Date Sleeve Title/Format Cat. No Tracks

Autumn '92 N/A Backalirs Höstkollektion Backlp01 'heavenly'
Comment (by Micke of C.V.): Participated in this record put out by the bands in the place we rehearsed at the time. The version of ‘heavenly’ isn’t very good…

May '93 what smells purple Demo Cresmc9305 'incense' 'apple cheeks' 'april snow' heavenly' 'stop making love'
Comment (by Micke of C.V.): A lot of good reviews for this, the first real demo we did and sent out. It got us our record deal.

Dec '93 sad + kinky CD-single DGCS002 'incense' 'apple cheeks'
Comment (by Micke of C.V.): Songs taken from the 'what smells purple' demo, but remixed. Incense got some radio play.

Spring '94 Kittenish CEI037 'heavenly'
Comment (by Micke of C.V.): Participated in the first Kittenish record put out by Ceilidh and Ultra Magazine. This was a collection of Swedish ”indie” and dance acts. Heavenly taken from ‘what smells purple’, but sounding a bit better.

Jan '95 slower than dark Mini-CD DGCD005 'crackle spectacle' '8523' 'psychesaint' 'vaguely' 'love flies, bye...' 'where I lie' 'blush' 'mustn't'
Comment (by Micke of C.V.): Not really too satisfied with the sound of this one. It’s very sharp and ”underproduced”. The snare drum gives you a headache. Good songs though. A couple of tracks had co-vocals by Cecilia Nordlund of Souls fame. ‘Crackle spectacle’ and ‘where I lie’ got some radio play.

Spring '96 close your eyes and space is all around Demo Cresmc9601 'fortuna' 'where egos dare' 'cousin vitamin' 'nightshade' 'eyebright' 'drizzle' 'venus and mars'
Comment (by Micke of C.V.): We’re starting to show our psychedelic influences on this one. Cousin Vitamin was originally supposed to be on ‘slower than dark’ but was taken out by the record company for being too long and psychedelic. (They wanted to do a pop album.) The rest of the songs were recorded by ourselves on an A-Dat 8-track. ‘Drizzle’ was an old (1991) song that we redid completely. ‘Nightshade’ got some radio play and we did a nice video for ‘eyebright’. Best looking cover ever! Picture stolen from a Soviet cigarette brand (KOCMOC).

Dec '96 never infra Demo ----- 'Aha!' 'Gyroscope' 'Mike' 'The Mended Heart' 'The Mended Heart (submerged)'
Comment (by Micke of C.V.): Nice 8-track porta demo. First time track titles aren’t all in small letters, heh.

Summer '97 N/A spindizzy Demo ----- 'Level 9' 'My Boy' 'Gyroscope' 'Third Out'
Comment (by Micke of C.V.): Very polished demo recorded in Gothenburg at Helikopter Studios at their expense. They wanted to put us out, but hadn’t the money, so this demo was made to apply for money at the National Council for Cultural Affairs. The songs except ‘Gyroscope’ were rerecordings of songs we originally recorded in the summer of 96, but never put out as a demo. The application never led to anything though…

We’ve got copies left of all of these (except Backalir and Kittenish).
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