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Shadows of Mordor / Shadows of Mordor Software Adventure

Produced by: Beam Software
Distributor: Melbourne House (Shadows of Mordor) and Addison-Wesley (Shadows of Mordor Software Adventure)
Author: Philip Mitchell, John Haward, et al.
Year: 1988
System: ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC (Shadows of Mordor) and Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Macintosh, Apple II (Shadows of Mordor Software Adventure)
Type: Illustrated text adventure (Amstrad CPC version has no illustrations)
Covers: Book Four of The Two Towers
Distribution: Commercial, Beam Software now allows its distribution as freeware, although permission would techincally be needed from The Tolkien Estate as well
Availability: Out of print, some versions downloadable (see below)
Licensed: By the Tolkien estate

These two games, sequels to Lord of the Rings: Game One and The Fellowship of the Ring Software Adventure respectively, are practically identical except for the title and packaging.

Shadows of Mordor was released first in Australia and Europe. It was later distributed as part of The Tolkien Trilogy.

Shadows of Mordor Software Adventure was not released until a couple of years later and only in North America. It is part of The Tolkien Software Adventure Series.

Shadows of Mordor Software Adventure comes with an offer to send for a paperback edition of The Two Towers for only p&p.

Personal evaluation: While better than its predecessor, it still feels very old today, and has several bugs.

Alternative cover

The cover looked very much differently in Europe (above) and North America (top).

Screen shots

The title screens of the MS-DOS, C64 and Macintosh versions.

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