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Jet Set Willy: The Lord of the Rings

Author: Andrew Broad
Year: 2000
System: ZX Spectrum
Type: Platform game
Covers: The Lord of the Rings
Distribution: Freeware
Availability: Not yet available
Licensed: No

Certainly one of the most unique games based on Tolkien's books thus far, Jet Set Willy: The Lord of the Rings is a rewrite of the classic ZX Spectrum game Jet Set Willy , substituting the original plot with that of The Lord of the Rings, one chapter for each screen of the game.

The game was released simultaneously with its companion game Manic Miner: The Hobbit.

The game comes in two versions: one standard version for expert Jet Set Willy players, and one "lite" version for players who are less experienced.

Personal evaluation: The idea is brilliant and the execution is not far behind. Of course, if you do not like platform games to begin with, this is not for you. If you do, on the other hand, here is one of the classics the way Tolkien might have done it (well, not quite). My only problem with the game is that the standard version is too difficult, while the lite version is too easy.

Screen shot

All roads lead to the Old Man Willow.

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