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(By Thomas Abrahamsson)

Once upon a time there was an Amiga Demo crew named Magic. We released a megademo, as well as some pretty advanced demo screens. Furthermore, we morphed ourselves into what became known as "Magic Design"; a game producing crew. We created a few handy tools and almost finished an impressive shoot-em-up game called "The hunt for paradise".

Today, we have all carried on with our lives, educating ourselves and sold our amigas, However, this site is dedicated to the memory of our beloved demo-crew and all the great fun we had in those days. Who knows, the star of magic might rise once again in a distant future, revealing another dawn of magic!

Until then, you find quite a few screenshots, photos and downloadable applications on this page. Some of them might even run on Amiga emulators (now, or in the future?).

To run these, convert them to ADF files using that utility you find somewhere at this page, then use these ADF's in your favourite amiga emulator. Some demos work OK, some have palette or colour problems while others crashes or guru-meditates. It's worth a try, though!



Some ancient photos: Thomas and his amiga, Johan in shades, Tobbe on the ground
and Johan again in a borrowed S.O.M. T-shirt :-)

Some file downloads:

dawn.dms 649.4 kB application/x-diskmasher The Dawn Of Magic - our MegaDemo.

dawnfile.lzh 133.9 kB application/lha A somewhat stripped File version of the Dawn of Magic demo.

fraqtal.dms 435.7 kB application/x-diskmasher The Fraqtal demo.

paradise.dms 296.6 kB application/x-diskmasher fully playable First level (demo) of the game Hunt for paradise!

tic_prev.dms 397.5 kB application/x-diskmasher Hmmm... The Inner Circle, demo preview...

SpaceStone.lzh 144.5 kB application/lha SpaceStone - the game! (Amiga 1200 only)

Some emulation help file: Use this to convert your old DMS files to the ADF format used by Fellow and UAE: DMS2ADF.zip.


 Dawn of magic

Some nice screenshots from "The Dawn of Magic",
our first MegaDemo:

 The hunt for Paradize

The magic design shoot-em-up game.
One level was completed, with a big-boss at the end and everything.
Featured some impressively smooth scrolling and hot action.
Have a look at these screenshots!

The Hunt For




An arkanoid/breakout clone. A full game complete
with music, scrolling, hiscores and much more! Enjoy!


This was coded mainly by Nexus, who love fractals. These
screens were done as "TIC", the inner circle. Don't ask me
for the reason why Magic needed an inner circle, I don't know...



Tobbe writes: "Below follows a few screenshots from a new/old game that I and Cel (Thomas) completed the summer of  1995. You may even download it if you have an A1200 or any other AGA machine. This is a 100% pure assembler game (it may not show, but its the truth...)"

The hyperdrive screen In a galaxy far, far away...

The fight screen In Medias Res

The victory screen! "Only dust remained of the
once prosperous alien planet."

All graphics on this page are copyrighted (C)1992-2004 Thomas F Abrahamsson (thomas+web@lysator.liu.se)

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