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Lord of the Rings vol. 1 / Seigneur de la Bague vol. 1

Produced by: CHAOS Productions
Author: Quin "Vector" Breland
Year: 1995
Version: 3.0b (1996)
System: MS-DOS
Type: Puzzle
Language: English and French (ver. 2.5)
Distribution: Shareware (USD 2), some earlier versions are Freeware
Availability: Downloadable (see below)
Licensed: No

This game is very hard to categorize. It has elements of RPG, but is much simpler. The player takes the role of Frodo and must fight his way past several horrible monsters by finding certain objects.

It is written in QBasic.

The French version won first prize in the Computer Games category at The Mississippi Foreign Language Fair.

The autor is working on version 4 and also on a first version of vol. 2.

Personal evaluation: A totally horrible game with nearly non-existing graphics, awful sound, a user-interface that takes you right back to the early eighties, absolutely no action and almost as little puzzles. Quite frankly, I thought this kind of game disappeared with the VIC-20.

Screen shot

Yep, that's Frodo in the top left corner and a Mountain Zombie near the bottom right. The charcters in between are the objects Frodo needs to kill the fould fiend.

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