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Subscriber Home Pages
Kimmo Sääskilahti (solaris@sci.fi) - The Finnish Pop Music Pages
Petter Tiilikainen (burrito@ludd.luth.se) - The Bear Quartet Discohraphy, The Nirvana Web Archive...

Band Home Pages
Slow Smile - Cool Southampton Indie pop band with some weird ideas (UK)
Twinkie - Really really good, yet unsigned, band from Derby (UK)

Other Interesting Links
Action Records - Good but somewhat expensive record mailorder company (UK)
All-Music Guide - Amazing database striving to include everything about everyone (US)
An American's view on Finnish Music - Miscellaneous Finnish music pages (US)
Ari's Simple List of Record Labels - The name says it all. (US)
AudioNet - Loads of Internet broadcasts (radio, tv, jukebox, etc.) (US)
Bargain Finder Agent - Searches music stores for records you specify and gives you the prices (US)
Bedazzled Records - A fantastic label with fantastic bands (US)
Big Fish Audio - Japanese Indie pop record mailorder (JP)
Billboard Online - Music business daily (US)
Che Trading Ltd - Fantastic label and mailorder (UK)
Claire de Leon Mailorder - A great mailorder in the US (US)
Clubs & Venues in LA - Great index, information and links to venues in LA. (US)
College Music Journal - When you want to know what's cool in the US (US)
Darla Records - If you're after Indie records, see this label/mailorder (US)
DreamPop List - The DreamPop Publication (US)
Drunken Fish Records - Great US label with great bands and releases (US)
Esprit International Ltd - Enormous record mailorder company (UK)
First Avenue - Great venue in Minneapolis with live webcasts every night! (US)
Freebase - A great site for reviews, news and everything! (UK)
Global Electronic Music Marketplace - If you're looking for something, this is the place to search for it (US)
hEARd Magazine - Great Australian non-profit magazine (AU)
Indie Label List - Mostly US and UK labels listed here (UK)
iMusic - Web-based Artist/Band BBS central (and more) (US)
Indiepop - Indiepop Mailing List Pages (AU)
The iZine - Packed Australian pop fanzine (AU)
Minty Fresh - So what if it a US label, they handle The Cardigans, Komeda and Melony over there! (US)
Music Boulevard - Online music store with loads of sound clips as well (US)
Music Wantlists - People looking for specific music (US)
Musical Web Connections - Index to musical web references & indexes (US)
Musicsearch - Music site search engine (US)
NME - The UK Music mag for your pleasure (UK)
Noise For Heroes - Scandinavian page (US)
Not Lame Records - page with Scandinavian releases (US)
Nowhere - British & Scandinavian Indie thingie (US)
Parasol - Fantastic label & mailorder with a great site (US)
Philadelphia Music Conference - always with a load of new bands (US)
Quattro - Label & venues in Japan with many Scandinavian acts on their rooster (JP)
Radio Khartoum - Cool US record label w/Nordic artists too(UK)
RetroActive Baggage - Pretty massive UK web fanzine... (UK)
Second Hand Record Stores List - Denmark/Sweden/Estonia/Finland/UK/Germany... (NL)
Second Spin - Buy and sell used CDs (US)
Siesta - The best record label ever? (ES)
Siren Disc - Good record mailorder (US)
Songwriting Consultant Molly-Ann Leikin - LA consultant with awards on her record (US)
Splendid - Good American indie e-zine! (US)
SXSW Music Festival - Austin, Texas extravaganza w/Scan performers (US)
Taxi - Independent A&R vehicle, connects artists & bands with majors. (US)
Tunes - Good mailorder and source with loads of genres/samples/suggestions (US)
Ultimate Band List - Loads and loads of Music related stuff (US)
UK Indie - UK Indie Pages (UK)
The Venue - Bands, Venues, Gigs, Lists - all in the UK (UK)
Wave Indies Club - Indie site in Japan (J)
The Wonderwall - List of Good Brit & Irish Indie pages (UK)
Yahoo: Music - Yahoo's big music list (US)
Zu Casa - Improvisor Damon Holzborn & Hans Fjellestad casa (US)

The Charlatans Digest "Then" & Discography - made and archived right here
Slowdive & Mojave 3 Digest "Avalyn" & Discographies - made right here

Fun (and stuff)
Shockwave Games - The really good ones

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Tjohoo - Swedish area-of-country search engine (SE)
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