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Mines of Moria 3

Produced by: Ketchup Games
Author: Adam Roberts
Year: 1999
System: MS-DOS
Type: Text adventure
Distribution: Freeware
Availability: Downloadable (see below)
Licensed: No

This must be the first time in history that a platform game is followed up by a text adventure. It is also probably the first time a Windows game has been followed by an MS-DOS game.

In this the third game of Feagwaith's explorations, he must return to Gondor to bring back medicine. The adventure has been created with some (to me) unknown text adventure creation utility.

Personal evaluation: It is, how shall I say, not the best adventure I have played. In fact, it is nowhere near the second worst. (For purposes of comparison, I might mention that the second worst Tolkien text adventure will have to be The Iron Prison.)

Screen shot

Skelitons and hard Gatoraid. This game has all that and much more!

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