga In Your Pocket - City guide for Riga
Riga Record Stores - List of music & record stores in Riga.
Search Latvian WWW - Search engine for Latvia exclusively

Lithuania Fanzines, Radio, Other: Lithuania
Baltic Times Entertainment Guide - covering Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Lithuania-On-Line: Music - Links to music sites and bands in Lithuania
Lithuanian Rock - Information about the Lithuanian Rock Scene + links
NCB - Nordic Copyright Bureau
Vilnius Hardcore - Good resource for the Lithuanian scene

For non-Scandinavian links, check out the Miscellaneous area.
For Gig & Festival related links, check out the Gig Guides area.
For Record Label/Company links, check out the Record Labels area.

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