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Once upon a time I was an active member of the demo scene. On the Atari ST, I was (and still am) a proud member of the excellent demo crew SYNC. On the Amiga, I was in Magic Design. In these days, I also enjoyed to play a fantasy roleplaying games. I still enjoy reading Fantasy and Science Fiction books.

I have previously worked for Idonex AB, Cendio Systems, UI Design AB and Nokia Home Communications. I've also done some freelance logo and art design. In 99, I started at UI Design AB, later aquired by Nokia - where I worked as a user interface designer for almost three years. I left in February '02, to join the new consultant company Zenterio AB. At Zenterio I work as a user interface designer, programmer and business developer. I recently took over the role of Managing Director for the usability company UserLane.