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Produced by: Cybexlab (ZX Spectrum, Atari ST) and OCSoftware (NEXTSTEP, Psion)
Distributor: Golden Triangle (ZX Spectrum)
Author: Miroslav Fidler and Frantisek Fuka
Year: 1989
System: ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, NEXTSTEP, Psion 3/3a
Type: Adventure
Language: Czech (ZX Spectrum, Atari ST) and English (NEXTSTEP, Psion)
Distribution: Freeware
Availability: Some versions downloadable, see below
Licensed: No

A quest to go into the ancient city of Belegost and find the jewel Alqualamir.

Screen shots

The ZX Spectrum version in its original language as compared with the NEXTstep version in English (click on image to enlarge).

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