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The Lord of the Rings MUSH II

Author: Sagar et al.
Year: Not yet officially opened at the time of writing
Type: MUSH
Distribution: On-line
Availability: Closed
Licensed: No

In the beginning there was The Lord of the Rings MUSH. It did not last long, but some of the admins and creators wanted to make a new MUSH based on Tolkien's writings. In Christopher Anderson's (Sagar) words:

"Its the 4th Age and the Dark Lord has fallen. Peace has taken over the West under the leadership or Aragorn and Gondor. But what of the East? Two Istari are still 'missing'. What happened to them? What have they been doing all those years? Aragorn calls for exploration of the East. What is to be found, no one knows..."

Latest news on the project (early 1999) is that some real work is finally beginning to be done.

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