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In Deutsch, bitte!


Author: Harald Bornfleth (version 1) and Herbert Grosser (version 2)
Year: 1984
Version: 2 (1990)
System: Commodore 64
Type: Illustrated text adventure
Language: German
Covers: Chapters IV and V in Book Two of The Fellowship of the Ring (the passage through Moria)
Distribution: Freeware, originally published in 64'er Sonderheft 2/85 (version 1) and 52 (version 2)
Availability: Downloadable (see below)
Licensed: No

This game confuses me. All names are changed as if it was a parody, but no other attempts are made to be humourous. Nor can it be an attempt to avoid copyright violation, since no secret is made of where it was taken from.

Personal evaluation: In every aspect a very poor game.

Screen shots

Unfortunately, the first of these pictures is the best I have yet found in the game. The second is representative of the rest.

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