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Saturday August 1st 1998

Baxter on the move in the US
Primal Music brings great news about Baxter (ex-Salt, Grand Tone Music's Nina Ramsby, Eclectic Bob guys Ricky Tillblad and Carl Herlofsson) in the US. The band's label over there, Maverick, sent out promo copies of the forthcoming self-titled album to about 300 college radio stations earlier this summer, and the results are stunning (chart placing):

1st        #148 (of 200)
2nd       #60
3rd        #36
4th        #19
5th        #18
6th        #13
7th        #10

In Sweden, the release dates are set: The single "I Can't See Why" (PRIMCDS002) will be released on August 17th, and the self-titled album (PRIMCD002) on September 28th. Distributer: MD.

New The Bear Quartet records
A new Bear Quartet (AWSF) CDEP called "Human Enough" was released earlier this summer. The title song is said to be a first taste of what the band's forthcoming new album "Personality Crisis", to be released at the end of August, will sound like. A soundclip is available on the label's website.

Cloudberry Jam breaks up
We reprint the following letter which was sadly sent out on the Cloudberry Jam mailing list:

During the winter of 1997/1998 we have made two videos with music from "The Impossible Shuffle", one tour to Japan and one to the US. We have had a great time during the years but now we have come to the end. Cloudberry Jam is splitting up.

To be a part of Cloudberry Jam has been a time of learning, both musically and lifewise. We have had the opportunity to do what we think is the essence of fun and during the same time been able to do that with close friends. But at this point Jennie felt that she had to move on and following a feeling that has escalated inside her the last year. She is going back to the university.

- Music started to become a job were I couldn't feel that music was the main thing. It was hasseling about everything surrounding it. I can't feel that glimps of honest joy right now when I go down to the studio and without that I can't have any good music at all, she says.

There are no hard feelings involved. Cloudberry Jam has been friends and almost as a family the last couple of years. The guys will keep on playing together with a new project. The end is the beginning...

A compilation album consisting of songs from the previous albums, some live tracks, old demo material and a brand new song will be released in Japan this fall. This will be an attempt to summaricse what Cloudberry Jam has been about from the beginning to the end.

There are also plans for a videocompilation and a last "goodbye-tour". The support from our Japanese fans has without a doubt been the most fantastic thing we have ever experienced. There is no way we can thank you enough for the pure happiness we have felt performing in Japan. You have changed our lifes to the better for ever, thanks. We also thank all the wonderful people around the world that has managed to find us and our music, and we hope that your interest in our future musicmaking will not decrease after this.

Take care, Cloudberry Jam.

Komeda at KCRW on the net
If you want to listen to what Komeda (NONS) said and played when they visited the radio station KCRW on June 26th, here's the only link you need: http://www.liveconcerts.com/listening/kcrw/980626/Komeda/

Sahara Hotnights in the heat again
A West Side Fabrication-signed Sahara Hotnights released a new single called "Nothing Yet" on June 29th. The single is a result of rehearsing and writing new songs the first half of 1998. The band will spend the second half in the recording studio as well, and this time the result will be their yet untitled debut album, to be released late 1998 or early 1999. A soundclip from the single is available on the label's website.

Primal Music special at the Water Festival
Are you going to the Stockholm Water Festival? Are you interested in a three hour live drum'n'bass special with Primal Music artists and bands? Then you better read on! Friday August 14th between 10pm and 1am (22.00 - 01.00) is the time, Spegelpalatset - Riksplan is the place and Yoga, Perphane, Eclectic Bob and Darchives are the artists and bands performing. The entrance fee is taken care of if you have the Water Passport (Vattenpasset).

Rocknation - new compilation from Blekingska
If you have been following the news here at Sin you have probably heard of (and hopefully seen as well) the exclusive records put out by the Blekingska Nationen in Lund. To this date two promo demo compilation CDEPs, one promo CDEP with (among others) The Cardigans and Eggstone, and one compilation CD called "Popnation". Now it is time for the second, but just as exclusive, compilation CD. The record is going under the name "Rocknation". The name change (compilation series usually keep the name but add a number or subtitle, right?) reflects the change in music in general at the Nation's venue "Klubb Indigo" the last two years. In 1996 when "Popnation" was released, pop was what was played, pop bands were playing, and pop popped from the speakers and whatnot. These days, there is a healthy mix of rock and pop, heading towards a wider audience and music taste. Bands included on the compilation have played, or will play this autumn, at the Nation's venue. A mix of known and unknown bands, with preliminaries Brainpool, Stereo Explosion, Popsicle, Robot, Bugsquad and Broder Daniel in the front line. The album is released on their own label and will be distributed by Border or MD. The release is set to "some time in September/October".

Festival Update Number 9
So it's August, we've had a full month vacation, and thankfully, the news has been pretty scarce and slow in July, with the exception of festival updates and changes. Which brings us directly into the first August Festival Update. That's right, the summer's not over yet! :-)

Bolgstock (August 7-8, Bolga, Norway)
A new festival to the list this year - I have no idea what the ticket prices are though so you better contact them (see full info on the Sin website [Festivals]) if you want to know more. Here's the line-up at least: Afternoon Garden (N), Blew (N), Cornflakes (N), Electropussy (N), Groove Tubes (N), Hardyboyz (N), Israelvis (N), Jokke & The Tourettes (N), Magic Box (N), Micro Midas (S), P.I.K.E. (N), PhY (N), Punch (N), Quaker State (N), TadPole (N), Tennis (N), and Terror (N).

Emmaboda Festival (August 7-8, Emmaboda, Rasslebygd, Sweden)
New and added: Caesar's Palace (S), Fint Tillsammans (S), Girlfriendo (S), Music Tapes (US), Speed of Sound Enterprise (S). Cancelled: Silverbullit (S) and Space Age Baby Jane (S).

Gnällbältsrock 98 (August 15, Hästhagen, Örebro, Sweden)
Also newly added to this year's list. Entrance fee is only 50 SEK and for that, you will be able to see the following (as usual, see the Sin site for complete info): Bad Cash Quartet (S), Brazzaville (S), Carnival (S), Cosmopolish (S), Down Good Rider (S), Fun Lovin' Criminals (US), The Hives (S), K-pist (S), Norrsken (S), The Psycothic Orchestra (S), Refused (S), Roadrunners (S), Saft (S), The Soundtrack of Our Lives (S), Speed of Sound Enterprise (S), Thirteen (S), Voice of a Generation (S), and Whale (S).

Malmö Festival 98 (August 14-21, Malmö, Sweden)
Almost complete line-up (one big name tba): A&C Aerobics, Ablaze, Ainbusk, Aktiv Ungdom, Al Rahala Band, Al Shumos, Alcayata, Alexandra, Alla talar svenska; Reflx, Oskar Franzén, Asfalt, Polki, Clark Gilliam, Frotté, En snubbe som heter Bengt, Mat åt far, Dj Mazy, Almaz Yebio & Brasilian Quartet with Twist and Shout, Amandakvartetten, Anders Glenmark, Anders Hagberg Earth Songs, Anna-Lena Laurin Kvintett, Arnbergs Dansstudio, Ars Ultima, Avadå band, B.A.R.K., B.U.G.G.E.R, Babe Janice, Backyard Babies, Beijbom-Kroner Big Band, Berndt Hammarlund/Anton/Dönabergapojkarna, Berth Idoffs, Bess, Birgit Carlsten/Richard Carlsohn, B-kupan, Blues Tranfusion with Peps Persson, Blå Scoop Betty, Boogie Fever, Bröderna Lindqvist/Niclas fredriksson, CajsaLisa, Canto Sur, Capella Curatos, Carina Jaarneks, Caroline Leander/Small Islands, Celia Linde och Dilbér, Chinox, Cia Baguncaco, Cirkus Changhigh, Cirkus Cirkör/Urga, Cirkus Flabbergast, Claire Parsons, Clone, Clownen Manne, Colubrids, Danemo/Jönsson Projekt, Daniella Gordon, Dansgruppen Agnes/Lina Ekdahl, Di långe, DIGIT, DIGT, Dilbér/Jean-Pierre Furlan/MMO, Disco with Dj: Lisa Thelin DJ, Djungelbandet/My Blomqvist, Dragqueens, Drömhus, Dönabergapojkarna/Berndt Hammarlund/Anton, Eclat du immédiate et durable, Eldleikir, Electric Banana Band, Elisabet Melander, Ensemble MIRO, Ensemble Villancico, Eurasia, Evert Ljusberg/Margareta Kjellberg, EXCEL, Favorita, Fire, Flow, Fransesca Quartey, Gilito y su Clave, Gipsy Brothers, Gluebellies, Gospel Company, Gospel Glow, Gravy Train, Grus i Dojjan, Habib Koite & Bamada, HALL, Hanna och Karin med kapell, Hjalle & Heavy, Hoffa-gloffa familjen, Husmödrarna, Håkan Andersson, Högberg och Åkeborn, Höghielms apokryfiska ensemble, Inferno Paradiso, Ingrid Savbrandt, Jacques Werup, Jaipur Kawa Brass Band, Jan Sigurd, Jaran, Jean-Pierre Furlan/Dilbér/MMO, Jerusalems Flammor, Jill Johnson, Jivin' Jake and the Spitefires, Johan Johansson, Joks, Jonny Axelsson/Stefan Östersjö, Julio quintanilla y su fantasia son, Kalejdoskop, Karin Kriström, Katzen Kapell, Kjell Kraghe, Kompani Larzon, Kraftakrobater, Lars Demian/Stefan Sundström, Lasse Lönndahl, Latin Clubkväll, Laude novella, Lia Lonert, Liberator, Lina Ekdahl/Dansgruppen Agnes, Lina på lina, Lisa Ekdahl, LivinRoom, Ljungkvist/Hjort duo, Louise Hoffsten, Lunds Studenters Folkdanslag, MAI Aerobics, Malmö Country Line Dancers, Malmö Dramatiska Teater, Malmö Musikteaters Orkester with Dilbér och Jean-Pierre Furlan and ensemble, Malmö Spelmanslag, Malmö SymfoniOrkester, Mardi Grass Brass Band, Margareta Kjellberg/Evert Ljusberg, Maria Vel, Martin Ljung, Mats Elmes, Matz Bladh, Mighty Nice, Mikael Wiehe, Minettes Aerobics, Minna Weurlander, Muzjik, My Blomqvist/Djungelbandet, Natik Awayez, Natik City, NRJ Extravadanca with DJs och artists Pinocchio, Eartbound and Richi M, Nya skånska teatern, Näckrosens gammeldanslag, Ossler, Pedalens pågar, Pelle Svanslös, Petter, Pyle's gold, Quartango, Rabi, dj, Ragnar Dahlberg/Söderslättspågarna, Regina Lund, Richard Carlsohn/Birgit Carlsten, Risi & Co, River Band, Råmantik, Sacromonte, Salsa Metro, Samba-funk, Sazed Ul Alam, Secret Journey, Simbi, Skin to skin, Skywalker; ob-1, Grob, Davida, Moonbass, Skånes Dansteater, Skånska Brogren's, Small Islands/Caroline Leander, Sofi Hellborg Group, Sophie Zelmani, Sotenäs teaterateljé, Soul Quality Quartet med Almaz Yebio, Spotrunnaz w/gäst, Spurgo, Stefan Sundström/Lars Demian, Stefan Östersjö/Jonny Axelsson, Stereo Explosion, Sångbolaget, Söderslättspågarna, Tales, Tania Naranio, Tanssiteatteri ERI, Te Vaka, Teater Alba, Teater Albatross, Teater Augusten, Teater Embla, Teater Fantasi, Teatergruppen Noa, Teaterplaneten, Teatersport, Teatr Snów, The Ark, The behind the back, The blimp, The Coffee Clouds, The Mothÿ luv band, The New Tango Orquesta, Thirdimension, Tobias Törnell, Tolvan Big Band, Tre, Trio Ultramar, Tummel, Urga/Cirkus Cirkör, Varieté Teatern Barbés, Vazir Varieté, Weeping Willows, Wilmer X, Wizex, Vocability, Vocal Six, Zhagareet, Östblocket.

Sommarens Sista Suck (August 21-22, Eskilstuna, Sweden)
Completed the line-up this week: Bastard (S), Coaster (S), Cold Turkeys (S), HighmaN (S), Mistie (S), Motorhomes (S), and Pain of Salvation (S). Cancelled: Yeah (S).

Sommarfesten (August 1, Hässleholm, Sweden)
Another addition to the festival list - there are a lot of festivals in August this year! This one's free (you can buy a necklace at the entrance if you want to - for support) and the line up looks like this so far: Bad Cash Quartet (S), Leja (S), Liberator (S), Mazarine Street (S), Pusjkins (S), Vivid (S). Cancelled: Caesar's Palace (S) (who's going to a wedding).

Space & Rock Fest(ival) 1998 (August 14-15, Rocksjön, Jönköping, Sweden)
Also a new festival for the list - check out the full info on the Sin website [Festivals], here's the line-up so far: Close To Water (S), DarXtar (S), Jukon Speakers (S), Man (WALES), The Moor (S), Psuedo Sun (S), Ryno (S), Sanctum (S), The Spacious Mind (S), and Nik "Hawkwind" Turner (WALES).

Stockholm Water Festival (August 7-15, Stockholm, Sweden)
Added to the line-up: 3 Ess (S), Barusta (S), Boyzone (IRL), Brassmonkey (S), Chloe (S), Coffee & Cream (S), Hanson & Karlsson (S), Joddla med Siv (S), Sheela Langeberg (S), Last Days of April (S), Lizette (S), Posies (US), Proxy (S), Björn Rosenström (S), Selfish (S), and Sobsister (S). Cancelled: Addict (S), bob hund (S), DJ Thomas Gylling (S), Dubmatique (CA), European Youth Orchestra (S), Grandaddy (US), Henry Fiat's Open Sore (S), Mecca (S), N-Light-N (N), Tommy Tee (US), and Yankee B. (US).

Uråsa deluxe (August 14-15, Uråsa, Sweden)
Added this week were: Clandestine (S), É (D), First Floor Power (S), Hoffa gloffa Familjen (S), Klangverket (S), Rikard Lindgren (S), Johan Piribauer (S), Plastic Soul (S), Project Mind Five (D), Reggaebandet (S), Lukas Scheffold & Helle Andersen (S), Seamonster (S), Smooth and Greedy (S), Tribal Trespass (S+ZW), Tummel (S), USA (S), Vassily (RU+S), Whistler (S), and Årg (S). Cancelled: Lipsticks (S).

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